How Can You Tell if Your Computer is Leaking?

February 11, 2009

seatsNo, I’m not talking about  puddles of liquid under your computer!

If there was that type of leakage no one would have to tell you. Duh! But there is leakage in you computer memory especially when a program is written in the C+ or C++ language. Do you know what is written in the C language that is on your computer? Your Windows operating system. The term leakage is so strange in what it is describing because what is actually happening is that available memory gets smaller and smaller on your computer so as to appear as if it was leaking. But what is really happening is that data in memory is not being erased when the program is shut down. So that every time you call up a program and shut it down you have less and less available memory.

When a program is called into memory all the program’s parts like to sit together touching one another in memory, this is called contiguous. When the program is closed it leaves the pointers and references in the memory.

Picture if you will a movie theater and all the seats are memory locations. If your family is first into the theater then all five of you can sit together wherever you like to see the movie. But when you are in the end of the line to enter the theater then there is a problem for everyone to sit together. Because as you look at each row there will be one person and purse in the seat next to him and the next seat will have a coat and the next seat after that will have another coat in it. Though there is only one person, four seats are taken up. The coats and purses are not people they are markers or pointers or references that the seats are reserved. Now as it gets closer to the start of the movie you are trying desperately to find five seats together that are empty. Imagine that is what is happening  in your computer. That when you call up a program, which is five parts, it can’t find seating together when it  enters memory and has to wait. Why?Because most of the available memory has a coat or purse in it and the empty seats in between never total more than three so the program has to wait untill there are five completely empty seats. Sometimes the five contiguous seating never happens even when the next showing begins. Because people left their coats behind when they went home. 

This is memory leakage!   So what should you do? In the theater they close it down and clean it up then reopen it again!

What about Windows in the computer memory? Well, shut it down and start it up again and the programs will find contiguous seating without a problem.  With the memory leakage understood are you ready for the big question?

Should you turn off your computer at night and turn it on in the morning or should you just keep it running all the time?

Does the term slow as molasses in January mean anything to you?  How about frozen solid?!

What do the seats look like in a theater that has had 8 back to back showings? Would you want to sit in any of them?

Imagine what your computer memory locations look like after closing and opening programs for over three days!

So if you want me to join you to see the new Star Trek movie then we are either the first in line to enter the theater when it opens or no deal.  I don’t want to sit on candy wrappers and spilled soda! 🙂

Who is the User Administrator on My Computer?

February 11, 2009
Who holds all the keys?
Who holds all the keys?

Oh the embarrassment of loosing the key to your apartment!

