Most Lethal #10


What are the 10 most lethal animals to humans and what are the 10 most lethal actions humans do to computers?

Either through ignorance or carelessness millions of humans die by these 10 animals and as well millions of computers are destroyed through ignorance or carelessness by these 10 actions by humans.

Starting from the


position of the cause of most humans death is:

golden-poison-dart-frogPhyllobates terribilis: It is also known as golden poison arrow frog, and is found mainly in Colombia, along the western slopes of the Andes. This little frog, .5 inches to 2 inches, secretes batrachotoxin, a poisonous steroidal alkaloid from skin glands. This poisonous alkaloid blocks the neuromuscular transmission in the body, that causes muscle and respiratory paralysis, and finally death. The Choco Indians of western Colombia developed the technique of using this frog to poison the tips of arrows or blowpipe darts. The Choco use poison from three species. With the deadliest frogs, the tribesmen pin the frog to the ground with a stick and wipe their arrowheads on its skin. Each frog of this species carries enough toxin to kill ten to a hundred men.There is no antidote and death is in seconds. Human death is caused by acidental contact with the frogs skin or accidental ingestion of the posion.
Precautions: While in the Andes of South America frequently wash your hands and thoughly wash all fruits and vegetables before eating. Don’t kiss any brightly colored frogs.  Be nice to everyone!


position of the cause of most computer destruction is:

The lethal switch

The lethal switch

People suddenly find that their computer freezes up or does not respond. No matter what they do with their keyboard or mouse there is no response so they kill it by the power supply switch or pull the electrical plug.  The minimum result is damaged files, but on the average the the harddrive is seriously damaged. Collateral damage to motherboard and memory is also common, requiring their replacement.
Precautions: The ‘ON’ button on the front of the computer is also the proper “OFF” button. To properly bring down the computer to where it is off while in a frozen position simply press the “ON” button on the front of your computer and hold it there while the computer powers down.
Remember the power supply “on/off” switch is there to cut power before transporting the computer to another location and is the same as pulling the plug, which is NEVER to be done while in operation.  Else after you have found all your data gone and your computer requiring replacement, may make you fly down to Colombia and kiss a frog! 🙂

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