The Most Fearless and Ferocious !

December 27, 2009

The creature in the photo is known by the name of the Black Mamba and is the most feared snake in Africa. The name is referring to it’s ink black mouth. One bite delivers enough poison to kill 20 men; yet to the most fearless and ferocious animal on earth this deadly snake is only dinner!

The African Puff Adder whose venom  contains enough toxin to kill 5 men is no match either for the most fearless and ferocious animal on earth if the Mamba was dinner then the adder was lunch!

The cobra who’s venom will kill a full-grown elephant is no match as well against the most fearless and ferocious animal and in seconds will be a it’s meal.

Even the python with it’s bone crushing coils has it’s body shredded and consumed by the most fearless and ferocious creature.

Have you figured out what who this creature is?

Here is another victim

the young salt water crocodile!

When I say the most fearless and ferocious I am not kidding, our little guy is BAD !

What else does he go after?  Africa’s venomous tarantula !

For an evening snack he will devour scorpions when he finds them.

Nothing can withstand him!

Lions and leopards are the only possible threat to our fearless and ferocious little guy and if they take him it will cost them dearly and usually costs them their lives!

Other creatures on the menu are insect larvae, beetles, lizards, rodents and birds such as vultures and hawks!As well as springhare, polecat and particularly juvenile foxes, jackals, antelope and wild cats.

By the way our most fearless and ferocious little guy eats the honey and larva of the killer bees.  Do they sting him, yes!  But he still eats the hive anyway!

Who is he?   He is known only for eating the hives.  He is the African Honey BADger also known as the African Ratel. 


Wait, this Blog is about computers, where is the computer part?

In the computer world there are also very deadly programs that will kill your computer and data.  What bad programs?

Viruses, worms, trojan horses, most rootkits, spyware, dishonest adware and  crimeware.

So what is the most fearless and ferocious program that is able to destroy these malicious programs?

According to Anti-virus Comparatives the #1  protection against these deadly programs this year is

Norton Anti-Virus 2010

If you live in the Kalihari of Africa the two things that make you feel comfortable are:

Seeing a Honey BADger in your yard and Norton Anti-Virus on your computer 🙂




by R. Frank Tulak

Sherlock Holmes’ Notebook Computer

December 22, 2009

Ever wondered what note-book computer Sherlock Holmes would buy?
Just for fun imagine bringing the famous literary detective of 221b Baker Street in the Victorian Era to the present 21st Century. Then introducing him to the physical manifestation of the Analytical Engine, designed by Charles Babbage and Ada Byron Countess of Lovelace in the 1840’s, the modern-day computer.
Would he be amazed?   Would he marvel?  Absolutely!
Would he buy one?  No!  They would appear drab and ugly. No Victorian Gentleman would ever be caught with something so unsightly and distasteful.  The computer is the culmination of all the genius of mankind, the apex of his accomplishments, it deserves to be clothed in something other than the reconstituted remains of prehistoric animals (plastic).

Which computer would he buy?

Ladies and gentleman the 21st Century computer notebook for the Victorian man!

What would he do with the marvellous machine?
Foil the evil deeds and criminal genius of Professor Moriarty?
No !
He would buy it to impress the Captain of the Nautilus, Captain Nemo!
Isn’t that the reason that most people buy a notebook ?
It’s elementary 🙂

The Killer Tomato, Potato and Botnet

December 15, 2009

Here are the last few seconds of this fly’s life before the lighting quick jaws of the venus flytrap leaf snaps shut and the plant begins to digest this fly, pulling the life giving nutrients from the fly to the plant. The venus fly trap (Dionaea muscipula) is labeled a carnivorous plant but not all carnivorous plants capture prey the same way. The standard definition would be “any of several unrelated plants modified to capture and digest animals, especially insects, which supply nitrogen that may otherwise be unavailable in their habitat.”

According to the standard definition; if a plant, because of it’s design, characteristics or attributes, captures and or kills an animal for the purpose of extracting nutrients to be used by the plant, it is carnivorous.

Carnivorous plants don’t digest all their victim only the nutrients it needs. Then when it opens only the structure and shell of the victim is left.

Other carnivorous plants  use nectar mixed with a sap and digestive chemicals to lure and capture the animal like the sundew (Drosera) .

While others are more passive like the  pitcher plant (Nepenthaceae and Sarraceniaceae) who lure insects into an opening that forces them to drown in a pool of water in the center of the plant. Thus extracting the nourishment over time as the animal dissolves in the water.

The problem is there are a whole group of plants that still fit the definition of carnivorous plant but because they do it differently they have never been recognized as been carnivorious.

Ladies and gentleman I introduce the covert carnivorous plants, our well-known tomato and potato plants! All this time we never recognized their carnivorous behavior. For those who grow tomatoes they have always recognised the dead insects on the plant or on the ground around the plant but have generally ignored it.  We never thought about it. I guess we all thought the insects just came to the plant to die. 🙂 The truth, recently accepted without controversy, is the tomato and potato plant lure the insects then the insects are trapped by the sticky hairs on the tomato or potato plant THEN (and here is where we missed it) as the sappy lure dries it finally releases the dead victim to dissolve on the soil to feed the roots of the plant just below the surface.

What does this have to do with Computers?

If you look at a computer program as a kind of life form then you see it needs the nutrients that are available from other computers to grow. So if there is a kind of program that can grow outside its own computer it must lure other computers, capture them then extract or assimilate those computers processor and memory to grow and capture other computers.

Is there such a carnivorous program? If so how big is it?

There are carnivorous programs and they are called  botnets!

