The Worlds Most Powerful Midget!


Imagine   if  you will the image of two words powerful and midget, it makes your head turn sideways and your eyebrows mesh together. Why? Because POWERFUL and MIDGET appears to be an oxymoron, but it’s not!

The worlds most powerful midget is not a person but a processor!
Which processor?

Processor with a grain of rice !

Processor with a grain of rice !

The   ATOM   Processor

Two years ago Intel Corporation introduced to the world this tiny powerhouse and everyone has built an architecture around it. Now it’s ready for prime time!
In your mind picture the old Pentium 4 processor.
Pentium4Now shrink it down to the size of a piece of rice but enhance its speed and architecture. In other words put it on steroids! THEN add the Dual Core processor’s I/O chip set (a computer’s equivalent to a musle car’s transmission 🙂 ) What do you have? A miniature version of the “governator” of California in computer form.
 The ATOM Processor!
With its small size it consumes only a fraction of the power of the original .45 watts to .75 watts!
How about the price?
Between $45 and $75  compared to the old $350 price.
So now its in a miniature notebook called a net-book.
What is the operating system? Windows XP Home.
Memory? 1 gigabyte.
How long does the battery last? 10.5 Hours!
How much does it weight? 2.2 to 3.2 pounds depending on configuration.
How big is the screen? Corner to corner, 10.1 inches.
Here is a review of one net-book from Asus.

What is the cost? Around $400

Next year the ATOM goes into cell phones!

Imagine a miniature Govenator in your Cellphone!

What will happen to our present cell phones?

Hasta la Vista, BABY!

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