Did You Feel It?

January 9, 2010

February 28, 1999 Astronomers at the Siding Spring Observatory in Australia stared with bone chilling shock at the resent photos taken of the sky.  They were comparing the objects in each photograph for size and velocity. One faint object was growing in size but was not  moving in any direction. Measuring the change in size with the time of each photograph, the speed of the object was calculated at over 43,000 miles an hour. Within hours other observatories searched and verified the objects size at 100 feet long with a trajectory that crossed our orbit putting it on a collision course with earth in less than 36 hours. Within 24 hours, with all observation positions around the globe tracking the asteroids course,  the  final calculation showed the asteroid would pass between the earth and moon on March 2nd at 13:44 universal time (8:44 a.m. ET)  Everyone who knew about it could not sleep that night, if their calculations were wrong it could be a disaster similar to a nuclear explosion. I believe everyone one held their breath the last seconds from the 43rd minute to the 44th minute of what was either going to be a miraculous flyby or a deadly,  devastating impact.  On March 2nd at 13:44 universal time (8:44 a.m. ET) asteroid 2009 DD45 at 43200 miles an hour, like a monstrous bullet,  shot between the earth and  moon. Many gave silent prayers, others hugged their children and loved ones while no one else really noticed nor did the news agencies give it any attention.

Did you feel it?  Did you feel the impending doom when the asteroid was approaching?

If not you will be given another opportunity.

In 2004 an asteroid 1150 feet long ( the size of the rosebowl stadium!) and weighing 23,0000 ton was discovered and unlike the afore mentioned asteroid there has been enough time to properly assess it’s threat potential and with great precision project it’s path, because it has a collision course with earth in 2029 (not 2012).  When will our orbit and the asteroid collide?  Are your ready for this?  In April.  What day?  On the 13th day and what day of the week is that?  It’s a Friday.  With that knowledge they named the asteroid “marshmallow” 🙂 (no! just kidding) They gave it the name of Apophis, the Egyptian God of death.  If this asteroid hits the earth it is going to be very bad!  How bad?  All the dinosaurs will be become extinct!  Wait, they are already extinct.  Well then if it hits the earth it will really ruin everyones day!  The good news is its not going to hit the earth!  How close will it come?  It will shoot between the earth and our communications satellites.  Do you know how close that is?  (Your Dish TV and cell phone will probably not work and it will not be wise for any aircraft to be flying that day either!) What is the bad news?   Well our earth’s gravity is going to drastically change the course of that asteroid when it flies that close to the earth, so much so that it might change it’s course and hit our earth 7 years later 2036.  Where would it hit?  More than likely it will hit in the Pacific ocean between Hawaii and Los Angeles, which will cause 5 consecutive tsunami waves radiating from the impact area; the first one being 3 MILES HIGH ( This is not a good thing! )  If this asteroid hits it will ruin everyone’s day and cause some very major life style changes for everyone who lives on the Pacific coastline!

The technical tsunami

On 27 July 1993 the requirement for EMS and a door through 1 meg memory limit in 16 bit computers was unlocked and opened with the ability to write more complex and intelligent programs with the arrival of the 32 bit Windows NT.  The impact created a technical tsunami wave that changed every computer. The ripples are still felt today with the advanced graphics editing programs using Microsoft XP and our graphic intense cell phone!  The advanced 32 bit programs allowed photo quality image capture and printing.  Where did the corner overnight photo developer and printer shops go?  Where did the public telephones and phonebooths go?  Swept away by 32 bit programing  tsunami!

Did you feel it? The twinge of unfamiliarity with the world?  The need to relearn how to make a simple phone call.  To relearn how to take a photograph with a digital camera.  To learn how to modify the image and print it out on a printer.  Where is the typewriter?  What is happening to the fax machine?  What is a website or a blog?  Have you learned to tweet and do your tweets link to your Facebook?

If you missed it you have another opportunity.

The 64 bit operating system now has the engines to really run it.  Four years ago the two-in-one processor came out.  Two years ago the four-in-one processors came on line. Now with the 32 bit operating system reaching it’s maximum limt  and the demand to do more than the 32 bit operating system can perform the technical tsunami has begun!  64 bit programs will change everyone’s day and cause some very major life style changes for everyone!

by R. Frank Tulak


Sherlock Holmes’ Notebook Computer

December 22, 2009

Ever wondered what note-book computer Sherlock Holmes would buy?
Just for fun imagine bringing the famous literary detective of 221b Baker Street in the Victorian Era to the present 21st Century. Then introducing him to the physical manifestation of the Analytical Engine, designed by Charles Babbage and Ada Byron Countess of Lovelace in the 1840’s, the modern-day computer.
Would he be amazed?   Would he marvel?  Absolutely!
Would he buy one?  No!  They would appear drab and ugly. No Victorian Gentleman would ever be caught with something so unsightly and distasteful.  The computer is the culmination of all the genius of mankind, the apex of his accomplishments, it deserves to be clothed in something other than the reconstituted remains of prehistoric animals (plastic).

