Raising your Computer’s IQ

March 26, 2009

computer_glowMany have given names to their computers.

Speaking of them as if Computer was their last name. For example, have you ever heard some one address their computer as that Stupid Computer or that Damn Computer or that Dumb Computer?  Most people never really consider giving their computer a real name because there is no intelligence to the computer. Would you give a name to a typewriter or filing cabinet or radio or television or cell phone?  Of course not, names are give to something possessing intelligence. For example like your bird, pet fish, your dog or cat but never a computer because it does not have intelligence, or does it?

What is Intelligence? Isn’t it a  term used to describe a property of the mind that encompasses many related abilities, such as the capacities to reason, to plan, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to comprehend ideas, to use language, and to learn?

When it comes to simple addition of multiple numbers who do you trust for the answer your bird,your dog, your fish, your self or your computer? How about multiplication, division or square root?

Who can schedule  appointments years in advance, remind you and tell you the date and time anytime they are asked?   It’s not your fish, cat, dog or bird; the best they can tell you is when it is time to feed them!  That just leaves you or your computer and who do you trust to plan the date and remember it?

OK, now how about your taxes?  You would never trust the guidance of your pets for that one, the consequences are too dire so you only trust your self to do them right?  No way, you trust your computer to do your taxes. Do you check the results to see if the computer did them right?

Now for the pièce de résistance,when you write a letter to an important official, who is the one who checks your spelling and grammar?


I am talking about intelligence!

tlb_0079268_largeWhen it comes to the need to dig and move earth what would you prefer a shovel or a tractor with backhoe and bucket?  

The tractor multiplies our arms and strength.

I can see !

I can see !


 When you have to see a great distance what do binoculars or a telescope do for you?

They multiply your eyes ability and vision.

What if you had to address 300 people in a room could you speak loud enough for them to hear you?


I think not.

But I do not think there would be any problem if you had a microphone and speakers; that is unless you forgot to plug them in. 🙂 What does a microphone and speakers do? They multiply your voice !

When we come to the computer what is being multiplied?  YOUR BRAIN!

Intelligence is to reason, to plan, to solve problems, to think abstractly, to comprehend ideas, to use language, and to learn.

Which of these is missing from your computer?  The use of language and to learn.  You just need to give the computer ears and start teaching it.  What do the ears look like?  The ears for the computer goes on your head not on the computer. 🙂  

headset_micCan a tractor do it’s job for you with a missing tire?  Sure but not as good as it could.

What greater things could your computer do if it could understand your words and learn what you wanted it to do?  Which is faster for you to talk what you want or to type it?  Wouldn’t it be easier for you just to talk and have the computer do what you ask, even do your typing?  How about having the computer read it back to you in a voice that you choose.  EVERY THING YOU CAN DO WITH THE MOUSE AND KEYBOARD CAN BE DONE WITH YOUR SPEECH!

To learn more about speech recognition in your Windows click start then help and support and type in speech recognition.

What is my computers name?

Well if you ask her she will tell you her name is Ima;

Ima Computer 🙂



Wilted Flowers, Crumpled Giftwrapping and Tempfiles

March 15, 2009



Do people really value and save wilted flowers or used crumpled gift wrapping or their computer temp-files? Yes.

How do I know?; because I am one such person.

The flowers that I have saved are not just any flowers, they are flowers whos’ petals have been moistened by my tears or who carry within their fragrance the echos of a moment of great  joy and laughter.

The same is for the few gift wrappings I keep. The wrappings were handmade to represent the gift from the heart of that little girl who gave the present to me. The wrappings could no more be thrown out then the gift could be.  

No I am not saying I have any emotional attachment to temp-files.

No. Wait a minute.

Is anger an emotion? How about frustration? Exasperation? Well then maybe I do 🙂

Temp-files or rather temporary files are rather strange creatures lurking on your hard drive. They are not really bad but then again they are not really good either.

What are temp-files and how did they get there?

They are the gift wrapping of your files or like fresh flowers given on and for Valentines day.  

Rather then go into allot of techno-babel I will illustrate temp-files with a familiar simile.

Remember a certain Christmas day in your childhood when you awoke from sleep to run to the front room where the Christmas tree was, and how you  stopped when you entered the room and stared  at the wonder of all the beautifully wrapped presents and decorations? Then with a squeal of joy dove into the pile of presents looking for your name on them.

Then when all the presents had been divided up and you sat amongst the mountain of presents, you got the go ahead to open them and all mayhem broke loose! If you had 7 other brothers and sisters like I had you know it was crazy! Within minutes the floor could not be seen, hiden under the thick carpet of gift wrappings.temporary

Then the worst thing happened!

One of the toys is missing batteries. Remember the old adage of a “needle in a haystack” well here is the another “a toy part amongst the gift wrappings”  Every wrapping is lifted up and examined to find the batteries until they are found. THIS TAKES TIME!

Imagine if the the wrappings were never picked up and then the next Christmas came and doubled the amount of wrappings on the floor and now you had to hunt for the batteries.

Temporary files are just like the wrappings, valuable once then no longer.

