The Wrong Place At The Right Time

April 8, 2009


There always seems to be tremendous laughter over the ancient concept that the earth does not move and the heaven planets and stars orbit around the earth.


Yet postulations and scientific projection based on that ancient misconception continue to prevail in our dreams and science fiction. What is more than amusing is that everyone takes it so seriously throwing out the scientific discoveries of the last 400 years and returning to the belief that the earth does not move and the heaven, stars and planets revolve around the earth!

What am I talking about?  TIME TRAVEL.

Remember the first mention of a “time machine” was H.G.Wells’ novel “Time Machine” written in 1895. Then came the movie in 1960.timemachine Then more movies and television shows like Terminator and Sarah Connor Chronicles keep coming.

timebubleWhere clothes are not an option for time travel but tooth fillings, tattoo’s and makeup are. 🙂

Remember Back to the Future? Remember the speed the DeLorean had to go to jump time? 

future460 But the best of all was the Star Trek episodes where generally it was a very advanced civilization that could do it or a freak occurrence in the “space time continuum”.


  I   have no real problem with bending, warping, or punching a hole in the fabric of time BUT the resulting location can be detrimental to the time traveler’s health!

Why do I say that? Because the earth is rotating, IT IS NOT STANDING STILL!  How fast is it rotating? At 1,070 miles per hour! What that means is every second you are approximately 1569.2 feet from where you were the second before! Now for more complication; how fast are we orbiting the sun? Ready? Depending on the year anywhere between 66,000 and 67,000 mile an hour! Is there more? Yes! Our wonderful solar system rotates around the center of an average spiral Galaxy called the Milky Way at a speed of , are you ready for this? ; 45,000 miles an hour!  Soooo in that direction after 1 second you are 12 miles away from where you were the second before. But the Galaxy isn’t moving is it? Yes it is! Our galaxy is traveling as our solar system orbits around it’s black hole at a speed of  684, 000 mile per hour! That means in the direction of the galaxies speed in one second you are 190 miles from where you were! So you see  Time Travel has nothing to do with where you are on earth but where you are in the UNIVERSE ! Going back in time could put you in the middle of a star or bury you in a planet. Even going back one second in time would have a mountain or building slamming into you at 1,070 mph. How do you match the velocity and course of a target location going  1,070 mph one way and 67,000 mph another way and 45,000 mph a different way and 684,000 mph another different direction?

You see the concept of Time Travel is quite unrealistic. But in the operation of your computer it is not.

If you are in Windows and you make an error, no matter what program, hold down the CTRL key and press the letter “z”  press it again and you go further back in time, to go forward, hold down the CTRL key and press the letter “y” .  What if you just want to change the conditions or undo the consequences of a decision or action? In a computer that is very do-able for the operating system with restore points. What is a restore point? Well in theory if you were to go back in time, the future would no longer exist as you know it because your very presence changed the course of the time line thus all your memories from the future would no longer exist. Which would make no sense going back in time if you didn’t know why you were there when you got there. BUT in the computer, using the restore points, you keep all your personal stuff, only the operating system (the world inside your computer) would go back in time. ONLY in the computer world do you have perfect time travel !

If you go to Start then Programs then Accessories then System Tools, there you will find System Restore. It is in this program that you can set a restore point to get back to “in the future” or take your computer back in time to any restore point listed and not loose your personal things that you remember you have. 

So is time travel possible? Yes but only in the perfect world of computers!

Isn’t that moving? 🙂