Which computer would he buy?

Ladies and gentleman the 21st Century computer notebook for the Victorian man!

What would he do with the marvellous machine?
Foil the evil deeds and criminal genius of Professor Moriarty?
No !
He would buy it to impress the Captain of the Nautilus, Captain Nemo!
Isn’t that the reason that most people buy a notebook ?
It’s elementary 🙂

Mouse Tricks

December 9, 2009

Ah! What  you  can  do  with  a  mouse!

What I am referring to is the computer mouse and the windows environment. I get so many requests to change the graphics enviroment to 640 X 480 so they can read their email or a webpage or see the what is written in a spreadsheet.

Many people even bought magnifying glasses (sold as computer glasses or reading glasses) to be able to read the screen of their computer. Some people have bought a magnifying screen to put in front of the computers screen to magnify the image.

You don’t have to change your graphics mode, buy special glasses or buy a magnifying screen to put in front of your monitor! That  is if you have a mouse with a wheel.

Here try this while you are reading this web page; hold down the Ctrl key on the left of your keyboard  and while you are holding it down rotate the wheel on the mouse. One of two things just happened either the web page got bigger (magnified) or it shrunk (got smaller 🙂 ) To do the opposite of what you just did keep the Ctrl key pressed and rotate the wheel the other way! 🙂

Try it on your email client (Outlook)  or your spreadsheets !

Text still not big enough? Well go to Start then Programs  then Accessories  then Accessibility then click on Magnifier. Notice the top part of your windows has been moved and where ever your mouse is shows up in this window magnified.

Is there a quicker way to access accessibility? Yes press the key with the picture of the widows logo next to the Ctrl key and while pressing it press the “u” key. Click on magnify or type it in and click start.

Now you can SEE how much fun you can have with your mouse in windows 🙂


by R. Frank Tulak

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A Little Star Trek Magic

32 or 64? is Bigger Better?

December 1, 2009

It keeps on happening.  People buy a i7 Quad Core Processor Systemwith a terabyte drive  and max out the memory to the limit of 16 gigbyte for the motherboard. Then they have Windows Vista (32 bit)  or Windows 7  (32 bit) installed on the computer and have total shock that Windows only used 4 gig of the 16 gig of the memory installed! What is going on? What is wrong with the other 12 gig of memory?

Not a darn thing! There is nothing wrong with any of the hardware.

To make things simple let’s think about children. When you ask a three-year old child how old they are, what do they show you?

How about when they are 4 years old?

Ever ask how many months that is?

What do they do? They show you the same fingers. The number 12 does not exist! They only have 10 fingers!

How many fingers does a computer have? 4 or 8 or 16 or 32 or 64 or 128!

Let use the child’s 3 fingers like a computer would. Number 1 would be one finger. For the number 2 the one finger would be down and the finger next to it would be up.  The number 3 would be the finger that went down to come back up. So then the one finger would represent 2 and the other finger 1 equaling 3. The number 4 would be the two fingers would go down and the third would be up, representing two twos equaling 4.  This way one finger represents 1 the other finger represents 2 (two ones) and the third equals 4 (two twos).  Okay, now that we know how a computer counts using that method what is the highest you could count to using just one hand with five fingers? 31!  How does it work?  One finger represents 1 the second finger 2 the third finger 4 the fourth finger 8 the fifth finger 16!  Now the computer doesn’t have hands with fingers it has registries with bits.  But we will keep the same analogy just for fun 🙂

Pentium computers were designed for 32 bit operation (32 fingers on it’s hand) and installed with 4 gig of memory; therefore to use all the fingers what operating system should be chosen 16 bit or 32?  What is the highest that a 16 bit operating system can count to? 65,535!  How about a 32 bit? 4,294,967,295 (4 gig) So this is a no brainer right?

Okay, now lets examine our original problem. A Quad Core i7 processor with 16 gig of memory and one terra byte hard drive is a full-blown 64 bit computer!  Now what operating system should go on this system?  Should it be a 32 bit operating system or 64?  What happens if you use a 32 bit XP or Vista or Windows 7?  IT WILL NEVER SEE BEYOND 4 GIG OF MEMORY!  Why?  It can’t count higher!   It can only count to 4,294,967,295 (4 gig).

What happens if you use Vista or a Windows 7, 64 bit operating system on the 64 bit computer? It will see all the memory and use all it’s fingers for counting. 🙂

How high can it count to? 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 (18 Terabytes !)