Just explaining how you lost it to the apartment manager is irritating because they act so condescending! Well first there is the verbal castigation followed by a financial fine for the extra key and to make matters worse he’s going to change the locks  on your apartment and charge you for it!
But what if instead of giving you a duplicate of your previous key you got a different key and the teeth looked different than normal. Additionally now as you leave his office and head to your apartment you make the same mistake again that you have done hundreds of times before which is putting your key into the lock of the apartment door one floor below your apartment. But instead of not opening as before the door opens and you walk into your downstairs neighbors apartment. Shocked and embarrassed, you quickly exit his apartment and head to your own on the floor above. Unlike the previous key this new key opens your door with the same ease as it did with your downstairs neighbor! 
What key is this?
Not only can it open all locks for all the apartments but also their garages too.
This key will unlock the laundry room after it has been locked. It opens the phone room where all the phone and Internet connections are. Finally you test it on the locks to the security room in the basement and low and behold you have total control of all security not only for your apartment building but also three other buildings!
What is this key?
Excited about your adventure with this special key you begin to tell people. Then it happens ,the key is lost. You’re sure it was on the table in the laundry room when you did the laundry but now its gone. Frantically you look everywhere. For three hours not only do you search the laundry room but meticulously check everywhere you have been, finally you return to the laundry room and low and behold there it is on the table with some white dust on it and when you pick it up its warm to the touch.
A few days later your neighbors report that their computers, jewelry, stereos and other valuables were taken right out of their locked apartments while they were at work. That night somehow the security for the adjacent  buildings had been turned off  and someone broke into many cars and stole the valuables inside and two cars were stolen.
In order for someone to do these bad things, that someone  would have to have what kind of key?
What if you were the manager, would you be strict as to who gets what keys?
Wouldn’t your life be easier if everyone had the special key?
your computer
Lets consider your computer as an apartment complex but you’re the only one living in the complex, shouldn’t you be using the special key?
Of course not! You should only have access to those things that belong to you.
What if you owned the complex and lived in one of the apartments wouldn’t your life be easier if you used the special key?
It would only bring more headaches and more problems. The manager should have the special key and as the owner you can get the key from him when you need it!
Well this special key is the administrator login! 
To get the special key which gets you into everything you must login to the special user account.
Once this login page appears then hold down the Ctrl key with the Alt key with your left hand and with your right hand quickly press the del key on the number pad (far right on the bottom of your keyboard).
After you do this a different login screen appears.
On this screen for the user type in the name administrator
If there isn’t a password after you log on give it one .
A good password interleaves numbers and letters with a special character. An  example would be the word and date Boss 1980 the password would be B1o9s8s0!  This is a very good and difficult password to break.   For a shocking list of no no’s for passwords go to
Now with the user aadministrator secure you can begin to see how powerful this login is.
Before under your own login you only saw your stuff but now the computer shows you EVERYTHING!
Including other users files and folders! Can you go into their personal folders and open their files? YES !
Can you change other’s settings? YES! Can you open and look at their email ? YES, unless they  secured it.
It is at this level that programs should be installed for your computer and  repairs done.
Here at the administrator’s login the antivirus and antispamware should be installed.
Notice all the security for the computer and all the users can be changed with the administrator login; it’s the special key!
With Windows Explorer under the administrator login you can go from your computer to another computer on the same network and have access to everything! How is this possible?
Because the administrator login is the special key!
Can you go onto the internet with administrator login?
YES, but seriously consider what you are doing if you do.
Would you go to the beach in a speedo if  your social security number was tatooed on your back as well as all your credit card information tatooed on our arms? 
If while you’re on the internet, in the administrator login, and someone copies your access and password what do you think they are going to do with it?
Hey, you’re the owner of your computer set the rules!
Go to the control panel while your in the administrator login (START then settings then click on control panel)
In the control panel review each users account type , how many have the special key, administrator?
Either open the lid to Pandora’s box by giving every user the special key or give it to no one, not even yourself !
If any user  needs access to the the hidden parts of the computer THEN use the administrator login; the special key!
If you need to give more authority to someone then give them superuser NOT  administrator!
It is much easier to change the password for one embarrassed user  then to replace all the valuable information and data that is lost or stolen.     
Now you know the great mystery of why owners of apartment buildings, who may even live in one of those apartments, never manage it themselves; they have managers administer the apartments instead.
If you need help giving the right keys to the users and protecting your computer;
Give us a call at IBEX
We are here to help! 🙂

Serving From a Table or From Your Plate!

February 3, 2009

7_lakeandpicnictableWe all have done it!

Remember when we were kids and we would stick our forks into the food on our brothers or sisters plate or they would snatch food from our plate. It was OK because sisters and brothers don’t have koodies! 🙂 

Even now when when our sweetheart says “Hey, let me try some of that.” We don’t think twice of leting them take from our plate. Or when your sweetheart takes the meat on her plate and dumps it onto yours.




This all is great until it comes to a big picnic.

If everybody has to stand around and share food from each others paper plate there is going to be people who will not share! Would you mind sharing what is on your plate with someone else or that you would have to take what you want from someone elses plate?

In fact most big picnics where everybody shares from the same paper plate usualy end up sharing their food in a most unusual way by throwing it into the face of  the other. Does the phrase “food fight” bring to mind any memories?

Sharing food

Sharing food

This is why there is the great invention called the picnic table!
Imagine everyone taking from the table what they need and not from each others plate.
They don’t have to hunt out everyone elses  plate to get what they want, they just go to the table to get what they want.
The most benifit of all there is no fight over the food.

What does this have to do with computers?

Well imagine that each computer at an office is a plate with what you want and need. If your networked and what you want is not on your plate  (your computer) then you have to go to someone elses to get what you need or have them take from their plate (computer) and give it to you.

What if some one has koodies?

Well then you get koodies too. 🙂

Sometimes this will work fine ( except for the koodies) but most of the time there will be problems as  both computers grab the food (data) at the same time, resulting in a food fight that ruins the food (data) and makes a mess out of everything!

