When To Buy A New Computer

September 29, 2010

I know you are wondering what a cement block and a bungee cord have to do with buying a new computer, right?

Well they have a lot to do with it.
Let me explain.
Processors and associate hardware double in power every 18 months while it takes on the average 6 years to write software for the new processors and associate hardware. So there is a major gap; how big a gap?
From the Pentium 3 to the Pentium 4 was a doubling of power and from the Pentium 4 to the core 2 was another doubling. Then from the Core 2 to the Dual core was yet another doubling! I know my words just don’t seem to convey the reality.

For illustration purposes lets say the Pentium 3 is a car that travels 20 miles in an hour, can you visualise that?  Great , now then the Pentium 4 travels twice that, doubling the power, going 40 miles an hour. Now the following year the Core 2 comes out and it is double in power and to continue our illustration it is traveling at 80 miles per hour! Now then what is the speed of the Dual-Core processor in this illustration? 160 miles per hour! With the Quad-Core processors what is the speed? 320 miles per hour!

Does this help?

Pentium III





Remember this all takes place in less than 6 years!

Now comes the part about the cement block and bungee cord!!

Now remember hardware double every 18 months while it takes about 4 years to write the Operating system that can utilize the new powerful components. So what take place between these four years? Updates and patches.

Picture your Operating system as the cement block and the bungee cable the updates and patches which is tied to the bumper of your car (computer) . As the new hardware comes out they use the older operating system which will require advanced drivers to link with the new processor and chips and major software updates. So as time goes on the core of the operating system doesn’t really change just like the cement block. But the updates and drivers get pulled greater and greater like that bungee cord getting stretched until finally the cement block takes to the air and comes crashing down! Average time to the flying cement block 4 years!

This is why there was Windows NT then Windows 2000 then Windows XP then Windows Vista then Windows 7

Are there alternatives?

Yes, get a different cement block (operating system) with a longer bungee cord (updates and drivers) like Linux but 8 years is the MAX before the flying cement block. 🙂

Did the hexa-core (six core) processors come out yet?

Yep the first months of 2010.

When is Windows 8 coming out?

Late 2012 or 2013 or ….

In the mean time there are going to be a TON of updates  🙂


by R. Frank Tulak

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Why is there a Blue Screen of Death?

August 12, 2009

Everyday more and more we are seeing the “Windows Blue Screen of Death” not just on our computers but on buildings on airplanes at gas pumps and at the airports. As more and more computers are being integrated into our daily lives the Blue Screen of Death becomes more visible. The other operating systems also have failure screens but because of the brilliant blue of the Microsoft Failure screen we remember it more strongly. Here are the failure screens of other operating systems.
sadMAC The “Sad Mac” of the Macintosh Computer.
The “Kernel Panic” of Linux operating system
Now that we are seeing these failure screen more frequently the big question arises;
Why is there a blue screen of death?  The answer is PEOPLE !
I know and your response would be “WHAT?”.
Let me explain.
One of the greatest “AH HA !” moments came when I was at a Programmers Conference, which are called technically a “Developers Conference”. There I had the unique privilege of meeting the people who wrote the programs and operating systems that you and I are so familiar with. What I thought was so amusing was by talking to each person I knew what programs or operating system they wrote by their personalities. It only took a little while but you could tell.  It was as if I already knew them. Then the “AH HA !” moment happened and I understood; the logic of the programs they wrote were modeled after their own logic and way of thinking!
That is the reason there are failures!
To explain it better picture in your mind a big dance party, and that the operating system is like the song or dance tune being played. The male dancers are the hardware, while the female dancers are the software. The beat or timing comes from the band musicians with their instruments, and the dancers are all moving to the beat of the music. All around the room in chairs are men and women ready to get up and dance when there is room on the dance floor.  How many pieces of hardware and software can dance depends on the size of the memory which would be the dance floor.  The faster the musicians play the faster the dancers dance. What happens when dancers collide or step on each others feet?  Then we have a program error and the dancers leave the dance floor (the program must shut down.) What happens when dancers slip and fall into the band or knock down other dancers?  That is when the music stops or a “Blue Screen of Death” everyone has to stop and the music starts over again.
You see the same problems of logic and actions that people have in their lives is the same in their programs. They model their programs after their own way of thinking!
As you watch the video think of what is going on in your computer! Remember programs and operating systems are modeled after the thinking and logic of the programmers that wrote them!

So when will we stop having blue screens?

When people no longer write programs and operating systems!
When the computers write the programs and not people!
Picture in your mind a dance party were the musicians and everyone dancing are robots, no mistakes, the whole dance is flawless!
Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?
So enjoy your blue screens while you can they won’t be around much longer. 🙂

The Real Beanstalk

July 29, 2009


I know you don’t believe in magic beans, right?

Or that something could grow through the clouds overnight. Additionally fairy tales of magic beans that can grow into the clouds overnight are flights of fancy and fruitless exercises of the  imagination and have no relationship to reality, right?

Well Jack we are all sitting on the magic beans and they have begun to sprout and we are heading to the clouds.

Before I explain what I am talking about let’s review linear and exponential expansion. Remember when gasoline was .25 a gallon?  From that point in time you can graph the change of prices over the years to the present and it would be pretty much an incremental  linear growth.

What is exponential growth?

