When To Buy A New Computer

September 29, 2010

I know you are wondering what a cement block and a bungee cord have to do with buying a new computer, right?

Well they have a lot to do with it.
Let me explain.
Processors and associate hardware double in power every 18 months while it takes on the average 6 years to write software for the new processors and associate hardware. So there is a major gap; how big a gap?
From the Pentium 3 to the Pentium 4 was a doubling of power and from the Pentium 4 to the core 2 was another doubling. Then from the Core 2 to the Dual core was yet another doubling! I know my words just don’t seem to convey the reality.

For illustration purposes lets say the Pentium 3 is a car that travels 20 miles in an hour, can you visualise that?  Great , now then the Pentium 4 travels twice that, doubling the power, going 40 miles an hour. Now the following year the Core 2 comes out and it is double in power and to continue our illustration it is traveling at 80 miles per hour! Now then what is the speed of the Dual-Core processor in this illustration? 160 miles per hour! With the Quad-Core processors what is the speed? 320 miles per hour!

Does this help?

Pentium III





Remember this all takes place in less than 6 years!

Now comes the part about the cement block and bungee cord!!

Now remember hardware double every 18 months while it takes about 4 years to write the Operating system that can utilize the new powerful components. So what take place between these four years? Updates and patches.

Picture your Operating system as the cement block and the bungee cable the updates and patches which is tied to the bumper of your car (computer) . As the new hardware comes out they use the older operating system which will require advanced drivers to link with the new processor and chips and major software updates. So as time goes on the core of the operating system doesn’t really change just like the cement block. But the updates and drivers get pulled greater and greater like that bungee cord getting stretched until finally the cement block takes to the air and comes crashing down! Average time to the flying cement block 4 years!

This is why there was Windows NT then Windows 2000 then Windows XP then Windows Vista then Windows 7

Are there alternatives?

Yes, get a different cement block (operating system) with a longer bungee cord (updates and drivers) like Linux but 8 years is the MAX before the flying cement block. 🙂

Did the hexa-core (six core) processors come out yet?

Yep the first months of 2010.

When is Windows 8 coming out?

Late 2012 or 2013 or ….

In the mean time there are going to be a TON of updates  🙂


by R. Frank Tulak

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Why is there a Blue Screen of Death?

August 12, 2009

Everyday more and more we are seeing the “Windows Blue Screen of Death” not just on our computers but on buildings on airplanes at gas pumps and at the airports. As more and more computers are being integrated into our daily lives the Blue Screen of Death becomes more visible. The other operating systems also have failure screens but because of the brilliant blue of the Microsoft Failure screen we remember it more strongly. Here are the failure screens of other operating systems.
sadMAC The “Sad Mac” of the Macintosh Computer.
The “Kernel Panic” of Linux operating system
Now that we are seeing these failure screen more frequently the big question arises;
Why is there a blue screen of death?  The answer is PEOPLE !
I know and your response would be “WHAT?”.
Let me explain.
One of the greatest “AH HA !” moments came when I was at a Programmers Conference, which are called technically a “Developers Conference”. There I had the unique privilege of meeting the people who wrote the programs and operating systems that you and I are so familiar with. What I thought was so amusing was by talking to each person I knew what programs or operating system they wrote by their personalities. It only took a little while but you could tell.  It was as if I already knew them. Then the “AH HA !” moment happened and I understood; the logic of the programs they wrote were modeled after their own logic and way of thinking!
That is the reason there are failures!
To explain it better picture in your mind a big dance party, and that the operating system is like the song or dance tune being played. The male dancers are the hardware, while the female dancers are the software. The beat or timing comes from the band musicians with their instruments, and the dancers are all moving to the beat of the music. All around the room in chairs are men and women ready to get up and dance when there is room on the dance floor.  How many pieces of hardware and software can dance depends on the size of the memory which would be the dance floor.  The faster the musicians play the faster the dancers dance. What happens when dancers collide or step on each others feet?  Then we have a program error and the dancers leave the dance floor (the program must shut down.) What happens when dancers slip and fall into the band or knock down other dancers?  That is when the music stops or a “Blue Screen of Death” everyone has to stop and the music starts over again.
You see the same problems of logic and actions that people have in their lives is the same in their programs. They model their programs after their own way of thinking!
As you watch the video think of what is going on in your computer! Remember programs and operating systems are modeled after the thinking and logic of the programmers that wrote them!

So when will we stop having blue screens?

