EEEK! Dead Mouse!



Why does Microsoft have a fetish for the underline?


What am I talking about? The Title bar! Every title bar has a unique and strange way of spelling words. Do you spell file, File? How about the word edit, Edit? Doesn’t everyone spell format, Format? What is with the underlining of the letters in the title bar?

Weird spelling in title bar
Weird spelling in title bar

What I thought was amusing was an answer that the programmer has an accent and is trying to get everyone to talk like he does.

Well that is not the case. Though the programer may have an accent it has nothing to do with the underlining!
Ready for the reason for the underlining?
If your mouse goes dead how will you use Windows?
With everybody using wireless mice the batteries in the mouse will run out and the mouse will be dead. So what do you do with a dead mouse?
How do you work the windows?
Remember when I introduced the “Alt” key (left side of space bar) in
well the alt key has an ALTerego it is the backup for the mouse! 
While you are reading this hold down ALT key and press the “f” key notice it’s like clicking on “File” on the menu bar! How about holding down the ALT key and pressing the letter “V” ? View on the menu opens. 
To bring up any command from the Windows menu bar hold down the ALT key and press the letter with the underline for that command. Then while your in the menu item use your arrow keys left <-  right -> up and down to navigate through the menu.
To get to any other open window hold the ALT key and pres TAB key (left side of letter Q) keep pressing TAB key and you will rotate through the opened  windows. 
Here is a question, How many times have you highlighted a word or words yet they won’t paste into the Internet Explorer or other programs?
Too many right?
Well here is where the keyboard rules over the mouse. The keyboard commands are non maskable (cannot be ignored by windows) while the mouse clicks can be turned off. So if you want to copy, highlight the text and hold down the CTRL key and press letter “c” ; this is the command to copy. Next place the cursor where you want it  hold down the CTRL key and press letter “v”; this is the command to paste. 
I know what your thinking; What do you do if the keyboard dies?
There is a button on the front of your computer that you press to turn the computer on, right ?
Well if your keyboard dies hold that button in for ten seconds.
But you will say that turns the computer OFF!
That’s right !
If your keyboard dies it’s time to go home.
(or get some batteries) 🙂

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