Is the Future Going to be Like Star Trek or Terminator?

May 24, 2009

The future is not going to be either Star Trek or Terminator but something totally different.

The future is definitely unsure and filled with unknown variables for any single entity; but include that entity into a large group, then the future of that group can be projected by the known constants or characteristics of the single entity which is common among the group. (stay with me it gets easier as we go 🙂 ) What would help would be an illustration! Lets take a single water molecule in a kettle. The future of what or where that molecule would be is impossible to know. But if we add heat to that kettle we can pretty much know the future of any of the water molecules in that kettle! boiling-kettleThe same is true for mankind. It is pretty much impossible to know the future for any single person but the future of mankind as a whole is pretty easy to project.

So what are the constants or characteristics of an individual that is common among all mankind?
Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Scientifically the needs of all mankind are like a pyramid or a ladder in that no one can go to the second step with out completing the first. Additionally no one can maintain that level or progress to the next if the primary levels are in jeopardy.
Let’s say you’re at the level of “safety” then at one moment your “physical” level is in jeopardy; you can’t breath! And as you lay gasping for breath some one tells you to stop gasping because the boss just walked in and he is upset that you are doing this. Normally what the boss thinks is important and a concern to you but now, you can’t breath! Will you care what he thinks? 🙂

For all time the first three levels can be attained through large families or combining your family’s wealth or resources with those of another through marriage. But the fourth level ESTEEM is the most difficult and the primary motivator for mankind. To be placed above your peers meant everything. From antiquity, to win the esteem of your tribe, your proof of bravery was required. To kill a mouse wouldn’t cut it 🙂 But to kill a bear twice your height and four time your weight that would win you some major kudos! wearingbearclawsYou would be honored by the chief of your tribe and all other members. The badge of your new found status would be the wearing of the bear claws on your body. Another way to win esteem would be the show of bravery in combat vanquishing your enemy and wearing his armor and sword on your body.

Today things have changed, our status and symbols of that status are different but just as crucial to our lives!

Today it’s not bravery that wins you status but being associated with that desired level of status and having the represented symbols to be seen by everyone. For today status earned by bravery is not as important as the status given to those in the movie industry or the music industry or sports. For an example let’s say a young teenager was offered the choice to be awarded the Metal of Honor by the President of the United States or be in a movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, which would he prefer? Lets replace Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with a stage appearance and road show with Brittany Spears, which would he or she accept?  The Metal of Honor?

In the 1980’s having a portable phone in your car was THE symbol of prestige, status, and importance. DynaTAC8000XThen it was having one that you carried on your body, today everyone has a cell phone so how do you distinguish higher status? Wearing the phone on your ear so you are available all the time; the status of importance.

Most of the greatest technological advances do not go outside the individual but attach to or go inside the individual!
Every technological advancement gets directly applied to or inside the body of the individual, to give him superiority over his peers.
The advancement of laser technology went straight to the eyes. What was wrong with the eyes? Nothing. Lasik surgery is to remove the status lowering necessity of wearing glasses.

How about implants?

Wait, there is more then one type of implant 🙂 .

Dental implants, hip and joint implants, medical bone replacement implants; all implants start off for only those who are injured or damaged, to regain lost satus and selfesteem, then in no time at all they are used for cosmetic purposes; to increase the status of the individual over his or her peers.

Where are the robots?

Remember all technologicial advancements first go to individuals for medical purposes, to regain lost status and self esteem!

Now think about the prestige and status you would recieve if you were wearing one of these!

So is it the world that is going to change into Star Trek or the Terminator ?

No, It’s what we are inside and out that is changing!

We as human beings are going inside and outside where no man has gone before! 🙂
What we have been has been terminated.


Why Do We Need Passwords?

May 13, 2009

The same question could be phrased “why do we need locks on the doors of our house?” or “Why do we need locks on our cars?”
If some one fails to see the need for locks then have them remove the locks from their home and car.
Quickly the need will be self evident, all though costly.
In this computer age we need security and passwords are that lock to keep the outsiders out side!

Weak or substandard locks are worthless. Would you lock the front door of your house with a luggage lock?

The best they can do to a malicious person is be a nuisance. They will not hinder or stop him.

