Most Lethal # 1

November 24, 2009

What are the 10 most lethal animals to humans and what are the 10 most lethal actions humans do to computers?

Either through ignorance or carelessness millions of humans die by these 10 animals and as well millions of computers are destroyed through ignorance or carelessness by these 10 actions by humans.


position of the cause of most humans death is:

Anopheles ;The mosquito (Sp. mosca- fly  ..ito – small; small fly )  of the genus anopheles there are approximately 460 recognised species: while over 100 can transmit human diseases. How do they transmit the disease? Generally the genus eats nectar, piercing the base of the flower and withdrawing the nectar with its hollow tongue (proboscis) but when the female is readying to produce eggs, nectar is insufficient to provide the iron and protein but mammalian and avian blood does! The antenna are the olfactory senses (smell) which  are tuned primarily to detect carbon dioxide (which is what mammalian and avian species exhale in large quantities) and secondly octenol, which is the scent given off when living tissue sweats. Why doesn’t our blood clot when they are feeding on us, or our white blood cells attack the mosquito? The saliva of the mosquito kills the clotting function and disables the white blood cells, keeping them from attacking.  The mosquito isn’t selfish, it shares some of the material from its previous meals, which may be animals or other humans that are infected with disease. The most common of these are malaria causing 2 million deaths annually; the filariasis worm  that causes disfigurement known  as elephantiasis characterized by a great swelling of several parts of the body; worldwide, around 40 million people are living with a filariasis disability; there are also the viral diseases , yellow fever ,dengue fever , epidemic polyarthritis, Rift Valley fever, Ross River Fever, St. Louis encephalitis, West Nile virus (WNV), Japanese encephalitis, La Crosse encephalitis and  Eastern equine encephalitis  and Western equine encephalitis. 

Mosquitos are estimated to transfer diseases to more than 70 million people per year.

Precautions:  When any of these diseases are present the host body goes into fever and sweating, attracting the mosquito, at this point the victim must be protected from furthur bites so that the infection does not spread. Most mosquito species are crepuscular (dawn or dusk) feeders. During the heat of the day most mosquitoes rest in a cool place and wait for the evenings, although they may still bite if disturbed. So don’t do your exersizes, running or weight lifting (anything that makes you sweat) at sunset!  If you do do them, do them indoors and not outside. Unless you want to share your blood with a mosquito. 🙂


position of the cause of most computer destruction is:


This  problem started with the portable notebook computer. They are constantly dropped or thrown from off a bed after the user falls asleep. Or the notebook is pluged into a power recepticle and someone kicks the electrical plug sending the note book flying! But it is not the fall that damages the computer it’s the sudden stop when it hits the floor! 🙂  The notebook computer is not designed to bounce and when it impacts something or something impacts it; it’s ususally “game over”.

But the slow impact is the worst!

Imagine sitting down in a chair with a notebook computer on your lap. Suddenly you have a nature call; what do you do? Well you close the screen of the computer, stand up and put the computer where you were seated and make the nature call.

Have you ever noticed that the new computers look just like chair cushions?

They even have designer colors just like cushions do.

What do you think these people sat on?

Could this happen to you?

Precautions: Never connect your notebook to a electric outlet across the path where other people walk. Never place you notebook computer where it might be mistaken as a cushion, because it will! Always carry it in its case by the handle, this makes it difficult to drop, but not impossible!

Remember: IF you or some else sits on your computer, relax catch your breath, don’t sweat it , or you could attract a mosquito that wants to share. 🙂

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Checked out your Weblog… wow!

July 11, 2008

Comments on the Blog!

Checked out your Weblog… wow!  I watched the Outlook tutorial, which was very informative, & saw the Surface Computing from Microsoft which we discussed yesterday – Love it!!!….can’t wait to check out the other ones.        Best Regards,

Tina Marie Koch, ASID, CID
Principal, Design Perspectives

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Touch Computing Now !,
WOW, WOW WOW! How real is this?
 Outlook Tutorial,
This one I like. You have made this interesting. Reading the tech books is good, but not like you presented it. I enjoyed watching this.
 MAC vs PC
You know I find your site very informative. I appreciate that you take the time to share this. It has helped me a lot.
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Real and Virtual Memory (The True Fairy Tale),

GREAT JOB on the Blog!
Misty T.







Real and Virtual Memory (The True Fairy Tale)

June 19, 2008

I was quite overwhelmed by the responses I received from the last email I sent out. 

It has taken me sometime to read them all. There are so many different questions, but a common thread is the apparent misunderstanding of the word “memory”.  So to undo all the confusion about virtual memory, processor memory, and the hard drive, I made this video which should answer all your questions in that area.  I would like very much for you to email me with your comments on how you enjoyed the video.  This is for you, so if you have more questions or specific things you would like to learn please email them to me and I will do my best to provide the answers in the upcoming training videos.

So here it is Real and Virtual Memory (the True Fairy Tale)  <– click here

 Enjoy !

A special thanks for their quick and detailed response to my email:  

Tina at Design Perspectives,

Janine at Riopelle Development,


June 17, 2008

This Spring 2008 Intel Channel Conferences was instruction and training for the “NO LIMIT” potential that is built into the NEW Intel processors and computer architecture.

Between the sessions I scheduled a time to interview Karl Moreland the Product Engineer at Intel.

He helps guide the development and applications of the Intel products to give the maximum benefit to the end users.

His knowledge of processors and computers is astounding! At these seminars he is constantly swamped by everyone! So I scheduled to have this interview with him then had to fight others to get him by himself. 

I have added some pictures and the video recording. The video should answer your questions of the changes coming this year.

ENJOY ! <- click here for the video

Outlook Tutorial

May 14, 2008

Its here; I finally finish the training tutorial for outlook. If your asking does it have everything in it, the answer is no, but it answers the majority of all the questions and problems our people have.

I did it at 2:10 a.m. in the morning.

I don’t have a lot of time during the day so the only time I have is at night. Also I am fairly new to the video capture software so I promise the next videos will get better and more entertaining for you as I get better.

The video starts off slow but picks up until I hit some snages. There is a lot of great information in this video so please endure my fumbling, it was late at night and I was a little tired but we really want you to benifit from the information. Please allow it to buffer before you click on it to play.

Here is the first tutorial on Outlook (ignore the popup it is unavoidable at this time)

Next Tutorial:

Overview of the “NEW” SDIC site and how to control and access your email and your personal spam filter on our server before it get to your computer.


Table Top Computer for your fingers !

Here is Microsoft’s amazing new Interface called “Surface Computing” it uses the Intel quad core processor. It is truely jaw dropping and available now (but not for home yet).



by R. Frank Tulak