When people no longer write programs and operating systems!
When the computers write the programs and not people!
Picture in your mind a dance party were the musicians and everyone dancing are robots, no mistakes, the whole dance is flawless!
Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?
So enjoy your blue screens while you can they won’t be around much longer. 🙂

Cloud Computing Going Forward to the Past

June 16, 2009

image0When is the last time you were in the clouds?  No, I’m not talking being in love 🙂

You know, when you did the “take off the shoes” and “walk through the scanner” thing? No, I’m not talking about being arrested, I’m talking about when you got a flight at the airport. Remember just before that, when you got your tickets? Remember the person behind the counter? What was she typing on? A computer terminal. (bear with me I’m not being facetious 🙂 )

gettingtickets Well the program on the terminal screen isn’t in the terminal, the program is on a server which may not be in the same state!

I know what you thinking ” this technology is over 40 years old!”  You are right! Millions of terminals could connect to a few servers at the same time and it was called Master -Slave but since then for Political Correctness sake it was changed to Client-Server. Well what if you repackaged it and the terminal did some real cool stuff and could run multiple programs on several distant servers, what would you call it?

It already has a name; it’s called Cloud Computing!

The story of civilization is taking the individual from Independence to dependence from privacy to being fully exposed. An example would be water. Before, everyone had their own well for water, now it’s a utility, everyone shares and you have to use ONLY what they want you to have and how they want you to have it. So you pay for that utility of receiving water and still buy bottled water! It is the same with food! Now the last bastion of independence and privacy; what interests us, what we write and how we run our business; will be totally naked and accessible by anyone with perceived reasonable authority.

Why would anyone want to lose their Independence? The answer is one word COST!  The average person is after enjoyment, fun and communication. If they bought a computer it was for that purpose. If not, it was because it was too expensive and usually the cell phone, though limited, would suffice. But now that is about to change. Two years ago a computer notebook cost around $2500 with software. Now a net-book (the net part of the word for interNET) costs you $400, using the Intel Atom Processor (a midget Pentium 4 on steroids) and you can use applications such as wordprocessing, spreadsheets, databases and acounting from off a distant server (Really big computer). Next year Intel will cut the cost of the processor almost in half ! While Arm, who makes the processor for the cellphones, is coming out with their own prosessor called snapdragon for the NET book (slave side of Master-Slave, oops I mean Client-Server). The snapdragon configured computer (NETbook) is taunted to be $100 or free with signup, like with a cellphone. What about the really cool stuff part? Well since you are not running any programs on the unit itself but on a distant server, you can have full communication with someone right on the netbook. What I mean is full audio and VISUAL! IF you wanted to show him/her something on your netbook you could show your screen image to them, wherever they are. Or they could just see and hear you. Each one is scheduled to have a video camera with microphone focused on you when you open the lid. Where?  Right above the screen.

The battle for your privacy has already begun. Just like in chess. The board is set and the pieces are in motion. Who are the pieces? The king for the white is Intel Corp. for the black is ARM. The queen for the white is AT&T the queen for the black is Verizon. The bishops are Intel’s communication branch while on the black side Qualcom.The knights are the technologies of voice over the internet (voice over IP) or internet over voice lines which encompasses the router companies like Cisco and Juniper. The  rooks (castles) these are the applications that are to be run from servers. This is still in progress as to which side they are to take. Those who are positioning themselves are Amazon, Ebay, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and Apple, just to name a few.  

 Who are the naked and vulnerable pawns? Why,  those who use the netbook,  of course.  Except we are not naked and vulnerable we do have a little experiance in computers 🙂

Need help choosing and setting up your NETbook give us a call.

With our help you will be like the Cheshire cat,

talking and writing and crusing the NET
with the only thing seen in the cloud is your  smile!


 We are here for you !

The Wrong Place At The Right Time

April 8, 2009


There always seems to be tremendous laughter over the ancient concept that the earth does not move and the heaven planets and stars orbit around the earth.


Yet postulations and scientific projection based on that ancient misconception continue to prevail in our dreams and science fiction. What is more than amusing is that everyone takes it so seriously throwing out the scientific discoveries of the last 400 years and returning to the belief that the earth does not move and the heaven, stars and planets revolve around the earth!

What am I talking about?  TIME TRAVEL.

Remember the first mention of a “time machine” was H.G.Wells’ novel “Time Machine” written in 1895. Then came the movie in 1960.timemachine Then more movies and television shows like Terminator and Sarah Connor Chronicles keep coming.

timebubleWhere clothes are not an option for time travel but tooth fillings, tattoo’s and makeup are. 🙂

Remember Back to the Future? Remember the speed the DeLorean had to go to jump time? 

future460 But the best of all was the Star Trek episodes where generally it was a very advanced civilization that could do it or a freak occurrence in the “space time continuum”.


