Gone ! All Gone !



Do you know what this is?

In the Tibetan Buddhist religion it represents life . 

It is beautiful, of meticulous detail and exists less than 4 hours after completion. It is made with small grains of sand of anywhere from 4 to 14 colors. The whole painting is done on the floor and is approximately 5 feet by 5 feet. Eight monks labor intensively for five days to complete the painting ,breathing ever so gently as they work , so as not to disturb the fine grains of sand.

The secret  to painting with sand is the same as painting with acrylic paint or oils; you begin with the lighter colors and overlay the darker colors over the lighter. You do not remove the other but place the newer color over the older lighter color.

So each painting is rather simply layers of colors.

The tool is a funnel which is fulled with one color of  sand and the point of the funnel is positioned at the location to release the stream of sand as they gently rub the ribbed side mandela1of the funnel.


laying-sand-on-sandThe sand paintings demonstrate the over riding principle of their beliefs. Which is culminated on the fifth day when it is completed and a broom is used to sweep all the sands up and then the grains are thrown into the sea.

The floor is still there but the work and beauty is gone! All gone!

It seems so senseless and so sad to lose all that work and beauty !

The most amazing thing is that those who who worked so hard to paint it just smile as they see it swept away and destroyed, because it represents what they believe in and illustrates their perception of the over riding principle of life. 

Do you know what this is?


In our modern day it represents our life.

Though it’s total life expectancy is a maximum of 6 years; we act as though it will go on forever! The platter is coated with magnetic particles of microscopic size that are more than the grains on a beach a mile long. The platter spins at 700 miles an hour to 1,200 miles an hour and moving thousands of an inch above the platter, as fast as lightening, is the armature swinging from the edge of the platter to the center spindle; placing information in coded ones and zeros by magnetizing those microscopic particles negative or positive using the most minute of voltages. It is here upon this precipice of technology that we deposit our years of labor, our most treasured pictures, our financial transactions, our legal information and all our documented communications; OUR  LIFE’S VALUE !

What are our beliefs if we put everything on the tittering edge of an abyss with no way of regaining it if it falls over? How can it fall over? Voltage fluctuations, power spikes,transient voltage, power drop, viruses, mechanical failure etc. These common characteristics of electricity and computer use act as a big broom to wipe our beautiful pictures and important data off the platter of the hard drive.

Gone! All Gone!

Are you making copies of your data? If you are, are your backups checked that they are not corrupt?

It’s strange that not once  when  someone I know  loses their hardrive with all their valuable information, with no backups, do they smile.

Storage backup is inexpensive and worth every dime !  If you are buying one, choose the drives with the highest MTBF and longest warranty. 

Then we can make pictures in the sand on the beach and when someone tells us our hard drive crashed and all our beautiful pictures and important data has been  swept away,that it’s gone, all gone, we can smile too.

Why ?

Because we have backups!  🙂

We are here to help.

phone 619-464-4249


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