How Big is Big?

When someone says they have Big problems what do they mean?
Here is a comparison of big, Really BIG!

My Cephei and W Cephei are the twin stars that make up what we call our north star!

So now that we have our big problems in perspective here is a quick synopsis of our present problems and the next big tsunami in technology whos’ waves are already pounding the beach of reality.

Is it just about computers? No! everything!

Even though God made the heavens and earth and all that is therein we are about to begin the customization of those things of the likes which has never been conceived of before.

Do we have the wisdom? Did we have the wisdom when the industrial age dawned? Hmmm. It’s kinda hazy and smokey to really tell isn’t?
Did we have the wisdom when the nuclear age began? We kinda bombed on that one didn’t we? 🙂

Then would you say we have the wisdom of a six year old little girl who is going to surprise her parents by cooking breakfast for them without supervision or previous experience?

Will there be problems? No?

Then would you say we were more like the teenage boy with his first car who is going to rebuild and customize his car’s engine without supervision or previous experience?  Does the phrase “screw-loose” mean anything to you?

Will there be problems?

Remember when we did these dumb things (some of us are still doing it 🙂 ) Do we have scars to show for it?

The mess from the industrial age is being cleaned up, how be it a bit slow.
Now there is no evidence of the bomb but the nightmares are still there.
So mankind survived and look what we have now!
But the mistakes and problems we are about to make are going to be whoppers!
Because they will not be able to be reversed or to be undone.

Modifying one’s genes to be smarter or stronger or more capable, coupled with nano-technology and enhancing implants, could result in something that goes beyond any science fiction ever written. (I seriously doubt we will look anything like the repulsive Borg of Star Trek.) 🙂
Looking at the plastic surgery and implants now being done today it’s easy to project the outcome and the problems.
Does the name Michael Jackson mean anything to you?
How about Pamela Anderson?
How about the name Nadya Suleman?
Should I mention all the athletes and sports figures that take steroids?
Remember what everyone said, that the day we have genetically modified people and real robots is the day pigs fly!
May I remind you, this year we have Swine Flu!
Here is what has been done genetically to mice resently.

I think we are going to have some BIG problems! 🙂
But I think we are going to get through it all and when we do,

WE will NOT be the same,

and the WORLD will NOT be the same as we know it now.

Buckle your seat-belt Dorthy

because Kansas is going bye bye.


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