When is Obsolesence?

January 29, 2009


On the crisp clear morning of April 12, 1981 at 7:00:03 a.m. EST
At the Nasa launch pad, the great technical wonder, the Space Shuttle, was launched and roared into the skies on it’s maiden voyage. It’s five onboard computers were the greatest in advanced technology. Each of the five  AP-101 computers built by IBM  was an absolute marvel with a 16 bit processor and 64k of addressable memory at a speed of 6 MHz! This same computer was the marvel behind the success of the B-1 Bomber and the F-15 Eagle!

I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking this sounds like an AT 286 computer.

You’re right!

There was only one upgrade in 1988-89 an that was to upgrade the memory to 1 MEG !

Does that mean the Shuttle is obsolete?

If you compare the present quad core processors (four 64 bit processors in one) operating at 3 gigaherz and able to address 128 gig of memory that can be purchased at 1/3 the price; it does seem a little out dated 🙂

But the real question is can it do the job that needs to be done?

What operating system are these computers running, Windows for Workgroups?

No! The shuttle’s software is written in HAL/S  a real-time aerospace programming language. HAL/S  is written in XPL, a dialect of PL/I. 

Can the astronauts get email with it?  No, the computers purpose is to respond to every input of their sensors in the operation of the shuttle. The only upgrades to the operating system that is required is when the shuttle’s operation is modified or upgraded.

Isn’t it a little slow? For what it does, 6 millionth of a second is more then enough!

It seems we all have the Tim Taylor complex from the TV show Home Improvement.

He is Improvement

He is Improvement

The LAST thing NASA needs is someone like that! Remember what he did to his garbage disposal! How about what he did to the motor in his recliner chair!

The purpose of the onboard Shuttle’s computers  and their requirements have not changed since 1981!

While the purpose and requirements of the computer that sits at your desk changes every 3 months!

Graphics requirements have forced the motherboard manufacturers to incorporate a separate processor just for graphic rendering!  The complexity of the I/O (input/output) must now matrix communications not only from the  keyboard and mouse but also networking, USB data, serial data, parrallel data, remote access and video data without letting any of them slow down. Thus there is a third processor on the motherboards, the I/O Chipset. While the main Processor on the motherboard has to get stronger and more powerful to oversee and manage the operations of the other processors as well as all programs and operation requirements.

Will the demands on the computer continue to increase? YES !Video communications will continue to double each year requiring the computer to not only do what it is doing now but add voice recognition with full streaming video.

Does that mean we will be watching movies over the internet on our computer? YES ! 250,000,000 servers are ready right now to start transmitting movies once all the legal rights are worked out.

The the two questions that need to be asked are:

Does the shuttle need a computer upgrade?  NO !

Do we need to keep our computers up-to-date and ready for the next iterations and developments?  YES!

Soon  80 percent of the movies we will see, will be seen on our computer! Even all the episodes of Home Inprovement! 

Hey it’s much better to see Tim Taylor on your computer then allow him access to the  inside of your computer or inside the Space Shuttle! 🙂

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When a Stone is Not a Stone.

January 23, 2009


Safety is very important.

Fish hide in the rocks for safety.

In the next few moments of the this picture the little black damsel fish will be literally in the rock on the left and he will not be safe, he will be dead, eaten alive! (click on picture to watch the rock come alive!) Quicktime 7 required download and install here http://www.apple.com/quicktime/

In this world survival and propagation of one’s species is assured if one of two factors are incorporated in your existence, mimicry or crypsis. Mimicry is to mimic the characteristic or appearance of a deadly or dangerous creature even though it is not equipped to or capable of carrying out what it appears to be or have.  This is mostly used by prey.

Predators on the other hand use crypsis or camouflage to appear benign and harmless giving a false sense of protection or safety to their prey. 

In the world of computers more and more programs are resembling life forms.

If the program can not by its own abilities survive it will mimic the abilities of another! Our shelves and drawers are filled with programs that mimic the abilities of other powerful programs but were incapable of performing those abilities.

Then there are the predator programs who appear to be harmless or  benificial to guard and protect you but they are deceiving and will take a big bite out of your productivity, time and finances!

These predator programs trick you into believing a problem exists on your system. Then you are given no alternative but to purchase the bogus applications because your existing antivirus and antispyware cannot resolve the problems because your  antivirus and antispyware are damaged from the predator software, or there is no problem at all. Once they have your credit card info you download more predator software under the camouflaged appearance of protection for your computer. What do you think they will now do with your credit card info?

