Vampire Moth, Vegetarian Spider and Intel’s i7 and i5 processors

November 7, 2009

bagheera-spider I know this sounds like something out of a Monty Python movie i.e. ” The Killer man-eating bunnies” but its true! These remarkable creatures change everything about what we thought we knew about their species!
Imagine you are in Siberia, Russia and it’s spring time. The flowers are in bloom, birds are singing and moths and butterflies are fluttering all around you.  Happiness is everywhere ! Then without any fear a few dainty moths alight upon your hands.
Then suddenly you feel a needle like sting as these dainty moths stab you with their sharp barbed and hollow tongues to dine on your blood!


Now let’s go to a tropical habitat in Southeastern Mexico and Northwestern Costa Rica where the acacia plants live and the amazing Bagheera Kiplingi jumping spider lives. The acacia plant has a special arrangement with an aggressive ant species that lives within it and protects it. These ants patrol over the whole plant protecting it from other insects and animals. What is specifically guarded is the nutrient rich buds of the acacia. Now comes into the picture the amazing Bagherra Kiplingi jumping spider. Who will jump from thorn to thorn of the acacia just barely escaping the jaws of the patrolling ants untill it finally arrives at an acacia bud to which it buries it’s fangs into it and using it’s full physical strength it extracts the bud and makes it’s get away with it’s vegetarian meal in it’s fangs!


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Just like the vampire moth and the vegetarian spider have changed everything about what we thought we knew about their species. So too, the i5 and i7 Intel Processors have changed everything we thought we knew about computers!

Image you are at your computer you have now. Play a DVD video. Now minimize it. Now go to your Internet browser and access a movie on the internet and play it at the same time. What is happening? Your processor has two things to do. So it hops from one to the other dividing its power between the two. Will there be glitches? a little. Now go to your Antivirus program and do a FULL virus scan. Now what is going on? Your processor has three things to do. It must keep hopping from one to the other to keep them going. This brings to my mind a juggler trying to juggle three different things, trying frantically to keep them in the air! You will probably hear your computer’s fans kick in about this time as the processor gets hotter trying to keep the all processes going. Will there be any glitches? The movie will probably freeze for a few seconds then continue as the processor catches up hopping from one to another. Ready for the big one? Now while all this is going on; let’s check your email! You know what will happen don’t you? The processor is going to lose it!  Do the words “freeze up” or “lock up” sound familiar?  You know, where the keyboard or mouse will not respond and the same image is on the screen and nothing changes?   What happens when you have an i5 processor in your computer and duplicate the same actions?  NOTHING!  Everything works and continues to work as if each program was the only program running in the computer!  What is going on?  The processor is not just one with 4 heads, the new design has each core processor act as a separate processor for each application running. It is truly like having 4 computers in 1 ! What is the difference between the i5 Processor and the i7?  Well the design of all the previous computers is  like a juggler with one arm. So with the i5 processors you have 4 jugglers with one arm; but with the i7 Processor you have 4 processors with 2 arms; allowing the computer to be 8 computers in 1!