Well this is what makes temp-files (temporary files) a problem. You see when you or I begin using a program or  install programs or update the operating system or browse the Internet; temporary files are created. The are extremely important at that moment when they are madefor the function of the install or operation or usage but of no real value when that function, installation or operation is completed. Usually once that function, installation or operation is completed the temp-files are deleted, just like the Valentine’s day flowers after 5 days or the gift wrapping after Christmas day, that is why they are called temorary files. Well what happens if there is a small problem or some other operating program interferes during the function, installation or operation? Well then the tempfiles are not erased. Then when you use that program, operation or function then the WHOLE GROUP OF TEMPFILES MUST BE SEARCHED BY YOUR COMPUTER!


To speed up your computer delete the temp-files (temporary files). 

If you want to see the temporary files click start then run then type %temp% then press enter. Click on  the column heading “type”, which will place all the files in order of type. All the temp-files will have the extension of TMP. Don’t delete them now but close the window.  

Now remember all programs as well as the operating system has temp files and its a bear to search them all out to delete them sooooo to get them all at once go to Start them Programs then Accessories then System Tools then click on Disk Cleanup.



Here you can see that there are 307 Meg of Internet temporary files and 5 meg of WebClient/Publisher temporary files. Place a check mark in the box by clicking it for all the titles that have the word temporary in it. Then click at the bottom of the window the word OK.

Now all the temporary files from all the installs and updates and downloads will be removed.

Believe me new flowers should not be placed in a vase with wilted nor should new gifts be placed in the pile of used crumpled gift wrapping.

With the temporary files removed your computer will not be spending time going though the trash trying to find a file.

Now your computer is ready for new flowers (updates) and wonderful new gifts (programs) now that the trash (Temporary Files) are dumped. 🙂

3 in 1 Brain

March 10, 2009


 We all know the facts about our brain.

The average weight is 3 lbs. It consists of  about 100 billion very specialised cells called neurons. neuron

Each neuron may have anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 specialized communication links to other neurons called synapses. synapse

There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the brain. The brain processes information at speeds up to 268 miles an hour. Yet the brain will only generate between 10 and 23 watts of power or just enough energy  to power a light bulb! (so after all we really are not that bright 🙂 )

The research into the brains of other creatures on our planet has revealed many intriguing discoveries about our own brains biological construction. The most fascinating of all is that we do not have just one brain but three.  In the picture above notice the yellow area, this areas is shockingly near identical to the reptilian brain. This is the area that responds when we are threatened which causes us to  fight or run from our threat. It is this region of the brain that triggers us to hit the door that caught our jacket or causes us to tense and coil in preparation to strike at those that invade our territory. This region is called the archipallium, reptilian brain or R-complex. This brain controls muscles, balance and autonomic functions, such as breathing and heartbeat. (know anyone who likes to lie in the sun? 🙂 )

The second brain is the yellow-orange color in the picture above, this is the same amount of area that other mammals and primates have, which include the archipallium. This brain is called  the paleopallium or limbic system. It is here that emotions emanate. It helps determine valence (e.g., whether you feel positive or negative toward something),and salience (e.g., what gets your attention); unpredictability, and creative behaviour. Have you ever heard someone explain why they did a crazy thing and their answer was “I felt like doing it”? Obviously the decision to go to the doctor or dentist does not emanate from this location but the emotions you feel about it do. 🙂

The last brain is what truly separates us from all the other animals. This brain is the orange and dark orange color of the picture. This brain is called the Neocortex, cerebrum, the cortex, or neopallium.  This area corresponds to the brain of the primate mammals and, consequently, the human species.  The higher cognitive functions which distinguish Man from the animals are in the cortex. Although all animals also have a neocortex, it is relatively small, with few or no folds (indicating surface area and complexity and development). The cortex has two hemispheres the right hemisphere for expressing the decisions of the limbic brain (emotion) and the left for logic. For example doodling would come from the right hemisphere while doing your taxes would be the left. While cheating on your taxes would still be from the left hemisphere of the Neocortex but strongly influenced by the  limbic brain (emotion). All three battle for control of your actions. Imagine walking down an alley and suddenly you are confronted by a large growling pit bull! What happens?


Well the reptilian brain wants to get a new zip code NOW! While the limbic brain remembers all feelings pains and pleasure received from a dog and determines the outcome from your past history; the majority of experiences determine the decision. While the neocortex brain determines the how to accomplish the decision (e.g., run and jump over the nearest fence or grab the 2 X 4 and give him an attitude adjustment)

Because of the complexity of our lives we must have three brains!

What about computers? 

The computer has three brains as well, in fact back in the 70’s they were three distinct computers that worked together as one. Today they exist in one. When you open the computer you will see metal fins (heat sinks) attached to the surface of three chips.

three_heatsinksThe central processing unit (CPU) which is the brain with the fan which coresponds to the neocortex that figures out how to make the decisions that are made happen.

The I/O chipset, which is the one second from the right, corresponds to the archipallium, the reptilian brain, and is the source of  the automatic functions of the computer concerning the whole operation of the computer and all that comes in and out of it, hence the name I/O.

