Who is the User Administrator on My Computer?

Who holds all the keys?
Who holds all the keys?

Oh the embarrassment of loosing the key to your apartment!

Just explaining how you lost it to the apartment manager is irritating because they act so condescending! Well first there is the verbal castigation followed by a financial fine for the extra key and to make matters worse he’s going to change the locks  on your apartment and charge you for it!
But what if instead of giving you a duplicate of your previous key you got a different key and the teeth looked different than normal. Additionally now as you leave his office and head to your apartment you make the same mistake again that you have done hundreds of times before which is putting your key into the lock of the apartment door one floor below your apartment. But instead of not opening as before the door opens and you walk into your downstairs neighbors apartment. Shocked and embarrassed, you quickly exit his apartment and head to your own on the floor above. Unlike the previous key this new key opens your door with the same ease as it did with your downstairs neighbor! 
What key is this?
Not only can it open all locks for all the apartments but also their garages too.
This key will unlock the laundry room after it has been locked. It opens the phone room where all the phone and Internet connections are. Finally you test it on the locks to the security room in the basement and low and behold you have total control of all security not only for your apartment building but also three other buildings!
What is this key?
Excited about your adventure with this special key you begin to tell people. Then it happens ,the key is lost. You’re sure it was on the table in the laundry room when you did the laundry but now its gone. Frantically you look everywhere. For three hours not only do you search the laundry room but meticulously check everywhere you have been, finally you return to the laundry room and low and behold there it is on the table with some white dust on it and when you pick it up its warm to the touch.
A few days later your neighbors report that their computers, jewelry, stereos and other valuables were taken right out of their locked apartments while they were at work. That night somehow the security for the adjacent  buildings had been turned off  and someone broke into many cars and stole the valuables inside and two cars were stolen.
In order for someone to do these bad things, that someone  would have to have what kind of key?
What if you were the manager, would you be strict as to who gets what keys?
Wouldn’t your life be easier if everyone had the special key?
your computer
Lets consider your computer as an apartment complex but you’re the only one living in the complex, shouldn’t you be using the special key?
Of course not! You should only have access to those things that belong to you.
What if you owned the complex and lived in one of the apartments wouldn’t your life be easier if you used the special key?
It would only bring more headaches and more problems. The manager should have the special key and as the owner you can get the key from him when you need it!
Well this special key is the administrator login! 
To get the special key which gets you into everything you must login to the special user account.
Once this login page appears then hold down the Ctrl key with the Alt key with your left hand and with your right hand quickly press the del key on the number pad (far right on the bottom of your keyboard).
After you do this a different login screen appears.
On this screen for the user type in the name administrator
If there isn’t a password after you log on give it one .
A good password interleaves numbers and letters with a special character. An  example would be the word and date Boss 1980 the password would be B1o9s8s0!  This is a very good and difficult password to break.   For a shocking list of no no’s for passwords go to  http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/120554
Now with the user aadministrator secure you can begin to see how powerful this login is.
Before under your own login you only saw your stuff but now the computer shows you EVERYTHING!
Including other users files and folders! Can you go into their personal folders and open their files? YES !
Can you change other’s settings? YES! Can you open and look at their email ? YES, unless they  secured it.
It is at this level that programs should be installed for your computer and  repairs done.
Here at the administrator’s login the antivirus and antispamware should be installed.
Notice all the security for the computer and all the users can be changed with the administrator login; it’s the special key!
With Windows Explorer under the administrator login you can go from your computer to another computer on the same network and have access to everything! How is this possible?
Because the administrator login is the special key!
Can you go onto the internet with administrator login?
YES, but seriously consider what you are doing if you do.
Would you go to the beach in a speedo if  your social security number was tatooed on your back as well as all your credit card information tatooed on our arms? 
If while you’re on the internet, in the administrator login, and someone copies your access and password what do you think they are going to do with it?
Hey, you’re the owner of your computer set the rules!
Go to the control panel while your in the administrator login (START then settings then click on control panel)
In the control panel review each users account type , how many have the special key, administrator?
Either open the lid to Pandora’s box by giving every user the special key or give it to no one, not even yourself !
If any user  needs access to the the hidden parts of the computer THEN use the administrator login; the special key!
If you need to give more authority to someone then give them superuser NOT  administrator!
It is much easier to change the password for one embarrassed user  then to replace all the valuable information and data that is lost or stolen.     
Now you know the great mystery of why owners of apartment buildings, who may even live in one of those apartments, never manage it themselves; they have managers administer the apartments instead.
If you need help giving the right keys to the users and protecting your computer;
Give us a call at IBEX
We are here to help! 🙂

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