The Real Beanstalk

July 29, 2009


I know you don’t believe in magic beans, right?

Or that something could grow through the clouds overnight. Additionally fairy tales of magic beans that can grow into the clouds overnight are flights of fancy and fruitless exercises of the  imagination and have no relationship to reality, right?

Well Jack we are all sitting on the magic beans and they have begun to sprout and we are heading to the clouds.

Before I explain what I am talking about let’s review linear and exponential expansion. Remember when gasoline was .25 a gallon?  From that point in time you can graph the change of prices over the years to the present and it would be pretty much an incremental  linear growth.

What is exponential growth?

Well , if you could, how many times would you have to fold a piece of paper paper


that is .0039 inches in thickness




to where it would reach the moon?


No I am not crazy!

Each time you fold it the paper doubles in size.

the 1st fold doubles the thickness from .0039 to .0078 inches.

The 2nd time it’s folded the thickness goes from .0078 to .0156 inches.

By the 10th time it is 4 inches thick.

By the 23rd time it is 1 mile and 172.6 feet in thickness!

By the 35th fold the paper would be 4229.89 miles in thickness!

See what is happening?

By the 41st fold the paper is 270,713.09 miles in thickness! (the moon’s average distance is only 238,857 mile away!)

Ready for the question?

At what fold was the paper half way to the moon?


Ready for another?


What would be the amount given you if you worked for $.01 the first day and $.02 the second day and continue doubling each day for thirty-one days?

What would you receive on the 31st day?




At what day was the amount half way, that is $5,368,709.12?

THE 30th DAY !


Here is the beanstalk we are all sitting on!

Everyone knows that the top intelligence in the world is homo sapien, the human being and that he has ceased growing in intellectual ability, the maximum limit being an IQ 150.

Integrated circuits since 1964 have been doubling in power and halving in price every two years. It’s intelligence being no greater than a tapeworm. But now that has all changed!

In 1996 the crown of chess champion has been taken from man and given to the computer.

How many doubling have occurred for the integrated circuit?

11 TIMES !

Besides the taking of the crown for chess champion in February 1996, the computer now is undefeatable by a human being.

Now we fold the paper 8 more times!

On March 13, 2004 came the Darpa Challenge for a computer to navigate a car without a driver, and without assistance, a 142 mile course in the Mojave desert; all contestants failed. The furthest distance accomplished was 7 miles!

Fold the paper one more time!

On October 8 2005 the second attempt was made on a different course one that was 132 miles long and off-road.Vehicles in the 2005 race passed through three narrow tunnels, included more than 100 sharp left and right turns. The race concluded through Beer Bottle Pass, a winding mountain pass with sheer drop-offs on both sides.


Five of the twenty-three contestants finished!


Fold the paper once more!

On November 3, 2007 at the site of the now-closed George Air Force Base the Darpa Urban Challenge began!

The course involved a 60-mile urban area course, to be completed in less than 6 hours. Rules included obeying all traffic regulations while negotiating with other traffic and obstacles and merging into traffic; all this in rain and fog!

Six of the eleven contestants finished. Carnegie Mellon’s entry named BOSS won the Challenge!


The paper is still being folded!


Yes those tiny little integrated circuits, it is so fasinating as we look down on them from our position of higher intellect to see them grow in intelligence.

You can almost imagine them matching us in intelligence some day.

Whoa! the paper is not finished being folded!

SOON!  It will pass us up in intelligence and go right through the clouds to be unmeasurable in it’s IQ!

I know, you don’t believe in Ogres that are bigger and smarter than people and live above the clouds, Right? 🙂


How Big is Big?

May 6, 2009

When someone says they have Big problems what do they mean?
Here is a comparison of big, Really BIG!

My Cephei and W Cephei are the twin stars that make up what we call our north star!

So now that we have our big problems in perspective here is a quick synopsis of our present problems and the next big tsunami in technology whos’ waves are already pounding the beach of reality.

Is it just about computers? No! everything!

Even though God made the heavens and earth and all that is therein we are about to begin the customization of those things of the likes which has never been conceived of before.

Do we have the wisdom? Did we have the wisdom when the industrial age dawned? Hmmm. It’s kinda hazy and smokey to really tell isn’t?
Did we have the wisdom when the nuclear age began? We kinda bombed on that one didn’t we? 🙂

Then would you say we have the wisdom of a six year old little girl who is going to surprise her parents by cooking breakfast for them without supervision or previous experience?

Will there be problems? No?

Then would you say we were more like the teenage boy with his first car who is going to rebuild and customize his car’s engine without supervision or previous experience?  Does the phrase “screw-loose” mean anything to you?

Will there be problems?

Remember when we did these dumb things (some of us are still doing it 🙂 ) Do we have scars to show for it?

