Computers in Cars?

In the next 4 years a computer in your car will not be your notebook computer that you carried  into your car but will be a major part of your car!  

Imagine you are driving on the freeway in the rain and your car goes into a skid, wouldn’t it be of great value to you if the skill set of the world’s greatest drivers were given to you to avoid an accident?  What if that knowledge was programmed into the car?

What if you were late for a major appointment and your car would drop you off and go park itself?  Then when your meeting is over and you are leaving you could call your car to meet you at the front of the building.  Your car pulls up as you’re going through the door to the street, recognizes you and opens its’ drivers side door for you.

No I haven’t been watching too many James Bond movies or TV reruns of Knight Rider.  This is what is available now.

The question is “are the computer processors and chips the same in the car as in the notebook computer?”


The car’s internal environment can go to extreme temperatures.  Try sitting in the car with the windows rolled up on a summer day with the engine turned off and no air-conditioning.  Does the word “cooked” bring any images to mind?  On the other hand many a car is buried under snow with the temperature going below zero!  Does the word “frozen” bring any images to your mind?  The car’s computer is required to work in these extreme environments while your notebook computer is designed to work in an environment that you are comfortable in.

What do you do if you leave your computer in the car with the windows rolled up in summer?

Don’t turn it on until it returns to normal temperature which will take about 40 minutes to an hour.

What if you leave it in the car overnight during freezing cold?

Don’t turn it on!  Wait for the temperature to return to normal AND THE CONDENSATION TO EVAPORATE !  The best is to wait over an hour or more closer to two before turning it on.

REMEMBER computer’s are begining to do that which has made us superior,  think!


by R. Frank Tulak


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