How Fast is Change Happening?

January 8, 2011

April 15, 1865  while The president Abraham Lincoln watched the play in  the balcony seat at Fords theater John Wilkes Booth came from behind the president and shoot him with a percussion cap pistol

Then leaping from the balcony to the stage escaped the theater to ride away on a horse.

70 years later

on October 3, 1942, Nazi Germany launched a V2 Rocket.
The V2 Rocket was the first manmade object to break the sound barrier.

In only 70 years, one life time! The world saw automobiles, telephones, computers, radio, radar, submarines, aircraft and missiles into space! 4 years after that the Nuclear Bomb
The next 50 years we had satellites in space, the landing on the moon, the  DNA sequencing and cloning. the invention of microprocessors,  artificial intelligence, robots on mars exploring the planet! Where is the film developers for your camera? Where are the telephone booths that Neo used to escape the matrix? What would James Bond give for your smart phone? Does anyone cook without a microwave? Does anyone remember how to cook from scratch?

Do you recognise any of these?

Robotic Surgery

Autonomous robotic cars

Did I miss anything?

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Author R. Frank Tulak

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