They are better than nothing right?

Low hanging fruit are always the first fruit taken from a tree. But once they are all gone then more effort is required to get the rest of the fruit. So it is with those with with no passwords at all and those with weak passwords. Those with weak passwords aren’t the first to be taken but they are definitely next!

Your computer has about 256 entry points called ports which are like doors  and it takes less than three seconds to knock on all the doors looking for a response from the computer of  “user name and password”.
Once there is a response then what is used is a dictionary attack where every word in the dictionary is used. This can be done in minutes. Next is the hackers list of most commonly used passwords. Comments on this list can be found at 

while the list itself can be found at


What is a strong password?
It should be at least 8 characters long with a mixture of numbers and letters with one or two special characters.
No, swordfish will not do. 🙂

So how do you remember a password that has number and letters with special characters?

For me special characters mean either at home or at work or at some other location. For instance the special character “$” would be for my computer at work. Then if I am opening a Windows OS then I just use the first four characters of Windows and it would be $Wind. Now interweave the last four digits of your personal phone number at work or your employee ID into it or any other familiar numeric string. Like this $W4i2n4d9. What if you were logging into your Quick books at work? What should the password be? $Q4u2i4c9k. When I am at home the stars are out. Guess what special symbol I use at home? Right, the “*” special character. So logging on to my home computer which has Windows it would be merged with a numeric string at home, perhaps the last four of the home phone *W9i7n5d5. 

This method makes for  stonewall passwords! What is even better they are easy to remember! (well almost 🙂 )

Remember it is not a person that is attacking your computer but a program that is written so that one program can be at thousands of places at one time, knocking on your or other’s computer’s or router’s doors.

Should you share your passwords with anyone? Maybe one; Groucho Marx! 🙂

We are here for you, if you need help give us a call at IBEX 619-464-4249

How Big is Big?

May 6, 2009

When someone says they have Big problems what do they mean?
Here is a comparison of big, Really BIG!

My Cephei and W Cephei are the twin stars that make up what we call our north star!

So now that we have our big problems in perspective here is a quick synopsis of our present problems and the next big tsunami in technology whos’ waves are already pounding the beach of reality.

Is it just about computers? No! everything!

Even though God made the heavens and earth and all that is therein we are about to begin the customization of those things of the likes which has never been conceived of before.

Do we have the wisdom? Did we have the wisdom when the industrial age dawned? Hmmm. It’s kinda hazy and smokey to really tell isn’t?
Did we have the wisdom when the nuclear age began? We kinda bombed on that one didn’t we? 🙂

Then would you say we have the wisdom of a six year old little girl who is going to surprise her parents by cooking breakfast for them without supervision or previous experience?

Will there be problems? No?

Then would you say we were more like the teenage boy with his first car who is going to rebuild and customize his car’s engine without supervision or previous experience?  Does the phrase “screw-loose” mean anything to you?

Will there be problems?

Remember when we did these dumb things (some of us are still doing it 🙂 ) Do we have scars to show for it?

The mess from the industrial age is being cleaned up, how be it a bit slow.
Now there is no evidence of the bomb but the nightmares are still there.
So mankind survived and look what we have now!
But the mistakes and problems we are about to make are going to be whoppers!
Because they will not be able to be reversed or to be undone.

Modifying one’s genes to be smarter or stronger or more capable, coupled with nano-technology and enhancing implants, could result in something that goes beyond any science fiction ever written. (I seriously doubt we will look anything like the repulsive Borg of Star Trek.) 🙂
Looking at the plastic surgery and implants now being done today it’s easy to project the outcome and the problems.
Does the name Michael Jackson mean anything to you?
How about Pamela Anderson?
How about the name Nadya Suleman?
Should I mention all the athletes and sports figures that take steroids?
Remember what everyone said, that the day we have genetically modified people and real robots is the day pigs fly!
May I remind you, this year we have Swine Flu!
Here is what has been done genetically to mice resently.

I think we are going to have some BIG problems! 🙂
But I think we are going to get through it all and when we do,

WE will NOT be the same,

and the WORLD will NOT be the same as we know it now.

Buckle your seat-belt Dorthy

because Kansas is going bye bye.