  I   have no real problem with bending, warping, or punching a hole in the fabric of time BUT the resulting location can be detrimental to the time traveler’s health!

Why do I say that? Because the earth is rotating, IT IS NOT STANDING STILL!  How fast is it rotating? At 1,070 miles per hour! What that means is every second you are approximately 1569.2 feet from where you were the second before! Now for more complication; how fast are we orbiting the sun? Ready? Depending on the year anywhere between 66,000 and 67,000 mile an hour! Is there more? Yes! Our wonderful solar system rotates around the center of an average spiral Galaxy called the Milky Way at a speed of , are you ready for this? ; 45,000 miles an hour!  Soooo in that direction after 1 second you are 12 miles away from where you were the second before. But the Galaxy isn’t moving is it? Yes it is! Our galaxy is traveling as our solar system orbits around it’s black hole at a speed of  684, 000 mile per hour! That means in the direction of the galaxies speed in one second you are 190 miles from where you were! So you see  Time Travel has nothing to do with where you are on earth but where you are in the UNIVERSE ! Going back in time could put you in the middle of a star or bury you in a planet. Even going back one second in time would have a mountain or building slamming into you at 1,070 mph. How do you match the velocity and course of a target location going  1,070 mph one way and 67,000 mph another way and 45,000 mph a different way and 684,000 mph another different direction?

You see the concept of Time Travel is quite unrealistic. But in the operation of your computer it is not.

If you are in Windows and you make an error, no matter what program, hold down the CTRL key and press the letter “z”  press it again and you go further back in time, to go forward, hold down the CTRL key and press the letter “y” .  What if you just want to change the conditions or undo the consequences of a decision or action? In a computer that is very do-able for the operating system with restore points. What is a restore point? Well in theory if you were to go back in time, the future would no longer exist as you know it because your very presence changed the course of the time line thus all your memories from the future would no longer exist. Which would make no sense going back in time if you didn’t know why you were there when you got there. BUT in the computer, using the restore points, you keep all your personal stuff, only the operating system (the world inside your computer) would go back in time. ONLY in the computer world do you have perfect time travel !

If you go to Start then Programs then Accessories then System Tools, there you will find System Restore. It is in this program that you can set a restore point to get back to “in the future” or take your computer back in time to any restore point listed and not loose your personal things that you remember you have. 

So is time travel possible? Yes but only in the perfect world of computers!

Isn’t that moving? 🙂

Raising your Computer’s IQ

March 26, 2009

computer_glowMany have given names to their computers.

Speaking of them as if Computer was their last name. For example, have you ever heard some one address their computer as that Stupid Computer or that Damn Computer or that Dumb Computer?  Most people never really consider giving their computer a real name because there is no intelligence to the computer. Would you give a name to a typewriter or filing cabinet or radio or television or cell phone?  Of course not, names are give to something possessing intelligence. For example like your bird, pet fish, your dog or cat but never a computer because it does not have intelligence, or does it?

What is Intelligence? Isn’t it a  term used to describe a property of the mind that encompasses many related abilities, such as the capacities to reason, to plan, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to comprehend ideas, to use language, and to learn?

When it comes to simple addition of multiple numbers who do you trust for the answer your bird,your dog, your fish, your self or your computer? How about multiplication, division or square root?

Who can schedule  appointments years in advance, remind you and tell you the date and time anytime they are asked?   It’s not your fish, cat, dog or bird; the best they can tell you is when it is time to feed them!  That just leaves you or your computer and who do you trust to plan the date and remember it?

OK, now how about your taxes?  You would never trust the guidance of your pets for that one, the consequences are too dire so you only trust your self to do them right?  No way, you trust your computer to do your taxes. Do you check the results to see if the computer did them right?

Now for the pièce de résistance,when you write a letter to an important official, who is the one who checks your spelling and grammar?


I am talking about intelligence!

tlb_0079268_largeWhen it comes to the need to dig and move earth what would you prefer a shovel or a tractor with backhoe and bucket?  

The tractor multiplies our arms and strength.

I can see !

I can see !


 When you have to see a great distance what do binoculars or a telescope do for you?

They multiply your eyes ability and vision.

What if you had to address 300 people in a room could you speak loud enough for them to hear you?


I think not.

But I do not think there would be any problem if you had a microphone and speakers; that is unless you forgot to plug them in. 🙂 What does a microphone and speakers do? They multiply your voice !

When we come to the computer what is being multiplied?  YOUR BRAIN!

