WOW! I can see inside!

barreleye1In the dark blue waters off the coast of central America about a half a mile down, where no light from the sun reaches, the barreleye fish (Macropina Microstoma) hovers stationary in the water. The two cavities above its mouth, that give it the appearance of sadness, do not hold eyes but are in fact the marine equivalent of the sense of smell and are called nares. The eyes are located deep within the head itself and are under the bright green lenses. In this picture they are looking upward watching for food overhead but when food is spotted the green lensed eyes rotate toward the food and stay fixed upon it as the barreleye swims toward it and begins feeding.
What do they eat a half a mile down in the ocean?
Opening up the stomach of a dead barreleye they found pieces of the most deadly predator in the deep the siphonophore in the genus Apolemia a cousin of the jellyfish known as the Portuguese Man-o-war.
apol-3-400At that depth the siphonophore gives off twinkling light to attract prey as it floats through the water killing all that enter its deadly stinging tentacles. Except one, the barreleye. No one has witnessed it feeding on the siphonophore and some are conjecturing that it might be eating the captured prey and in doing so eat the sophonophore as well. But none the less it is the pieces of the siphonophore that are found in its stomach!

Now there is a type of computer  who’s metal case has a see-through plexiglass window to see inside and view the components while in operation in the darkness of a bedroom or home-office.
The metal case is designed to keep the RF frequencies from getting out and from getting in. What do RF frequency look like? The are the cause of florescent lights to glow. They travel through the air and are picked up as television, radio, cell phone, and RADAR frequencies. These electromagnetic pulses or EMP can sting or kill a computer depending on their size and power. They  travel though plexiglass but not a grounded metal case.
Many a see-through computer has been damaged or killed by these frequency pulses or their sting damaging files and recordings that come through the plexiglass see-through widow.
Just like the barreleye’s see-through dome is resistant to the stings of the siphonophore, so too the see-through of the computer must be resistant to the sting of EMP. Look closely at your microwave window. Why doesn’t the microwave when its cooking, cook you while you look at it? Notice the honeycomb pattern in the glass?
That is what is stopping the RF from getting to you. So too any window to the inside of your computer MUST have protection from RF getting in. A proper window to the inside of your computer would look like this.
Now you can feast on your favorite games without the sting of RF to your computer and programs and still admire internal workings of the technology that makes it all happen. There is nothing fishy about that! 🙂


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