How Fast is Change Happening?

January 8, 2011

April 15, 1865  while The president Abraham Lincoln watched the play in  the balcony seat at Fords theater John Wilkes Booth came from behind the president and shoot him with a percussion cap pistol

Then leaping from the balcony to the stage escaped the theater to ride away on a horse.

70 years later

on October 3, 1942, Nazi Germany launched a V2 Rocket.
The V2 Rocket was the first manmade object to break the sound barrier.

In only 70 years, one life time! The world saw automobiles, telephones, computers, radio, radar, submarines, aircraft and missiles into space! 4 years after that the Nuclear Bomb
The next 50 years we had satellites in space, the landing on the moon, the  DNA sequencing and cloning. the invention of microprocessors,  artificial intelligence, robots on mars exploring the planet! Where is the film developers for your camera? Where are the telephone booths that Neo used to escape the matrix? What would James Bond give for your smart phone? Does anyone cook without a microwave? Does anyone remember how to cook from scratch?

Do you recognise any of these?

Robotic Surgery

Autonomous robotic cars

Did I miss anything?

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Author R. Frank Tulak

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Let There Be Light!

August 8, 2010

Have you ever read the Bible?

Gen 1:3 “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”.

Did you notice as you continued to read that it wasn’t till the fourth day that the stars and sun and moon came into existence? So what light was God talking about in Gen 1:3?

Well according to John 1:1 and Heb 11:3 and 2 Peter 3:5 it is God’s Word.

God’s light is his thoughts and images.

 The great combination of thoughts and images transmitted by light  has been the Holy Grail that has been sought after since the first computers were connected. Obviously it was God’s idea first. 🙂

Why?  Because there is nothing faster than light!

Now that the new processors spend most of their time waiting for the data to proccess, the need to get the data to them faster is crucial. The year that light enters the computer as an interface is 2011!  It is this coming year that copper will begin to be replaced with a new fiber optic interface, designed by Intel Corp, which is called Light Peak!

I know what your thinking, fiber optic cable travels at 2 gigabyte so not a big deal, right? Well this design adaptation begins at 10 gigabytes and can easily go to 100 gigabytes.  

Imagine downloading a blueray movie in less than 30 seconds!   Imagine only one cable connecting your computer to your high definition monitor, then to your then TV, then it connects to your printer, then another computer, then….  There is no limit to the amount of connections and different data types, and the cable is 1/3 the size of  aquarium air tubing.

Instead of hundreds or thousands of wires for differnet signals and data there is only one!

With existing servers and the internet how much of the cabling is copper wiring?  What will this do to the internet and communications industry?

With aircraft how much of the weight is copper cabling ?  What will this do to the aircraft industry?

With robotics, how much of the robot is copper wire? What will this do to the robotics industry?

In the begining God brought forth his images, thoughts and words as light and created the world we have now.

Now man will  bring forth his thoughts, words and images as light and the world’s change will begin.

by R. Frank Tulak

Computers in Cars?

May 14, 2010

In the next 4 years a computer in your car will not be your notebook computer that you carried  into your car but will be a major part of your car!  

Imagine you are driving on the freeway in the rain and your car goes into a skid, wouldn’t it be of great value to you if the skill set of the world’s greatest drivers were given to you to avoid an accident?  What if that knowledge was programmed into the car?

What if you were late for a major appointment and your car would drop you off and go park itself?  Then when your meeting is over and you are leaving you could call your car to meet you at the front of the building.  Your car pulls up as you’re going through the door to the street, recognizes you and opens its’ drivers side door for you.

No I haven’t been watching too many James Bond movies or TV reruns of Knight Rider.  This is what is available now.

The question is “are the computer processors and chips the same in the car as in the notebook computer?”


The car’s internal environment can go to extreme temperatures.  Try sitting in the car with the windows rolled up on a summer day with the engine turned off and no air-conditioning.  Does the word “cooked” bring any images to mind?  On the other hand many a car is buried under snow with the temperature going below zero!  Does the word “frozen” bring any images to your mind?  The car’s computer is required to work in these extreme environments while your notebook computer is designed to work in an environment that you are comfortable in.

What do you do if you leave your computer in the car with the windows rolled up in summer?

Don’t turn it on until it returns to normal temperature which will take about 40 minutes to an hour.

What if you leave it in the car overnight during freezing cold?

Don’t turn it on!  Wait for the temperature to return to normal AND THE CONDENSATION TO EVAPORATE !  The best is to wait over an hour or more closer to two before turning it on.

REMEMBER computer’s are begining to do that which has made us superior,  think!


by R. Frank Tulak


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Raising your Computer’s IQ

March 26, 2009

computer_glowMany have given names to their computers.

Speaking of them as if Computer was their last name. For example, have you ever heard some one address their computer as that Stupid Computer or that Damn Computer or that Dumb Computer?  Most people never really consider giving their computer a real name because there is no intelligence to the computer. Would you give a name to a typewriter or filing cabinet or radio or television or cell phone?  Of course not, names are give to something possessing intelligence. For example like your bird, pet fish, your dog or cat but never a computer because it does not have intelligence, or does it?

What is Intelligence? Isn’t it a  term used to describe a property of the mind that encompasses many related abilities, such as the capacities to reason, to plan, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to comprehend ideas, to use language, and to learn?

When it comes to simple addition of multiple numbers who do you trust for the answer your bird,your dog, your fish, your self or your computer? How about multiplication, division or square root?

Who can schedule  appointments years in advance, remind you and tell you the date and time anytime they are asked?   It’s not your fish, cat, dog or bird; the best they can tell you is when it is time to feed them!  That just leaves you or your computer and who do you trust to plan the date and remember it?

OK, now how about your taxes?  You would never trust the guidance of your pets for that one, the consequences are too dire so you only trust your self to do them right?  No way, you trust your computer to do your taxes. Do you check the results to see if the computer did them right?

Now for the pièce de résistance,when you write a letter to an important official, who is the one who checks your spelling and grammar?


I am talking about intelligence!

tlb_0079268_largeWhen it comes to the need to dig and move earth what would you prefer a shovel or a tractor with backhoe and bucket?  

The tractor multiplies our arms and strength.

I can see !

I can see !


 When you have to see a great distance what do binoculars or a telescope do for you?

They multiply your eyes ability and vision.

What if you had to address 300 people in a room could you speak loud enough for them to hear you?


I think not.

But I do not think there would be any problem if you had a microphone and speakers; that is unless you forgot to plug them in. 🙂 What does a microphone and speakers do? They multiply your voice !

When we come to the computer what is being multiplied?  YOUR BRAIN!

Intelligence is to reason, to plan, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to comprehend ideas, to use language, and to learn.

Which of these is missing from your computer?  The use of language and to learn.  You just need to give the computer ears and start teaching it.  What do the ears look like?  The ears for the computer goes on your head not on the computer. 🙂  

headset_micCan a tractor do it’s job for you with a missing tire?  Sure but not as good as it could.

What greater things could your computer do if it could understand your words and learn what you wanted it to do?  Which is faster for you to talk what you want or to type it?  Wouldn’t it be easier for you just to talk and have the computer do what you ask, even do your typing?  How about having the computer read it back to you in a voice that you choose.  EVERY THING YOU CAN DO WITH THE MOUSE AND KEYBOARD CAN BE DONE WITH YOUR SPEECH!

To learn more about speech recognition in your Windows click start then help and support and type in speech recognition.

What is my computers name?

Well if you ask her she will tell you her name is Ima;

Ima Computer 🙂