Intelligence is to reason, to plan, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to comprehend ideas, to use language, and to learn.

Which of these is missing from your computer?  The use of language and to learn.  You just need to give the computer ears and start teaching it.  What do the ears look like?  The ears for the computer goes on your head not on the computer. 🙂  

headset_micCan a tractor do it’s job for you with a missing tire?  Sure but not as good as it could.

What greater things could your computer do if it could understand your words and learn what you wanted it to do?  Which is faster for you to talk what you want or to type it?  Wouldn’t it be easier for you just to talk and have the computer do what you ask, even do your typing?  How about having the computer read it back to you in a voice that you choose.  EVERY THING YOU CAN DO WITH THE MOUSE AND KEYBOARD CAN BE DONE WITH YOUR SPEECH!

To learn more about speech recognition in your Windows click start then help and support and type in speech recognition.

What is my computers name?

Well if you ask her she will tell you her name is Ima;

Ima Computer 🙂


Wilted Flowers, Crumpled Giftwrapping and Tempfiles

March 15, 2009



Do people really value and save wilted flowers or used crumpled gift wrapping or their computer temp-files? Yes.

How do I know?; because I am one such person.

The flowers that I have saved are not just any flowers, they are flowers whos’ petals have been moistened by my tears or who carry within their fragrance the echos of a moment of great  joy and laughter.

The same is for the few gift wrappings I keep. The wrappings were handmade to represent the gift from the heart of that little girl who gave the present to me. The wrappings could no more be thrown out then the gift could be.  

No I am not saying I have any emotional attachment to temp-files.

No. Wait a minute.

Is anger an emotion? How about frustration? Exasperation? Well then maybe I do 🙂

Temp-files or rather temporary files are rather strange creatures lurking on your hard drive. They are not really bad but then again they are not really good either.

What are temp-files and how did they get there?

They are the gift wrapping of your files or like fresh flowers given on and for Valentines day.  

Rather then go into allot of techno-babel I will illustrate temp-files with a familiar simile.

Remember a certain Christmas day in your childhood when you awoke from sleep to run to the front room where the Christmas tree was, and how you  stopped when you entered the room and stared  at the wonder of all the beautifully wrapped presents and decorations? Then with a squeal of joy dove into the pile of presents looking for your name on them.

Then when all the presents had been divided up and you sat amongst the mountain of presents, you got the go ahead to open them and all mayhem broke loose! If you had 7 other brothers and sisters like I had you know it was crazy! Within minutes the floor could not be seen, hiden under the thick carpet of gift wrappings.temporary

Then the worst thing happened!

One of the toys is missing batteries. Remember the old adage of a “needle in a haystack” well here is the another “a toy part amongst the gift wrappings”  Every wrapping is lifted up and examined to find the batteries until they are found. THIS TAKES TIME!

Imagine if the the wrappings were never picked up and then the next Christmas came and doubled the amount of wrappings on the floor and now you had to hunt for the batteries.

Temporary files are just like the wrappings, valuable once then no longer.

Well this is what makes temp-files (temporary files) a problem. You see when you or I begin using a program or  install programs or update the operating system or browse the Internet; temporary files are created. The are extremely important at that moment when they are madefor the function of the install or operation or usage but of no real value when that function, installation or operation is completed. Usually once that function, installation or operation is completed the temp-files are deleted, just like the Valentine’s day flowers after 5 days or the gift wrapping after Christmas day, that is why they are called temorary files. Well what happens if there is a small problem or some other operating program interferes during the function, installation or operation? Well then the tempfiles are not erased. Then when you use that program, operation or function then the WHOLE GROUP OF TEMPFILES MUST BE SEARCHED BY YOUR COMPUTER!


To speed up your computer delete the temp-files (temporary files). 

If you want to see the temporary files click start then run then type %temp% then press enter. Click on  the column heading “type”, which will place all the files in order of type. All the temp-files will have the extension of TMP. Don’t delete them now but close the window.  

Now remember all programs as well as the operating system has temp files and its a bear to search them all out to delete them sooooo to get them all at once go to Start them Programs then Accessories then System Tools then click on Disk Cleanup.



Here you can see that there are 307 Meg of Internet temporary files and 5 meg of WebClient/Publisher temporary files. Place a check mark in the box by clicking it for all the titles that have the word temporary in it. Then click at the bottom of the window the word OK.

Now all the temporary files from all the installs and updates and downloads will be removed.

Believe me new flowers should not be placed in a vase with wilted nor should new gifts be placed in the pile of used crumpled gift wrapping.