So you see everyone should get their hands on a 64 bit computer with a 64 bit operating system, that’s a system you can count on ! 🙂


by R. Frank Tulak

Most Lethal # 1

November 24, 2009

What are the 10 most lethal animals to humans and what are the 10 most lethal actions humans do to computers?

Either through ignorance or carelessness millions of humans die by these 10 animals and as well millions of computers are destroyed through ignorance or carelessness by these 10 actions by humans.


position of the cause of most humans death is:

Anopheles ;The mosquito (Sp. mosca- fly  ..ito – small; small fly )  of the genus anopheles there are approximately 460 recognised species: while over 100 can transmit human diseases. How do they transmit the disease? Generally the genus eats nectar, piercing the base of the flower and withdrawing the nectar with its hollow tongue (proboscis) but when the female is readying to produce eggs, nectar is insufficient to provide the iron and protein but mammalian and avian blood does! The antenna are the olfactory senses (smell) which  are tuned primarily to detect carbon dioxide (which is what mammalian and avian species exhale in large quantities) and secondly octenol, which is the scent given off when living tissue sweats. Why doesn’t our blood clot when they are feeding on us, or our white blood cells attack the mosquito? The saliva of the mosquito kills the clotting function and disables the white blood cells, keeping them from attacking.  The mosquito isn’t selfish, it shares some of the material from its previous meals, which may be animals or other humans that are infected with disease. The most common of these are malaria causing 2 million deaths annually; the filariasis worm  that causes disfigurement known  as elephantiasis characterized by a great swelling of several parts of the body; worldwide, around 40 million people are living with a filariasis disability; there are also the viral diseases , yellow fever ,dengue fever , epidemic polyarthritis, Rift Valley fever, Ross River Fever, St. Louis encephalitis, West Nile virus (WNV), Japanese encephalitis, La Crosse encephalitis and  Eastern equine encephalitis  and Western equine encephalitis. 

Mosquitos are estimated to transfer diseases to more than 70 million people per year.

Precautions:  When any of these diseases are present the host body goes into fever and sweating, attracting the mosquito, at this point the victim must be protected from furthur bites so that the infection does not spread. Most mosquito species are crepuscular (dawn or dusk) feeders. During the heat of the day most mosquitoes rest in a cool place and wait for the evenings, although they may still bite if disturbed. So don’t do your exersizes, running or weight lifting (anything that makes you sweat) at sunset!  If you do do them, do them indoors and not outside. Unless you want to share your blood with a mosquito. 🙂


position of the cause of most computer destruction is:


This  problem started with the portable notebook computer. They are constantly dropped or thrown from off a bed after the user falls asleep. Or the notebook is pluged into a power recepticle and someone kicks the electrical plug sending the note book flying! But it is not the fall that damages the computer it’s the sudden stop when it hits the floor! 🙂  The notebook computer is not designed to bounce and when it impacts something or something impacts it; it’s ususally “game over”.

But the slow impact is the worst!

Imagine sitting down in a chair with a notebook computer on your lap. Suddenly you have a nature call; what do you do? Well you close the screen of the computer, stand up and put the computer where you were seated and make the nature call.

Have you ever noticed that the new computers look just like chair cushions?

They even have designer colors just like cushions do.

What do you think these people sat on?

Could this happen to you?

Precautions: Never connect your notebook to a electric outlet across the path where other people walk. Never place you notebook computer where it might be mistaken as a cushion, because it will! Always carry it in its case by the handle, this makes it difficult to drop, but not impossible!

Remember: IF you or some else sits on your computer, relax catch your breath, don’t sweat it , or you could attract a mosquito that wants to share. 🙂

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Most Lethal #10 or Most Lethal #2 

Most Lethal #2

November 17, 2009


What are the 10 most lethal animals to humans and what are the 10 most lethal actions humans do to computers?

Either through ignorance or carelessness millions of humans die by these 10 animals and as well millions of computers are destroyed through ignorance or carelessness by these 10 actions by humans.


position of the cause of most humans death is:

cobra1The COBRA !(Naja naja)

Are you ready for this?

Cobra’s are NOT Poisonous! No one has ever died eating a cobra unless they eat the venom gland! But whoa are they venomous! A single bite can deliver 150-350 mg of the worlds most powerful neurotoxin, enough to kill an elephant. The lethal amount for a human is 18-45 mg with death occurring within 10 minutes to 36 hours (depending on the amount of venom and where the victim was bitten) . The question is, how is it that people have survived a cobra bite? Because the cobra can control the amount of venom it releases! There are many cases of people being bitten  with no venom in the bite at all (dry-bite). Many testify that the cobra can sense the intent of the person and the cobra withholds from biting them or bites them with the appropriate venom accordingly. Cobras often feeds on eggs and chicks, rats, mice, toads, lizards, birds and other snakes. The are very reclusive in the presence of  humans and will try to escape but will fight if it feels threatened. The majority of fatalities were bites on bare hands or bare feet while gathering firewood after dark while the other fatalities got bit trying to kill the cobra. 

