There Can Be Only One!

FightingFish If you have ever had tropical fish you know that one Siamese Fighting fish (Betta splendens of the family Belontiidae) plus one Siamese Fighting fish in the same tank equals one or zero.

Yes I know how to add but there is a problem when you put two males of this species in the same tank.  They will kill each other.

They exist today because of that trait in their genetic structure, allowing only the fittest to survive and reproduce.

Now with computers there is a component that fights for your computer’s survival and will by design, die to protect your computer.

These components are the surge protector and the UPS.
surgesupressor ups-smartups-1500

The problem is they are designed to be the only one between your computer and raw voltage. If surge suppressors are connected together they will try to pull more current then they were designed to when all receptacle points are plugged in; causing the first to die passing all the voltage draw to the second. Which greatly goes beyond it’s designed limits causing it to fail, making them both no more than glorified extension cables.

It’s worse for the UPS’ for when they sense a voltage instability; immediately they create a sine wave from their battery that simulates the frequency of the hertz (60 hertz) from the wall. Plugged into each other, when the first senses a voltage instability it creates the simulated frequency which triggers the second as bad voltage and it goes into battery and simulation too. In fact the second generally stays in battery mode until the battery is dead!

How about plugging a UPS into a surge suppressor?  What happens when anything that is plugged into the surge suppressor gets turned on or off? It causes a change in voltage on the line to the UPS causing the battery to gone online and create a sine wave.
Which will, sensing the changing voltage on the incoming line from those things plugged into the surge suppressor, perpetually detect the line in as bad, keeping the battery in the “on” position.

How about plugging the surge suppressor into the UPS? Ah!  Ever wondered why there is only four receptacles (six on the larger ones)?
Because that is the MAXIMUM that can be covered for protection!  Adding more draw will quickly kill the UPS!
Check the wattage rating and plug no more than that amount into the UPS!




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