What if you catch them before you give them your credit card info?

 Even if you catch on that it is a predator it is extremely difficult to remove their fangs and claws out of your computer. Even experienced technicians will have to take 3 to 4 hour to remove it. For those who have paid and downloaded more predators, camouflaged as protection for your computer, it may take 3 to 4 days to remove!  One computer recently came in for repair with 630 predators in their computer!

 Here are the images of the 11 most painful predators in the computer world and 11 creatures whose bite or sting are the most painful  in the world!

 Stone Fish and WinFix

Pain = like boiling oil in ones veins and a sledgehammer to ones joints

Pain = like boiling oil in ones veins and a sledgehammer to ones joints







  Gila Monster and UltimateDefender

pain= slowly being burned alive from bite throughout body

pain= slowly being burned alive from bite throughout body




Black Widow and Spy Sheriff

Unbearable pain just to breath !
Unbearable pain just to breath !


Turantula Hawk Wasp and Malwarewipe 
Lightning bolt of screaming agony
Lightning bolt of screaming agony


Spiting Cobra and DriveCleaner

excruciating acompanied with 5 hours of blindess
excruciating acompanied with 5 hours of blindess


 Bullet Ant and AVsystemCare

Repeatedly stabbed with red hot nail
Repeatedly stabbed with red hot nail


Rattle Snake and 1st Anti Virus
being branded continously!
being branded continously!


 Scorpion and VirusBurst
 Box Jellyfish and SpywareQuake
wraped in burning embers
wrapped in burning embers


Sting Ray and AntiSpyware Soldier
Stabed with a red hot 8 penny nail
Stabbed with a red hot 8 penny nail


Brazilian Wandering Spider and System Live Protect
Unimaginable pain with every breath
Unimaginable pain with every breath








Safety  is  very  important.

Getting antivirus and antispyware is being safe!

Unless it gets you! 

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Gone ! All Gone !

January 14, 2009


Do you know what this is?

In the Tibetan Buddhist religion it represents life . 

It is beautiful, of meticulous detail and exists less than 4 hours after completion. It is made with small grains of sand of anywhere from 4 to 14 colors. The whole painting is done on the floor and is approximately 5 feet by 5 feet. Eight monks labor intensively for five days to complete the painting ,breathing ever so gently as they work , so as not to disturb the fine grains of sand.

The secret  to painting with sand is the same as painting with acrylic paint or oils; you begin with the lighter colors and overlay the darker colors over the lighter. You do not remove the other but place the newer color over the older lighter color.

So each painting is rather simply layers of colors.

The tool is a funnel which is fulled with one color of  sand and the point of the funnel is positioned at the location to release the stream of sand as they gently rub the ribbed side mandela1of the funnel.


laying-sand-on-sandThe sand paintings demonstrate the over riding principle of their beliefs. Which is culminated on the fifth day when it is completed and a broom is used to sweep all the sands up and then the grains are thrown into the sea.

The floor is still there but the work and beauty is gone! All gone!

It seems so senseless and so sad to lose all that work and beauty !

The most amazing thing is that those who who worked so hard to paint it just smile as they see it swept away and destroyed, because it represents what they believe in and illustrates their perception of the over riding principle of life. 

Do you know what this is?


In our modern day it represents our life.

Though it’s total life expectancy is a maximum of 6 years; we act as though it will go on forever! The platter is coated with magnetic particles of microscopic size that are more than the grains on a beach a mile long. The platter spins at 700 miles an hour to 1,200 miles an hour and moving thousands of an inch above the platter, as fast as lightening, is the armature swinging from the edge of the platter to the center spindle; placing information in coded ones and zeros by magnetizing those microscopic particles negative or positive using the most minute of voltages. It is here upon this precipice of technology that we deposit our years of labor, our most treasured pictures, our financial transactions, our legal information and all our documented communications; OUR  LIFE’S VALUE !

What are our beliefs if we put everything on the tittering edge of an abyss with no way of regaining it if it falls over? How can it fall over? Voltage fluctuations, power spikes,transient voltage, power drop, viruses, mechanical failure etc. These common characteristics of electricity and computer use act as a big broom to wipe our beautiful pictures and important data off the platter of the hard drive.

