Most Lethal #2


What are the 10 most lethal animals to humans and what are the 10 most lethal actions humans do to computers?

Either through ignorance or carelessness millions of humans die by these 10 animals and as well millions of computers are destroyed through ignorance or carelessness by these 10 actions by humans.


position of the cause of most humans death is:

cobra1The COBRA !(Naja naja)

Are you ready for this?

Cobra’s are NOT Poisonous! No one has ever died eating a cobra unless they eat the venom gland! But whoa are they venomous! A single bite can deliver 150-350 mg of the worlds most powerful neurotoxin, enough to kill an elephant. The lethal amount for a human is 18-45 mg with death occurring within 10 minutes to 36 hours (depending on the amount of venom and where the victim was bitten) . The question is, how is it that people have survived a cobra bite? Because the cobra can control the amount of venom it releases! There are many cases of people being bitten  with no venom in the bite at all (dry-bite). Many testify that the cobra can sense the intent of the person and the cobra withholds from biting them or bites them with the appropriate venom accordingly. Cobras often feeds on eggs and chicks, rats, mice, toads, lizards, birds and other snakes. The are very reclusive in the presence of  humans and will try to escape but will fight if it feels threatened. The majority of fatalities were bites on bare hands or bare feet while gathering firewood after dark while the other fatalities got bit trying to kill the cobra. 

Precautions: Unless you are bigger than an elephant do not try killing a cobra! Barefooting it in any rural location in Asia or Africa is not a good idea, especially after dark. Sleeping on the ground or floor is never a good idea either, you may go to sleep alone but you may not wakeup that way. By the way, on  cold nights you can catch a cobra by taking off your shoe and he will crawl into it. So if this is a way to catch cobras what do you think you should do before you put your shoes on in the morning? 🙂


position of the cause of most computer destruction is:


No the problem is not with desktop computers but with notebook/laptop computers. They have limits on temperature for operation. You see you just can’t take your notebook/laptop out of the car in the snow of winter time and bring it inside the house and start using it!

Going from cold to warm creates condensation and condensation (water) and electronics don’t mix without consequences. Always wait 30 minutes before using it when you bring it from a freezing environment. Can you tell it is too cold to use? Well yeah, if condensation is forming anywhere on it is too cold to turn on.  Also if it is too cold the hinge on the notebook/laptop will not work well and may break if forced before warm up.  The notebook/laptop keyboard will be literally curled on the edges and the touch pad will not work!  THE COMPUTER MUST BE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE AND THE CONDENSATION EVAPORATED BEFORE USAGE!  Otherwise  there will definitely be damage to your hard drive and generally your motherboard and memory too!   For some reason we have never had this problem in San Diego, CA. 🙂

Precautions: The limit by the majority of manufacturers is Ambient temperature of 35 F/1.7 C  below this and you try to turn it on it’s bye bye computer!  When in doubt wait 30 minutes before turning it on.

Remember: condensation (water) and electronics don’t mix and cobras make strange bed fellows.  🙂

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  1. Hi, I applaud your blog for informing people, very interesting article, keep up it coming 🙂

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