Well , if you could, how many times would you have to fold a piece of paper paper


that is .0039 inches in thickness




to where it would reach the moon?


No I am not crazy!

Each time you fold it the paper doubles in size.

the 1st fold doubles the thickness from .0039 to .0078 inches.

The 2nd time it’s folded the thickness goes from .0078 to .0156 inches.

By the 10th time it is 4 inches thick.

By the 23rd time it is 1 mile and 172.6 feet in thickness!

By the 35th fold the paper would be 4229.89 miles in thickness!

See what is happening?

By the 41st fold the paper is 270,713.09 miles in thickness! (the moon’s average distance is only 238,857 mile away!)

Ready for the question?

At what fold was the paper half way to the moon?


Ready for another?


What would be the amount given you if you worked for $.01 the first day and $.02 the second day and continue doubling each day for thirty-one days?

What would you receive on the 31st day?




At what day was the amount half way, that is $5,368,709.12?

THE 30th DAY !


Here is the beanstalk we are all sitting on!

Everyone knows that the top intelligence in the world is homo sapien, the human being and that he has ceased growing in intellectual ability, the maximum limit being an IQ 150.

Integrated circuits since 1964 have been doubling in power and halving in price every two years. It’s intelligence being no greater than a tapeworm. But now that has all changed!

In 1996 the crown of chess champion has been taken from man and given to the computer.

How many doubling have occurred for the integrated circuit?

11 TIMES !

Besides the taking of the crown for chess champion in February 1996, the computer now is undefeatable by a human being.

Now we fold the paper 8 more times!

On March 13, 2004 came the Darpa Challenge for a computer to navigate a car without a driver, and without assistance, a 142 mile course in the Mojave desert; all contestants failed. The furthest distance accomplished was 7 miles!

Fold the paper one more time!

On October 8 2005 the second attempt was made on a different course one that was 132 miles long and off-road.Vehicles in the 2005 race passed through three narrow tunnels, included more than 100 sharp left and right turns. The race concluded through Beer Bottle Pass, a winding mountain pass with sheer drop-offs on both sides.


Five of the twenty-three contestants finished!


Fold the paper once more!

On November 3, 2007 at the site of the now-closed George Air Force Base the Darpa Urban Challenge began!

The course involved a 60-mile urban area course, to be completed in less than 6 hours. Rules included obeying all traffic regulations while negotiating with other traffic and obstacles and merging into traffic; all this in rain and fog!

Six of the eleven contestants finished. Carnegie Mellon’s entry named BOSS won the Challenge!


The paper is still being folded!


Yes those tiny little integrated circuits, it is so fasinating as we look down on them from our position of higher intellect to see them grow in intelligence.

You can almost imagine them matching us in intelligence some day.

Whoa! the paper is not finished being folded!

SOON!  It will pass us up in intelligence and go right through the clouds to be unmeasurable in it’s IQ!

I know, you don’t believe in Ogres that are bigger and smarter than people and live above the clouds, Right? 🙂

Linux or Windows, Which is the Top Selling OS?

June 3, 2009

The  other day I stood with the refrigerator door open yelling at my wonderful wife that “There is no mayonnaise in the refrigerator!”,

but she constantly affirmed that there was mayonnaise and that it was right in the front of my face! I was getting angry, because I know what mayonnaise looks like and there was no mayonnaise in the refrigerator! Finally she came up beside me and smiled while she reached into the refrigerator and pulled from the the top shelve ,right in front of my face, a white plastic form fitting container with the label “Mayonnaise”!
I declared “that’s not mayonnaise!” Tilting her head with a gentile smile she asked “then what is it?” She knew what I meant. I meant that the container was not what I was expecting for mayonnaise. “My reaction wasn’t my fault”, I explained to her “cognitive dissonance is a common flaw in human nature”.

I hate it when she smiles at me like that!

Now brace yourself because I am about to do to you what my lovely wife Patricia did to me!
You all know that the major competetor of Windows, Apple computer, left the IBM and Motorola Processor chips and changed over to the Intel processor chip which uses a special flavor of a Linux OS (Operating System) called Lepard, right? So everyone is asking which is better now Linux or Windows with the assumtion that it is either of them because those are the only operating systems that work on an Intel processor.

 Now that you are standing with the refrigerator door open yelling “there is no other operating systems” now I am going to do a Patricia!

On the shelf in front of everyones face is the top selling Processor this past year  the ARM processor!

 CAMBRIDGE, UK – Jan 22, 2008 –ARM [(LSE:ARM); (Nasdaq: ARMHY)] today announced that the total number of processors shipped by its Partners has exceeded ten billion. The company developed its first embeddable RISC core, the ARM6™ processor, in 1991, and its semiconductor Partners currently ship almost three billion ARM Powered® processors each year.“ARM Partners have now shipped more than one processor for every single person on the planet” said Warren East, CEO, ARM. “Ten billion ARM processors in use mark an enormous milestone for ARM, but also demonstrate the growth in adoption of the ARM® processor architecture by the vast majority of major electronics companies and across the broadest range of applications.”


What operating system does the ARM Processor chip use? Symbian OS !

Never hear of ARM processors or Symbian OS?

Well today everyone uses them all day long!

The ARM processors with the Symbian Operating system is in 98% of all cellphones sold!

Repeat after me “cognitive dissonance is a common flaw in human nature”.
Am I smiling?
What do you think? 🙂