Where You From?

 No I am not just talking about where you were born, but where those things that you are made of came from.

What things am I talking about?  The hydrogen and oxygen that make up the water in your body.  The carbon and nitrogen  that makes your genes and proteins.  The phosphorus that give life to the individual cells and allows you to take a breath and give you movement.  The sulfur that makes up the amino acids that constructs every cell in your body.  The potassium that makes up your nervous system and brain.  The calcium for your bones and the iron that makes the hemoglobin for your blood.

Where did they come from?

The first element that existed 13.5 billion years ago was hydrogen which formed into gigantic spheres, which due to their mass and pressure ignited. These spheres of super heated plasma began the a fusion of the nucleus’  of the hydrogen in the core of the massive giants.  Stripping away the electrons and forcing the protons to combine forming helium.  If these giant stars were only the size of our sun then the fusion would have stopped when all the hydrogen had been converted to helium, forcing the star to die in a super nova.   But these giants had to be a minimum of 8 times the size of our sun to continue the fusion process toward the other elements.  (Nuclear fission is what man does with a bomb which is destructive.  Nuclear fusion is what happens in a star which is creative releasing heat and light.)  Now in the core of these blue white giants the fusion continues stripping away the electrons of helium and hydrogen and forcing the nucleus’ to combine forming carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Then it begins the fusion of sodium,magnesium, aluminum and silicon.  After the silicon has been forged then begins the fusion of the nucleus of silicon with the nucleus of helium to produce phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, potassium,calcium and manganese.  This process requires tremendous forces of heat and gravity which exist only in the cores of stellar giants.

This process continues until an atom of iron is forged, now the process begins in reverse!  The fusion of iron takes energy and gives none in return. Acting like a fire extinguisher cooling the core.  As more and more iron is made the temperature of the super star is forced to rise creating a similar process to thermal runaway.  As the temperature rises more iron is forged forcing the temperature higher forging more iron.  At a certain point the super star hits critical mass and explodes creating temperatures and forces exponentially greater than was in it’s core.

These extreme forces from that gargantuan explosion, which is called a super nova, forged the heavier elements nickle, copper, zinc, silver, gold, mercury, lead and uranium.

Just think of it, parts of you are over 13.5 billion years old!

You are made from the very heart of giant stars!

Without those giant stars dying we would not be here and neither would there be any computers!

I know what your thinking, where did the first hydrogen come from?

I don’t know nor does anyone else…… you’ll just have to ask GOD 🙂


by R. Frank Tulak

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