The last is the most intriguing which corresponds to the paleopallium or limbic system brain. It is the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). But comparing it to  the paleopallium or limbic brain it is extremely deficient! Over 90% of our decisions come from our paleopallium brain which is done by retrieving and comparing  the images and emotions that are stored there. While the GPU MAKES NO DECISIONS! It does NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING! It does NOT FEEL POSITIVE or NEGATIVE about anything! It does NOT VALUE ONE IMAGE OVER ANOTHER! IT ONLY DISPLAYS the images that are given to it!   

You see YOU are what make the computer complete! You are the the missing piece of the computer! THE COMPUTER IS AN EXTENSION  OF YOUR  PALEOPALLIUM BRAIN! YOU make the decisions. It stores what YOU want and what YOU like. It is YOUR feelings positive or negative about information or images that the computer responds and acts upon. It responds to YOUR values as to save or delete information or images!

YOU are the purpose and reason for the computer! YOU make the computer complete!


It’s the Chips!

March 3, 2009


Why do some computers cost more than others?


Remember when your mother made chocolate chip cookies and right out of the oven, when they were cooling, she said you could have ONE and only ONE. Remember how you scrutinized the cookies for the best ONE! It was so difficult because you couldn’t see the backside!

findingbestThere is so much to consider! Why ?

Because it’s impossible to make two cookies the same!

Some will have more chocolate chips than the others. Some will taste sweeter than the others. For some, the taste will not be the same throughout the cookie. Some will be a little over cooked than the others. Remember that great wisdom of cookie selection; never take a cookie that was on the sides of the cookie sheet!

Always there was 2 great cookies on the sheet and two bad ones (I’d still eat them 🙂 ) and all the rest average.

Yes!, I always do this blog before I eat, why do you ask?

Anyway, every computer is made with chips, not chocolate but silicon. The most intriguing aspect of the process is that that the production is similar to the making of cookies or lasagna. A layer of conductive material is very thinly sprayed over the foundational etched base of the disk which is like the cookie sheet. Then that layer is baked for days then another layer is thinly sprayed and baked again then another then another so the process is duplicated until the final layer is baked on six to nine months later. When it is finished it looks like a giant pizza made of little squares.


A computerized laser cuts out each little square which then are delecately separated and transported to be tested individually.

Amazingly like the chocolate chip cookies each cut out piece is different from the others.

80 percent of the yield will be center of the design specifications while 10 percent will be on the high end  and 10 percent will be on the low end.

Just like the chocolate chip cookies!



After testing and classification the chips are sent to be packaged (those little black chips with all the pins on the side).


Now comes the most amazing part of the chip production the attachment of the leads of the packaging to the silicon Chip.

Tiny microscopic bacteria with soldering guns attach the leads….. I know, I know you smell something huh? 🙂

Well let me try it again…. Because the lead wires are soooo small human hands just can not do it.

Why because we can’t see bacteria and these leads are 100 times smaller ! It is done with the computer, how? I don’t know and those who do know don’t tell (they don’t tell me).

Here is the electron microscope image of the attachment of the leads to the silicon chip.


This precision is astounding!

This is science fiction happening now!

This picture blows me away.

I digress, lets get back to why computers are different prices.

Chips are priced for the yield, that is, as to what level of response the technicians get from the testing. 

The 80 percent or majority would be the average price of the chip, but the 10 percent on the high end of the testing would be priced higher or come with a premium price. While the 10 percent of the chips that when tested were at the bottom would be priced at a discount or ….. Hmmm…. shall we say value priced 🙂

 Remember the chips ARE your computer. Wether we are talking about the CPU or Chipset or Video or I/O or memory we are still talking silicon chips.  What if your brand new computer was made exclusively from the top 10 percent, what would be the price?  $5,000.00 !

What if your brand new computer was made from the average or middle or center of production specifications the 80 percent of yield? $2500.00

What if your computer was made from the lower or bottom end of the scale? $1200.00

NOW remember that each year after production the price of the chips halves. Therefore the overall computer which is made of chips would have  to drop in price accordingly. So a $5,000.00 computer that was one year old would be $2500.00 after two years of age would be $1200.00, after 3 years $600.00.

At the bakery what is the cost of fresh bread? What is the cost of day old bread? Two day old bread?

Yesterday, one of my clients that I care about told me he can get a NEW computer for $300 !  I didn’t know what to say. I tried to tell him for what he needed, that it was not a good idea, but he bought it anyway. Did he have problems? Yes. Did he remember that I told him it was a bad idea for what he was going to use it for? No. What quality and age of the chips do you think that computer was made of?

OK now that we have the basics lets think about building a computer! If it is a server does the video matter? how about response time of the mouse or keyboard? Why? because what is important is the processor, memory and I/O these must be current and in the top 10 percent especially for the Internet with 100 percent up-time required. So do all the chips have to be within 1 year of age? But all have to be the top percentage.

Why does the notebook computer cost twice as much as a desktop? It’s the Chips!The majority of the chips have to be in the top 10 percent of yield to able to with stand high temperatures and impact (getting hit or dropped). You see how this all begins to make sense?

 Now for the big question What do I go and eat, pizza or lasagna? I am not sure but for desert cookies with chocolate chips! Hey its the CHIPS!