Mouse Tricks

December 9, 2009

Ah! What  you  can  do  with  a  mouse!

What I am referring to is the computer mouse and the windows environment. I get so many requests to change the graphics enviroment to 640 X 480 so they can read their email or a webpage or see the what is written in a spreadsheet.

Many people even bought magnifying glasses (sold as computer glasses or reading glasses) to be able to read the screen of their computer. Some people have bought a magnifying screen to put in front of the computers screen to magnify the image.

You don’t have to change your graphics mode, buy special glasses or buy a magnifying screen to put in front of your monitor! That  is if you have a mouse with a wheel.

Here try this while you are reading this web page; hold down the Ctrl key on the left of your keyboard  and while you are holding it down rotate the wheel on the mouse. One of two things just happened either the web page got bigger (magnified) or it shrunk (got smaller 🙂 ) To do the opposite of what you just did keep the Ctrl key pressed and rotate the wheel the other way! 🙂

Try it on your email client (Outlook)  or your spreadsheets !

Text still not big enough? Well go to Start then Programs  then Accessories  then Accessibility then click on Magnifier. Notice the top part of your windows has been moved and where ever your mouse is shows up in this window magnified.

Is there a quicker way to access accessibility? Yes press the key with the picture of the widows logo next to the Ctrl key and while pressing it press the “u” key. Click on magnify or type it in and click start.

Now you can SEE how much fun you can have with your mouse in windows 🙂


by R. Frank Tulak

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