Collective Nouns

December 13, 2010

We know what we are looking at when we see a  computer but what are the computers called when they are all connected and communicating with each other? If you responded “a network” your right!

Okay, now let’s try servers that are connected together and act as one; what do you call them? A ” cluster“!  What is the name of the individual servers in the cluster ? Each is called  a node.

What do you call a single server with multiple servers running inside?  Dissociative identity disorder?  No.  The host computer is running virtual servers.

Here are some others I find interesting and amusing.

Bacteria, more than one is called a culture.

Did you know that one?

Okay, try this one.

What is more than one barracuda swimming together called?

A School?


A battery of barracuda!

What do you call more than one bat flying together?

A flock of bats?


A cloud of bats!

Ready for the next one?

What do you call more than one bear traveling together?

A pack? NO

A sleuth of bear!

Here is the next.

What do you call many butterflies flying together?

a flock of butterflies? No

The are called a flight of butterflies or

a flutter of butterflies!

This next one is a real puzzler.

What do you call more than one cobra together?

A bad day?  No 🙂

more than one cobra is called

a quiver  of cobra.

This next one will kill you .

What do you call multiple crows together?

A flock?  Obnoxious, just kidding.

They are called a murder of crows!  If you live near crows you will probably understand this one.

This one is very interesting.

What do you call a group of eagles?

A convocation or an  aerie of eagles

Here is one that stumped me.

What do you call a group of emus?

A mob of emus.

If you have ever been around emus, then you know, that like a mob they are totally unpredictable!

This one stumped me also. The funny thing is where I live you see them flying together in perfect synchronization.

What do you call a group of falcons?

cast of falcons.

And seeing them everyday it makes sense.

Here is one that really fits!

What do you call a group of ferrets?

a Tornado ? No

They are called a business of ferrets!

What name would you give for a group of giraffes?

I thought maybe a stretch but no!

A group of giraffes is called a tower!

Opps! I forgot flamingos.

Don’t even say a flock of flamingos around their enthusiasts they are called

a stand of flamingos or a flamboyance.

Now be imaginative. What do you call a group of goldfish?

I guessed a flash, but I was wrong.

A group of goldfish is called a glint or a troubling.

This next one is really strange.

What do you call group of  Guillemots?

they are called a bazaar of Guillemots.

Now this next one makes sense to us who live in San Diego!

What do you call a group of seagulls?

If you guessed a noise of seagulls you are close.

They are called a screech of gulls.

Here is one I though was the species name; dummy me 🙂

What do you call a group of herons?

I know this one makes no sense but it’s true.

They are called a sedge of heron or a siege of heron.

Now this next one some how makes sense!

What do you call a group of Hippopotamuses?

Are you ready for this? A bloat of hippopotami!

This next one made me smile. 🙂

What is the name of a gathering of hummingbirds?

a charm of hummingbirds. 🙂

This next one is the one I need help on.

What do you call the group of intelligent and brilliant people who are customers of IBEX and readers of the IBEX Blog? 


by: R. Frank Tulak