Gone! All Gone!

Are you making copies of your data? If you are, are your backups checked that they are not corrupt?

It’s strange that not once  when  someone I know  loses their hardrive with all their valuable information, with no backups, do they smile.

Storage backup is inexpensive and worth every dime !  If you are buying one, choose the drives with the highest MTBF and longest warranty. 

Then we can make pictures in the sand on the beach and when someone tells us our hard drive crashed and all our beautiful pictures and important data has been  swept away,that it’s gone, all gone, we can smile too.

Why ?

Because we have backups!  🙂

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…They know when your awake. They know if you’ve been bad or good, so ..

January 7, 2009
They see

They see


Privacy  has many  definitions, definitions which are dependant on who you are talking to.


Donald Kerr, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence  perceives the definition of privacy as anonymity. Therefore from his point of view he believes in this day and time that it  is impossible if there is to be security. In other words, privacy is what you and the government know about you and no others; this is for your safety! 

White Hats, Hackers, Phreeks (a portmanteau for phone and geek no I don’t know why there is an “r” in phreek) define privacy another way; that if you have given that information to anyone then they have a right to it as well. What is left is private.

Then there are those that believe privacy is like going to the beach; if you go to the beach your going to be exposed or why did you go to the beach? What is the beach? The internet. This group of marketers who manufacture the majority of spyware feel they are allot like Santa Claus; “who sees you when your sleeping and knows when your awake and knows when you’ve been bad or good..” and for a price will give any information on any and every type of person who uses the internet ( Ho Ho Ho). One of the oldest is http://www.doubleclick.com/: for a list of most of the American companies that write the spyware programs go to   http://www.spywareguide.com/creator_list_full.php?s=m.

The final group of spyware writers is the smallest but the most infamous they are the Black Hats. These have the skills of all those above but are bad guys “black hats“. They are after your computer to make it commit crimes for them; so that the FBI knocks on your door and arrests you and not them. They work to get your name, social security, birth date and credit card numbers. No, they are not thieves who use your credit cards to go to Europe and eat at fancy restaurants and stay at big hotels then throw your card away. These guys are very intelligent and astute. They collect information and credit card info on hundreds of thousands of people. Then they make a $0.14 to $0.24 transaction of each card at the end of each month.  How much is $0.14 X 100,000 ?  Have you ever complained about a $0.14 charge on your credit card? No one does. Where does the money go? The money trail ends in countries at the fringes of international law; to countries in Eastern Europe and private organizations in Pakistan. What do they do with the money? I don’t think its anything legal!

You are probably asking why I mentioned phreeks (phone geeks) in this article about privacy, right? Because many people say they don’t do credit card transactions over the Internet but only over their cell phones. Do I have a surprise for them. Your cell phone is a computer but what is worse it’s a wireless one.  All broadcasts over the airwaves are monitored and recorded by government agencies except the phone you have that has a wire attached; it is illegal for anyone to monitor that wired phone without a judges order and due cause, but not so for wireless. It is the job of the government to record and monitor wireless transmissions, does the letters FCC mean anything to you?  Well it’s only the government that is listening to my orders over the cell phone, right? Ladies and gentleman may I introduce to you the hottest selling item imported from Europe and Canada the Optoelectronics Scout frequency counter and a AOR-8200



Imagine the thrill of listening to every cell phone conversation within 40 miles !
There are tens of thousands of these  in the US.
Are they illegal to own? No!
Are they are illegal to use? YES! but they can not be detected if they are used.
Honestly it’s far safer to use the computer on the internet then a cell phone to transmit personal information.
With the Internet browser set to 128 bit encryption (and there is no spyware on your system) your computer is linked to the transactional computer and is virtually secure against anyone’s eyes while the information is in transit. How do you know its working?
There will be a little padlock either at the top next to the URL (internet address) or bottom right corner of your Internet browser.
Your transactions are secure!

Your transactions are secure!

Privacy to me is very simple.
If I get private with my wife behind closed doors where I can plainly see  the dimples on her cheeks then I guarantee she can see mine .
Privacy is not one way.
Bare truth from both parties is only right.
If they want my privacy then I have a right to theirs or no deal!
The same for the beach!
You want to check me out in a speedo on the beach then you have to be wearing just as little or no deal !
I don’t care how big your belly is !!!
santa_on_holiday_in_spainHO! HO! HO!