So what is the solution to the problem?  The picnic table ! 

The problems ceases  once a Server (picnic table)  is placed in the network.

Isn’t a server just another computer? No! Its not just another plate (computer) its the picnic table (server)! If you compare the fork and spoon you eat with, with the spoon and fork and other utensils on the table there is a BIG differance.

These are for serving !

These are for serving !


 I know, I know I have seen people try and eat with the serving utensils and sometimes they can acually fit them into their mouths but usally its after a few to many beers!
So too, try and imagine serving people with a plastic teaspoon or a fork, talk about frustration!  The servering table (server) is designed to recieve and serve large quanities of food (data) onto many peoples plates (computers). 
So, when you network (picnic) more than two computers (plates) together its just makes life alot more easier if there is a server (picnic table) where everyone can get what they need quickly using the servers utensiles and if there are any koodies (viruses and spyware) it stays on their computer and no one else gets them! 🙂

When a Stone is Not a Stone.

January 23, 2009


Safety is very important.

Fish hide in the rocks for safety.

In the next few moments of the this picture the little black damsel fish will be literally in the rock on the left and he will not be safe, he will be dead, eaten alive! (click on picture to watch the rock come alive!) Quicktime 7 required download and install here

In this world survival and propagation of one’s species is assured if one of two factors are incorporated in your existence, mimicry or crypsis. Mimicry is to mimic the characteristic or appearance of a deadly or dangerous creature even though it is not equipped to or capable of carrying out what it appears to be or have.  This is mostly used by prey.

Predators on the other hand use crypsis or camouflage to appear benign and harmless giving a false sense of protection or safety to their prey. 

In the world of computers more and more programs are resembling life forms.

If the program can not by its own abilities survive it will mimic the abilities of another! Our shelves and drawers are filled with programs that mimic the abilities of other powerful programs but were incapable of performing those abilities.

Then there are the predator programs who appear to be harmless or  benificial to guard and protect you but they are deceiving and will take a big bite out of your productivity, time and finances!

These predator programs trick you into believing a problem exists on your system. Then you are given no alternative but to purchase the bogus applications because your existing antivirus and antispyware cannot resolve the problems because your  antivirus and antispyware are damaged from the predator software, or there is no problem at all. Once they have your credit card info you download more predator software under the camouflaged appearance of protection for your computer. What do you think they will now do with your credit card info?

What if you catch them before you give them your credit card info?

 Even if you catch on that it is a predator it is extremely difficult to remove their fangs and claws out of your computer. Even experienced technicians will have to take 3 to 4 hour to remove it. For those who have paid and downloaded more predators, camouflaged as protection for your computer, it may take 3 to 4 days to remove!  One computer recently came in for repair with 630 predators in their computer!

 Here are the images of the 11 most painful predators in the computer world and 11 creatures whose bite or sting are the most painful  in the world!

 Stone Fish and WinFix

Pain = like boiling oil in ones veins and a sledgehammer to ones joints

Pain = like boiling oil in ones veins and a sledgehammer to ones joints







  Gila Monster and UltimateDefender

pain= slowly being burned alive from bite throughout body

pain= slowly being burned alive from bite throughout body




Black Widow and Spy Sheriff

Unbearable pain just to breath !
Unbearable pain just to breath !


Turantula Hawk Wasp and Malwarewipe 
Lightning bolt of screaming agony
Lightning bolt of screaming agony


Spiting Cobra and DriveCleaner

excruciating acompanied with 5 hours of blindess
excruciating acompanied with 5 hours of blindess


 Bullet Ant and AVsystemCare

Repeatedly stabbed with red hot nail
Repeatedly stabbed with red hot nail


Rattle Snake and 1st Anti Virus
being branded continously!
being branded continously!


 Scorpion and VirusBurst
 Box Jellyfish and SpywareQuake
wraped in burning embers
wrapped in burning embers


Sting Ray and AntiSpyware Soldier
Stabed with a red hot 8 penny nail
Stabbed with a red hot 8 penny nail


Brazilian Wandering Spider and System Live Protect
Unimaginable pain with every breath
Unimaginable pain with every breath








Safety  is  very  important.

Getting antivirus and antispyware is being safe!

Unless it gets you! 

Not sure what you are buying?