With the temporary files removed your computer will not be spending time going though the trash trying to find a file.

Now your computer is ready for new flowers (updates) and wonderful new gifts (programs) now that the trash (Temporary Files) are dumped. 🙂

Small Think Not Yotta is!

February 22, 2009



Whoa! Yeah, I know the name of the little guy on the left is Yoda !

But Yotta is the subject of this post.

You have never heard of  yotta?  In the next 3 to 4 years you will hear it mentioned a lot. What is it? It  is an order of magnitude for data.

Was that an airplane that went over our heads? Ok bear with me here.

There are orders of magnitude for everything, liquid (quarts, gallon,barrels) weight (ounces, pounds, tones), but what about data?

How do you measure your memory and hard drive? in inches? feet? yards? Of course not! It is measured by a different standard of measurement that was designed just for data.  

To make everything simple I will assemble the orders of magnitude in powers of ten with examples.  So let’s start at the beginning shall we.

1 byte (8 bits) a single character



10 bytes a single wordspaghetti 

(hey I’m hungry 🙂 )

100 bytes  a telegram





1 Kilobyte (1000 bytes) the text from one of Aesop’s Fables





2 kilobytes (2000 bytes) a fully typewritten page

800px-typehey, no laughing! I still got one of these, and I know how to use it! 🙂


 10 kilobytes (10,000 bytes) an encyclopedia page


 I got a set of these too!



100 kilobytes (100,000 bytes) a fax page


I do not have one of these!

I have two. 🙂


 1 Megabyte (1,000,000 bytes) a small novel or a 3.5 inch floppy disk


Yep we got these too but I will not tell you how many 🙂



5 Megabytes (5,000,000 bytes) the complete works of  Shakespeare or 30 seconds of TV quality video.


I got this in book form, somehow it doesn’t seem right reading Shakespeare from a computer monitor.



10 Megabytes (10,000,000 bytes) a digital chest X-ray or 1 minute of high fidelity sound.


No this is not me, I am much more beautiful on the inside 🙂



100 Megabytes (100,000,000 bytes) one meter of shelved books


I got more than a meter of shelved books.

Hey I’m a book freak!


500 Megabytes (500,000,000 bytes) the average size of the harddrive in a PC about 6 years ago.


Yes a few of our cutomers still have these in their computers and a 250 meg  YES,  I am encouraging them to upgrade! 



 1 Gigabyte (1,000,000,000 bytes) a pickup trucked filled with typed paper or a symphony in high-fidelity sound or a movie at TV quality.



Its still one of my favorites!


 2 Gigabytes 20 meters of shelved books


 My wall of books looks better!



50 Gigabytes library floor of Book cases


What my house would look like if it wasn’t for my wife!


500 Gigabytes the size of the PC computers hard drive for the Dual Core Processors 2008


I’m getting me one of these, maybe two!



1 Terabyte (1,000,000,000,000 bytes) all the X-ray films in a large technological hospital OR 50,000 trees made into paper and printed OR the Daily rateof NASA’s Earth Observation System data from all the sensors and satellites.



this is the coolest thing about technology!


10 Terabytes (10,000,000,000,000 bytes) The printed collection of the U.S. Library of Congress



This is a WOW !!


750 Terabytes (750,000,000,000,000 bytes) 2 years of accumulated data from NASA’s Earth Observation System.



That IS allot !


 1 Petabyte (1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) 3 years of accumulated data from NASA’s Earth Observation system.

2 Petabytes ALL the US academic research libraries



Ow ! I think I stretched a brain cell !


20 Petabytes Total accumulated storage for all hard drives produced in 1995





200 Petabytes ALL the printed material in existence!



Ow! there goes another brain cell!


1 Exabyte (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) is 50,000 years of DVD quality video

5 Exabytes (5,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) ALL the words ever spoken by a human being in text.




9 Exabytes (9,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) to store all the U.S. telephone calls each year!


I don’t think that there is much in cell phone communication that is of value to record.



160 Exabytes (160,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) of digital data was created, captured and replicated worldwide in 2006!





1.8 Zetabytes (1,800,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) estimated by 2011 the total amount of electronic data in existence

42 Zetabytes (42,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) ALL human speech ever spoken if digitized as 16 kHz 16-bit audio files





1 Yotabyte (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) total amount of on line data assessable for the year 2010 at the present rate of growth!

What is after that ?

That’s it. There is none greater than yotta!

The FORCE of the whole electronic storage and all data through out the world is in yotta! Yotta is the final the ultimate the master of data!

Master Yotta!