Serving From a Table or From Your Plate!

7_lakeandpicnictableWe all have done it!

Remember when we were kids and we would stick our forks into the food on our brothers or sisters plate or they would snatch food from our plate. It was OK because sisters and brothers don’t have koodies! 🙂 

Even now when when our sweetheart says “Hey, let me try some of that.” We don’t think twice of leting them take from our plate. Or when your sweetheart takes the meat on her plate and dumps it onto yours.




This all is great until it comes to a big picnic.

If everybody has to stand around and share food from each others paper plate there is going to be people who will not share! Would you mind sharing what is on your plate with someone else or that you would have to take what you want from someone elses plate?

In fact most big picnics where everybody shares from the same paper plate usualy end up sharing their food in a most unusual way by throwing it into the face of  the other. Does the phrase “food fight” bring to mind any memories?

Sharing food

Sharing food

This is why there is the great invention called the picnic table!
Imagine everyone taking from the table what they need and not from each others plate.
They don’t have to hunt out everyone elses  plate to get what they want, they just go to the table to get what they want.
The most benifit of all there is no fight over the food.

What does this have to do with computers?

Well imagine that each computer at an office is a plate with what you want and need. If your networked and what you want is not on your plate  (your computer) then you have to go to someone elses to get what you need or have them take from their plate (computer) and give it to you.

What if some one has koodies?

Well then you get koodies too. 🙂

Sometimes this will work fine ( except for the koodies) but most of the time there will be problems as  both computers grab the food (data) at the same time, resulting in a food fight that ruins the food (data) and makes a mess out of everything!

So what is the solution to the problem?  The picnic table ! 

The problems ceases  once a Server (picnic table)  is placed in the network.

Isn’t a server just another computer? No! Its not just another plate (computer) its the picnic table (server)! If you compare the fork and spoon you eat with, with the spoon and fork and other utensils on the table there is a BIG differance.

These are for serving !

These are for serving !


 I know, I know I have seen people try and eat with the serving utensils and sometimes they can acually fit them into their mouths but usally its after a few to many beers!
So too, try and imagine serving people with a plastic teaspoon or a fork, talk about frustration!  The servering table (server) is designed to recieve and serve large quanities of food (data) onto many peoples plates (computers). 
So, when you network (picnic) more than two computers (plates) together its just makes life alot more easier if there is a server (picnic table) where everyone can get what they need quickly using the servers utensiles and if there are any koodies (viruses and spyware) it stays on their computer and no one else gets them! 🙂

One Response to Serving From a Table or From Your Plate!

  1. Cesar Miramontes says:

    koodies, bring back a lot of memories

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