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Why is My Computer Problem called a Virus? Why isn’t it called a Bacteria?

December 31, 2008

v6lbl7Virus are not the same as bacteria.

Just as computer viruses are not the same as malware (spyware). If you can imagine an elephant being bit by a mosquito then you have the comparison in size between the bacteria (elephant) and the virus (mosquito).

The question is what is a virus and why is the problem with the computer called a virus?

Well have you ever wondered what is the determining factors for something to be called alive? What makes a rock not alive and a plant and an animal alive? First it consumes and second it grows and developes and  third it reproduces itself. A bacteria does all these things and does it every twenty minutes! What about a virus? It does NONE of these things! 

Bacteria are micro scale and viruses are nano scale.  A bacteria is very complex single cell organism.

untitledPicture in your mind a peach. If you cut it in half and looked at it, what do you see. (We are going to use the peach as an example of a single cell.) The skin would be the cell membrane, the meat of the peach the cell’s cytoplasm but the seed would be the cells nucleus. The nucleus is not really like a seed but more like a small ball of spaghetti. (you can tell I haven’t had diner yet!)  The awesome thing about the strands of spaghetti is the length of the strand and the protein sequence, that length is the sequence of what the cell is to do its whole life! Including its response to any stimuli (things that happen to it).

Its just like the programing code for a computer operating system!

Didn’t know that the spaghetti like nucleus of a cell (DNA) was modeled after a computer’s operating system, did you?  (smile) Just joking.

What about the virus?  Well it’s just a little snippet of the the spaghetti like strand of code in the nucleus of the cell in a fancy delevery box!

t4bacteriophageThis is a electron microscope image of a virus (bacteriophage) that is harmless to us but deadly to bacteria.

The little appendages lock on to the elephantine bacteria while the shaft penetrates the cell membrane injecting the small package of a piece of spaghetti (protein code, DNA) from it little head into the cell. Once into the cell necleus it attach’s to the spaghetti code and reprograms the cell to literally dismantle itself and make copies of the virus! When the whole cell is transformed internally to nothing but virus clones the cell burst open and releases thousands of the little critters! Guess what they go and do?

Well now back to computers.

So what would you call a little snippet of computer code that takes the computers resources away to replicate itself as many times as it can destroying the computer’s operating system and using that system to infect other systems? Right, a virus!

What would you call a small yet complete program that grows inside your computer’s system taking data and information, processes it and develops and finally replicates itself? Bacteria?

No its called malware or spyware.

Wait if small snippets of code that screws up your computer is called a virus then complete programs that process your personal information to send it to another location and replicates itself should be called Bacteria, right?

Yeah, but if you said your computer had a bacteria instead of malware or spyware people would think that you were weird though you would be logically correct.

I’m hungry, I’m going to get me some spaghetti, want to join me, there is peach for desert 🙂

Size Does Matter!

November 25, 2008
My Childhood Wonder!

My Childhood Wonder!


Ah the pride of every Boy Scout, the Swiss Army Knife!

 This is the little pocket treasure that would save the day and prove your resourcefulness. Yes I was a boy scout and yes I had a Swiss Army Knife (SAK) it was only 5 ounces and 4 ” long. It was a pocket knife that you could do everything with. 2.5″ Blade, 2.75″ Double-cut wood saw, Patented locking screwdriver, 2.4″ Springless scissors with serrated self-sharpening design, Cap lifter, Wire stripper, Can opener, Nail file and cleaner, Phillips® head screwdriver, Reamer, Awl, Toothpick, Tweezers, and a Key ring!

The most important part of all


That was what it was originally designed to do.

Giant Swiss Army Knife 2 pounds 11 ounces and 9 inches wide

Giant Swiss Army Knife 2 pounds 11 ounces and 9 inches wide

The new Giant Swiss Army Knife

weighing in at 2 pounds 11 ounces and around 9 inches wide with 85 tools and over 100 functions will

NOT fit into your pocket !

How could it be a Swiss Army Knife and not fit into your pocket?

Because the amount of tools became more important then its original purpose.

 Does this have something to do with Computers? Yes!

I can see !

I can see !

The computer receives information from the Internet through port 80 or in other computers port 8080. These ports are for HTML. Information coming in from port 80 or 8080 requires a web browser to receive it.

