Wilted Flowers, Crumpled Giftwrapping and Tempfiles



Do people really value and save wilted flowers or used crumpled gift wrapping or their computer temp-files? Yes.

How do I know?; because I am one such person.

The flowers that I have saved are not just any flowers, they are flowers whos’ petals have been moistened by my tears or who carry within their fragrance the echos of a moment of great  joy and laughter.

The same is for the few gift wrappings I keep. The wrappings were handmade to represent the gift from the heart of that little girl who gave the present to me. The wrappings could no more be thrown out then the gift could be.  

No I am not saying I have any emotional attachment to temp-files.

No. Wait a minute.

Is anger an emotion? How about frustration? Exasperation? Well then maybe I do 🙂

Temp-files or rather temporary files are rather strange creatures lurking on your hard drive. They are not really bad but then again they are not really good either.

What are temp-files and how did they get there?

They are the gift wrapping of your files or like fresh flowers given on and for Valentines day.  

Rather then go into allot of techno-babel I will illustrate temp-files with a familiar simile.

Remember a certain Christmas day in your childhood when you awoke from sleep to run to the front room where the Christmas tree was, and how you  stopped when you entered the room and stared  at the wonder of all the beautifully wrapped presents and decorations? Then with a squeal of joy dove into the pile of presents looking for your name on them.

Then when all the presents had been divided up and you sat amongst the mountain of presents, you got the go ahead to open them and all mayhem broke loose! If you had 7 other brothers and sisters like I had you know it was crazy! Within minutes the floor could not be seen, hiden under the thick carpet of gift wrappings.temporary

Then the worst thing happened!

One of the toys is missing batteries. Remember the old adage of a “needle in a haystack” well here is the another “a toy part amongst the gift wrappings”  Every wrapping is lifted up and examined to find the batteries until they are found. THIS TAKES TIME!

Imagine if the the wrappings were never picked up and then the next Christmas came and doubled the amount of wrappings on the floor and now you had to hunt for the batteries.

Temporary files are just like the wrappings, valuable once then no longer.

Well this is what makes temp-files (temporary files) a problem. You see when you or I begin using a program or  install programs or update the operating system or browse the Internet; temporary files are created. The are extremely important at that moment when they are madefor the function of the install or operation or usage but of no real value when that function, installation or operation is completed. Usually once that function, installation or operation is completed the temp-files are deleted, just like the Valentine’s day flowers after 5 days or the gift wrapping after Christmas day, that is why they are called temorary files. Well what happens if there is a small problem or some other operating program interferes during the function, installation or operation? Well then the tempfiles are not erased. Then when you use that program, operation or function then the WHOLE GROUP OF TEMPFILES MUST BE SEARCHED BY YOUR COMPUTER!


To speed up your computer delete the temp-files (temporary files). 

If you want to see the temporary files click start then run then type %temp% then press enter. Click on  the column heading “type”, which will place all the files in order of type. All the temp-files will have the extension of TMP. Don’t delete them now but close the window.  

Now remember all programs as well as the operating system has temp files and its a bear to search them all out to delete them sooooo to get them all at once go to Start them Programs then Accessories then System Tools then click on Disk Cleanup.



Here you can see that there are 307 Meg of Internet temporary files and 5 meg of WebClient/Publisher temporary files. Place a check mark in the box by clicking it for all the titles that have the word temporary in it. Then click at the bottom of the window the word OK.

Now all the temporary files from all the installs and updates and downloads will be removed.

Believe me new flowers should not be placed in a vase with wilted nor should new gifts be placed in the pile of used crumpled gift wrapping.

With the temporary files removed your computer will not be spending time going though the trash trying to find a file.

Now your computer is ready for new flowers (updates) and wonderful new gifts (programs) now that the trash (Temporary Files) are dumped. 🙂

2 Responses to Wilted Flowers, Crumpled Giftwrapping and Tempfiles

  1. Flower says:

    Thanks for sharing the information on Wilted Flowers, Crumpled Giftwrapping and Tempfiles. your blog looks perfect. Cheers 🙂

  2. Tony Brown says:

    I don’t know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read..Tony Brown

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