The mess from the industrial age is being cleaned up, how be it a bit slow.
Now there is no evidence of the bomb but the nightmares are still there.
So mankind survived and look what we have now!
But the mistakes and problems we are about to make are going to be whoppers!
Because they will not be able to be reversed or to be undone.

Modifying one’s genes to be smarter or stronger or more capable, coupled with nano-technology and enhancing implants, could result in something that goes beyond any science fiction ever written. (I seriously doubt we will look anything like the repulsive Borg of Star Trek.) 🙂
Looking at the plastic surgery and implants now being done today it’s easy to project the outcome and the problems.
Does the name Michael Jackson mean anything to you?
How about Pamela Anderson?
How about the name Nadya Suleman?
Should I mention all the athletes and sports figures that take steroids?
Remember what everyone said, that the day we have genetically modified people and real robots is the day pigs fly!
May I remind you, this year we have Swine Flu!
Here is what has been done genetically to mice resently.

I think we are going to have some BIG problems! 🙂
But I think we are going to get through it all and when we do,

WE will NOT be the same,

and the WORLD will NOT be the same as we know it now.

Buckle your seat-belt Dorthy

because Kansas is going bye bye.

The Dark Side Clouds Everything!

October 21, 2008

Senator Palpatine addressing the Senate





Senator Palpatine addressing the Senate

We now turn to the Dark Side of computing.

Remember in Star Wars when Palpatine became Chancellor?  He promised to reunite the disaffected, and bring order and justice to the government. After all his own home world had been invaded and his commitment to the Republic was without question. 


But the problems were ALL engineered by Palpatine. The corruption, the embargo, the invasion, the separatist movement and the WAR.


Everyone trusted him.

Sincerely Deceiving

Sincerely Deceiving


He deceived everyone!


Even the Jedi Masters were deceived!


Finally, when it was too late He fully revealed himself!

The real Palpatine

The real Palpatine


How was this possible?

The Dark Side clouds everything!



The Dark Side of Computing.

 Over 20 Million PC’s are infected with a very clever malware that takes its cue from the Dark Side. Once it enters your computer it pretends to be a part of the Windows Operating System. It redirects the screensaver images to a new folder containing screen captures of Blue Screens (messages that inform the user of the crash of the Operating System).  Then when it is ready, a FALSE Windows image appears.

the Fake virus found message

the Fake virus found message

 When this happens people then update their residing anti-virus software and run it.  While the anti-virus software is scanning, because of the non use time the screen saver kicks in, but because the Windows Operating System has been redirected to a different folder with blue screen images, guess what comes up?

You got it, Blue Screen images !

Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death

 Now every computer tech knows that when a blue screen appears its “GAME OVER” the computer is locked up.  But what flabbergasts the tech is when he touches the keyboard or mouse, the blue screen disappears and he sees the anti-virus program is still running.  Why ?  Because the system didn’t really crash, the blue screens are only screen savers!  This scenario continues as the “non use limit ” is reached and the screen saver kicks in and another different blue screen appears!  Again when he touches the keyboard or mouse the blue screen disappears and the monitor shows the anti-virus still scanning!  Frustration is not good enough a description to describe the feeling of the user.  Why isn’t the anti-virus working?

Because screensaver images are not virus’!

Finally the malware reveals itself when the next image appears.

the Fake virus found message

the Fake virus found message

  If you press on yes, you are offered to buy an anti-virus that will remove your “virus” for a small sum of


Over 20 million people have paid $49.00 for the removal of screensaver images !


 Why tempt fate keep your anti virus and anti spyware up to date !


Touch Computing Now !

June 28, 2008

The Touch Computer


This is what I talked about in this blog at the begining. Now its here. This is HP’s entry for touch computing and it’s super cool. Oh yes you can use it as a regular computer too! 🙂

Guess what is the only processor that can handle this kind of processing power?                                              You guessed it!

The Processor !




 Imagine what it would be like with a Quad Core (like the ones we have built last month) but using touch computing! We are on it !!


June 17, 2008

This Spring 2008 Intel Channel Conferences was instruction and training for the “NO LIMIT” potential that is built into the NEW Intel processors and computer architecture.

Between the sessions I scheduled a time to interview Karl Moreland the Product Engineer at Intel.

He helps guide the development and applications of the Intel products to give the maximum benefit to the end users.

His knowledge of processors and computers is astounding! At these seminars he is constantly swamped by everyone! So I scheduled to have this interview with him then had to fight others to get him by himself. 

I have added some pictures and the video recording. The video should answer your questions of the changes coming this year.

ENJOY ! <- click here for the video


May 24, 2008

Many have asked which is better Mac or PC now internally they are the same!  The following  is Jobs anouncing to the MAC World the move to Intel processors and Intel motherboard.  

What happens when a PC user is forced to go to a MAC does he discover a differance?