Just like you need to have binoculars to receive information to your brain’s visual ports (eyes) from far away , your computer needs a browser to receive to its port 80 or 8080 from HTML information.

What would happen if you added more functions to the binoculars and in doing so made it so big you couldn’t carry it and worse you couldn’t see through it?

Let me introduce to you the Internet browser.

The Internet browser is your Swiss Army Knife or your Binoculars for the Internet.


When you go onto the Internet with your browser is it excruciatingly slow but when you get your email it is fast? Use our old friend “tracert” (click on start, then run, then type cmd and hit enter, remember? 🙂  

Where did my email go?<- click here for a review)

 at the command prompt type “tracert” if you get rapid responses. then your brower is the problem.

bowser tools menu

bowser tools menu


At the tools menu click on ” manage add-ons”


Your next screen should look like this:

Menu of Add-ons

Menu of Add-ons


Notice I have 17 add-ons. But my computer is a dual core, if it was a single core (Pentium 4) I would only have 8.

If yours shows 63 add-ons its a wonder it even opened!

Highlight each one you do not use and click on “disable”. Try to get all so that you have only what you need or use.

When you are finished click on OK!

Close your browser. Then re-open it.

Notice the speed?

Notice the smile growing on your face?

What happened?

Your Giant Swiss Army Knife now fits into your 80 or 8080 pocket !

Do you see?

Enjoy 🙂

R. Frank Tulak



Catching Shadows on the Internet

August 5, 2008
Shadow of a small tree

Shadow of a small tree

We  have all been there….. As we are surfing the internet  we find that rare picture of the Abominable Snow Man or the most perfect picture of the  actress that we adored in our high school years or the photo of a firery Ferrari Testirosa doing hairpin turns or maybe its the abominable Snow Man with your adolescent idol driving a Ferrari 🙂 ; but try as you may you can’t copy it or print it out or even save it! Aghh frustration sets in, then later as you go back to look at the image, it or the website is GONE and you are never to to see that image again!!!!  

If Google can’t find it …it no longer exists! 

Is there a way to to have that image to keep?

Well the answer is no; but would you be happy with a computer reproduction of it? A reproduction that matches the image you saw down to the last pixel?

What you see on the computer is not what you are looking at!

What we are seeing is not the photo or image, for that resides on some server far far away; what we are seeing is best described as a shadow of the image created by the code sent by the server. Then your computer reproduces the shadow on the wall of your video card. 

What you and I have to do is to do the process again, by making another reproduction of the shadow on the wall of your video card and save it into a file or past it into a document.

How do we do this?

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you the keys “Alt + Prtscn”  ( Alt is located on the left side of space bar and Prtscn the next key after F12)

When you press Alt+Prtscn the whole Window that contains your image ( a graphic shadow) is reproduced onto a program called clipboard (same process when you click copy for a block of text). Then you can put your cursor on a document in word, email or any other program and click paste and “Où va lait goes to that document! Make sure that you make the window that has your image as small as possible other wise it will be hideously gargantuan when it is pasted to your document! 

How do you only get the the image’s shadow only and not the whole Microsoft window?

Well the supporting actor for the star of this article is the program called Paint ( it comes standard with Microsoft Windows) you will find it by going to programs then accessories.

After you bring up the program Paint, click on the word  Image on the top menu then click on attributes then a strange window appears with the word width and height. Type in for Width the number 2 and for Height .5 then OK.

Now we are going to reproduce the shadow of the image that is in the Clipboard and and put it into paint. Go to the top of Paint to the menu and click on the word Edit then click on Paste. Presto, there it is.

Now  on the left side of Paint there is a icon menu (tools), at the top there is a dot line square, click on it.

Now form a square or frame with the tool around your image by clicking and then dragging the mouse from corner to corner of where you want the frame to be. When you have the image framed the way you want then go to the top and click on edit then copy. Now you have the shadow only of the image you want and not the other stuff. Go to the top again and click new then when it asks if you want to save click no.

Here is the Pies de Resistance go to the top of Paint now and click on Edit then Paste!

There is the shadow of your image in all its beauty and detail.

Now go to file and save as and save it as a Jpeg , bmp, pcx or what ever you like.

Who says you can’t catch shadows? 🙂


Many thanks to

Janine at Riopelle Development, for the sugestion of the article.