3 in 1 Brain


 We all know the facts about our brain.

The average weight is 3 lbs. It consists of  about 100 billion very specialised cells called neurons. neuron

Each neuron may have anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 specialized communication links to other neurons called synapses. synapse

There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the brain. The brain processes information at speeds up to 268 miles an hour. Yet the brain will only generate between 10 and 23 watts of power or just enough energy  to power a light bulb! (so after all we really are not that bright 🙂 )

The research into the brains of other creatures on our planet has revealed many intriguing discoveries about our own brains biological construction. The most fascinating of all is that we do not have just one brain but three.  In the picture above notice the yellow area, this areas is shockingly near identical to the reptilian brain. This is the area that responds when we are threatened which causes us to  fight or run from our threat. It is this region of the brain that triggers us to hit the door that caught our jacket or causes us to tense and coil in preparation to strike at those that invade our territory. This region is called the archipallium, reptilian brain or R-complex. This brain controls muscles, balance and autonomic functions, such as breathing and heartbeat. (know anyone who likes to lie in the sun? 🙂 )

The second brain is the yellow-orange color in the picture above, this is the same amount of area that other mammals and primates have, which include the archipallium. This brain is called  the paleopallium or limbic system. It is here that emotions emanate. It helps determine valence (e.g., whether you feel positive or negative toward something),and salience (e.g., what gets your attention); unpredictability, and creative behaviour. Have you ever heard someone explain why they did a crazy thing and their answer was “I felt like doing it”? Obviously the decision to go to the doctor or dentist does not emanate from this location but the emotions you feel about it do. 🙂

The last brain is what truly separates us from all the other animals. This brain is the orange and dark orange color of the picture. This brain is called the Neocortex, cerebrum, the cortex, or neopallium.  This area corresponds to the brain of the primate mammals and, consequently, the human species.  The higher cognitive functions which distinguish Man from the animals are in the cortex. Although all animals also have a neocortex, it is relatively small, with few or no folds (indicating surface area and complexity and development). The cortex has two hemispheres the right hemisphere for expressing the decisions of the limbic brain (emotion) and the left for logic. For example doodling would come from the right hemisphere while doing your taxes would be the left. While cheating on your taxes would still be from the left hemisphere of the Neocortex but strongly influenced by the  limbic brain (emotion). All three battle for control of your actions. Imagine walking down an alley and suddenly you are confronted by a large growling pit bull! What happens?


Well the reptilian brain wants to get a new zip code NOW! While the limbic brain remembers all feelings pains and pleasure received from a dog and determines the outcome from your past history; the majority of experiences determine the decision. While the neocortex brain determines the how to accomplish the decision (e.g., run and jump over the nearest fence or grab the 2 X 4 and give him an attitude adjustment)

Because of the complexity of our lives we must have three brains!

What about computers? 

The computer has three brains as well, in fact back in the 70’s they were three distinct computers that worked together as one. Today they exist in one. When you open the computer you will see metal fins (heat sinks) attached to the surface of three chips.

three_heatsinksThe central processing unit (CPU) which is the brain with the fan which coresponds to the neocortex that figures out how to make the decisions that are made happen.

The I/O chipset, which is the one second from the right, corresponds to the archipallium, the reptilian brain, and is the source of  the automatic functions of the computer concerning the whole operation of the computer and all that comes in and out of it, hence the name I/O.

The last is the most intriguing which corresponds to the paleopallium or limbic system brain. It is the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). But comparing it to  the paleopallium or limbic brain it is extremely deficient! Over 90% of our decisions come from our paleopallium brain which is done by retrieving and comparing  the images and emotions that are stored there. While the GPU MAKES NO DECISIONS! It does NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING! It does NOT FEEL POSITIVE or NEGATIVE about anything! It does NOT VALUE ONE IMAGE OVER ANOTHER! IT ONLY DISPLAYS the images that are given to it!   

You see YOU are what make the computer complete! You are the the missing piece of the computer! THE COMPUTER IS AN EXTENSION  OF YOUR  PALEOPALLIUM BRAIN! YOU make the decisions. It stores what YOU want and what YOU like. It is YOUR feelings positive or negative about information or images that the computer responds and acts upon. It responds to YOUR values as to save or delete information or images!

YOU are the purpose and reason for the computer! YOU make the computer complete!



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  1. much appreciated very much, I have to say your blog is brilliant!

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