Precautions: Unless you are bigger than an elephant do not try killing a cobra! Barefooting it in any rural location in Asia or Africa is not a good idea, especially after dark. Sleeping on the ground or floor is never a good idea either, you may go to sleep alone but you may not wakeup that way. By the way, on  cold nights you can catch a cobra by taking off your shoe and he will crawl into it. So if this is a way to catch cobras what do you think you should do before you put your shoes on in the morning? 🙂


position of the cause of most computer destruction is:


No the problem is not with desktop computers but with notebook/laptop computers. They have limits on temperature for operation. You see you just can’t take your notebook/laptop out of the car in the snow of winter time and bring it inside the house and start using it!

Going from cold to warm creates condensation and condensation (water) and electronics don’t mix without consequences. Always wait 30 minutes before using it when you bring it from a freezing environment. Can you tell it is too cold to use? Well yeah, if condensation is forming anywhere on it is too cold to turn on.  Also if it is too cold the hinge on the notebook/laptop will not work well and may break if forced before warm up.  The notebook/laptop keyboard will be literally curled on the edges and the touch pad will not work!  THE COMPUTER MUST BE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE AND THE CONDENSATION EVAPORATED BEFORE USAGE!  Otherwise  there will definitely be damage to your hard drive and generally your motherboard and memory too!   For some reason we have never had this problem in San Diego, CA. 🙂

Precautions: The limit by the majority of manufacturers is Ambient temperature of 35 F/1.7 C  below this and you try to turn it on it’s bye bye computer!  When in doubt wait 30 minutes before turning it on.

Remember: condensation (water) and electronics don’t mix and cobras make strange bed fellows.  🙂

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Most Lethal #1 or Most Lethal #3

Most Lethal #3

November 12, 2009


What are the 10 most lethal animals to humans and what are the 10 most lethal actions humans do to computers?

Either through ignorance or carelessness millions of humans die by these 10 animals and as well millions of computers are destroyed through ignorance or carelessness by these 10 actions by humans.


position of the cause of most humans death is:

boxjellyfishlargeThe  Box Jellyfish / Sea Wasp ( Chironex fleckeri )

This 4.5 pound (2 k.g.)gelatinous creature with 60 tentacles of which can each reach a length of 10 ft (3 m) constructed of 5000 stinging cells,  called nematocysts, whos’ fastest working toxin kills more people each year than any other marine animal; is the reason the Australian life guards wear nylon panty hose!  No I’m not being incongruent nor sarcastic!  Besides having 4 eyes and no brain to process the information which work exceedingly well as any other creatures with eyes who have  brains; these remarkable creatures’ stinging cells do not sting arbitrarily, but each nematocyst fires it’s toxin in the presence of chemicals that reside in living tissue. The nylon material in the panty hose disrupts the wearer’s body chemical signature. What does the sting feel like? Well the toxin chemically duplicates what a stun gun does electrically and produces the same pain! Now multiply that pain times 5000 if one tentacle wraps around your body! The result would be unconsciousness, which is not a good thing if your swimming, or cardiac arrest, which could ruin your whole day! What if a strand of the tentacle attaches to your body? Don’t try and rub or brush it off you will force more nematocyst to fire their toxin which will make matters worse! Don’t pour alcohol on it either! Drench the tentacle in VINEGAR! I know this does not make sense but it disables the sting cells (nematocysts) from detecting anything and therefore can not release their toxin.

Precautions: Don’t plan to go swimming in the ocean off the Australian beaches from October to April or if you do wear panty hose and have a good amount of vinegar with you! Oh, and take plenty of pictures 🙂


position of the cause of most computer destruction is:

laptop_bedHEAT !

This was never an issue until the advertisers started showing people in bed with their computers. NOTEBOOK COMPUTERS WERE DESIGNED TO WORK SITTING ON HARD FLAT SURFACES NOT ON BLANKETS!  The heat generated in a notebook computer can be twice that of a desktop and requires tremendous cooling. Air flow must not be blocked. Where does the air flow come from to keep the computer cool?   From the bottom!

Precautions: The computer should be operated on a table top.  Bed sheets and blankets block air flow causing over heating and damage to it’s hard drive.


If  your computer tries to entice you to go to bed with it or a muscular bronzed life guard in panty hose invites you for a swim; JUST SAY NO!  🙂

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Most lethal #2 or Most lethal #4