How many botnets are there? There are hundreds but there are 16 which are the real monsters and have eaten the lions share of the world’s computers.

Are they dangerous to people? Well that depends on how much of your life is dependent on computers. For illustration purposes let’s use automobiles instead of computers. What if someone could take control away from the driver of a car and completely control it remotely? Could they do any damage? What if they could take control of 100 cars at any moment could they do any damage? Look at the size of  top 5 of these carnivorous programs!

  1. Conficker           35 ,000,000 +   computers controlled
  2. Kraken                     495,000       computers controlled
  3. Srizbi                        450,000      computers controlled
  4. Bobax                       185,000      computers controlled
  5. Rustock                    150,000      computers controlled


After it has infected a target computer (by downloading a Trojan), it tries to prevent it’s removal by disabling anti-virus software and blocking access to security-related web sites, as well as stealing personal information by masquerading as an anti-virus product called Spyware Protect 2009. How ?   The worm informs the user that his computer is infected and takes the user to a fake security Web site, asks them to pay $50 for a spyware program that actually is the Conficker worm, then keeps their credit card information, to boot.

How can you tell if your computer is infected with the conficker worm?

There is a test to see if your computer is infected click here 

Where is the infection mostly located?


What should everyone do? Keep their antivirus and antispyware up to date and scan regularly.

Hey I’d rather eat a potato or tomato than be eaten by one! 🙂


 by R. Frank Tulak

Mouse Tricks

December 9, 2009

Ah! What  you  can  do  with  a  mouse!

What I am referring to is the computer mouse and the windows environment. I get so many requests to change the graphics enviroment to 640 X 480 so they can read their email or a webpage or see the what is written in a spreadsheet.

Many people even bought magnifying glasses (sold as computer glasses or reading glasses) to be able to read the screen of their computer. Some people have bought a magnifying screen to put in front of the computers screen to magnify the image.

You don’t have to change your graphics mode, buy special glasses or buy a magnifying screen to put in front of your monitor! That  is if you have a mouse with a wheel.

Here try this while you are reading this web page; hold down the Ctrl key on the left of your keyboard  and while you are holding it down rotate the wheel on the mouse. One of two things just happened either the web page got bigger (magnified) or it shrunk (got smaller 🙂 ) To do the opposite of what you just did keep the Ctrl key pressed and rotate the wheel the other way! 🙂

Try it on your email client (Outlook)  or your spreadsheets !

Text still not big enough? Well go to Start then Programs  then Accessories  then Accessibility then click on Magnifier. Notice the top part of your windows has been moved and where ever your mouse is shows up in this window magnified.

Is there a quicker way to access accessibility? Yes press the key with the picture of the widows logo next to the Ctrl key and while pressing it press the “u” key. Click on magnify or type it in and click start.

Now you can SEE how much fun you can have with your mouse in windows 🙂


by R. Frank Tulak

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A Little Star Trek Magic

32 or 64? is Bigger Better?

December 1, 2009

It keeps on happening.  People buy a i7 Quad Core Processor Systemwith a terabyte drive  and max out the memory to the limit of 16 gigbyte for the motherboard. Then they have Windows Vista (32 bit)  or Windows 7  (32 bit) installed on the computer and have total shock that Windows only used 4 gig of the 16 gig of the memory installed! What is going on? What is wrong with the other 12 gig of memory?

Not a darn thing! There is nothing wrong with any of the hardware.

To make things simple let’s think about children. When you ask a three-year old child how old they are, what do they show you?

How about when they are 4 years old?

Ever ask how many months that is?

What do they do? They show you the same fingers. The number 12 does not exist! They only have 10 fingers!

How many fingers does a computer have? 4 or 8 or 16 or 32 or 64 or 128!

Let use the child’s 3 fingers like a computer would. Number 1 would be one finger. For the number 2 the one finger would be down and the finger next to it would be up.  The number 3 would be the finger that went down to come back up. So then the one finger would represent 2 and the other finger 1 equaling 3. The number 4 would be the two fingers would go down and the third would be up, representing two twos equaling 4.  This way one finger represents 1 the other finger represents 2 (two ones) and the third equals 4 (two twos).  Okay, now that we know how a computer counts using that method what is the highest you could count to using just one hand with five fingers? 31!  How does it work?  One finger represents 1 the second finger 2 the third finger 4 the fourth finger 8 the fifth finger 16!  Now the computer doesn’t have hands with fingers it has registries with bits.  But we will keep the same analogy just for fun 🙂

Pentium computers were designed for 32 bit operation (32 fingers on it’s hand) and installed with 4 gig of memory; therefore to use all the fingers what operating system should be chosen 16 bit or 32?  What is the highest that a 16 bit operating system can count to? 65,535!  How about a 32 bit? 4,294,967,295 (4 gig) So this is a no brainer right?

Okay, now lets examine our original problem. A Quad Core i7 processor with 16 gig of memory and one terra byte hard drive is a full-blown 64 bit computer!  Now what operating system should go on this system?  Should it be a 32 bit operating system or 64?  What happens if you use a 32 bit XP or Vista or Windows 7?  IT WILL NEVER SEE BEYOND 4 GIG OF MEMORY!  Why?  It can’t count higher!   It can only count to 4,294,967,295 (4 gig).

What happens if you use Vista or a Windows 7, 64 bit operating system on the 64 bit computer? It will see all the memory and use all it’s fingers for counting. 🙂

How high can it count to? 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 (18 Terabytes !)

So you see everyone should get their hands on a 64 bit computer with a 64 bit operating system, that’s a system you can count on ! 🙂


by R. Frank Tulak