Domino Effect

Cascading Dominos

Cascading Dominos

Dominoes falling

is fun to watch!

But not so much fun when the domino’s

are the components of your computer.

This may sound weird but electrical voltage is BAD for your computer.

No I haven’t lost it.

It’s like tapioca, which contains a poison, which is great to eat providing you take the poison out first!

Same thing with olives they must have their toxicity removed BEFORE you eat them.

Our computer must have non toxic voltage or there will be a cascade of failure.

Our present design for manufacturing electricity comes from the 1950’s when everything required 115 volts, even your toaster, electric blanket and Christmas tree lights!You see it was QUANTITY not QUALITY that was the priority. But the computer today only requires a clean 12 volts, 5 volts and  3 volts that is why it can work so well off a battery (a notebook or laptop computer).

I know the computer looks like it was designed to just plug in to the power, but the problem is that the present design of the case and power supply was for the old IBM XT with the 8080 processor just like our keyboards are designed from the old mechanical typewriter.

where our computer keyboard came from

where our computer keyboard came from

People don’t like things to change, they want them to be the same.
Well the same electrical power that went into the old IBM XT computer will kill any computer today!
Why doesn’t the power supply clean the power?
Because it would no longer be a power supply!
Same problem with the mother board it is not allowed to be a power conditioner.
Laws and regulations are reviewed every twenty years, which in computer years is an eternity. 
Why do I say that? Because a dog that lives to be 20 years old is equivalent to our living 100 years of age.
What is the total length of time for a computers’ usefulness? 4 years. It still works but it is no longer of use.
Why ? because the computer power doubles and the price halves every two years.
There is nothing really to compare this phenomenon to. I will try to clarify my explanation. To double the power of the computer you make it half the size!
I am caught in ambiguity ! The words size, small, and tiny are nebulous. We need a reference.
a strand of human hair

a strand of human hair

 When computers were built in the seventies the smallest run on the circuit boards was the width of a strand of human hair. Measuring 100 microns, the gates that opened and closed (transistors) which combined and shifted data in the computer were about half that size. Voltage that wasn’t clean of 10 volt spikes and 5 volt noise made little to no difference. This time period is called the micro age of computers.

Now if we cut the hair lengthwise in half, the width would be 50 microns, right? What if we did it again, then we would have 25 microns. If we did this ten times we would be where we are right now in the nano range; in fact, the circuit in the dual core processors is 45 nano meters.

The difference between the human hair and the paths for the dual core processor is the same as comparing the earth to a marble!

Compare the earth to a marble

Compare the earth to a marble

   So what would be devastating to the marble would have little to no effect on the earth.


Once we have this understanding then many challenging concepts become self evident.

For example  lightning and simple static electricity.

Have you ever been in a lightning storm? 

Lightning over a city
Lightning over a city

Did the storm have an effect on the whole earth ?

Of course not, only a small part of the globe.

But where you were it seem like it was the end of the world.

Now consider static electricity.

Ever walk across a carpeted floor and touch a metal door knob?


That static discharge was really no big deal to you or the door knob but WHOA it was a big deal to the small bacteria on that door knob!


Now let’s return to the computer components.

What would happen if you just opened a computer and touch the surface of one of the little black chips on the mother board?

Any static charge on your body would leave you and enter the chip where you touched it!

Would you see anything on the surface of the chip? Probably not. But if you were to use a high powered microscope and looked into the chip it would look like this:

static-damageThis damage is not a good thing.

Safety tip —don’t touch the chips on the mother board !

I know its hard to imagine how a few holes blown out of the chip’s insides can change how your computer operates but trust me on this the computer will not operate very well after static damage.

Ok, you’re still with me right?

The thing is that inside the chips they operate at micro-voltages.

So, what if  a millionth of a volt circuit got hit with 3 volts, would it make a difference? 


What if the extra 3 volts came from the power source that feeds the chip?


Bad voltage is the ground glass you’re feeding your computer!

Here are the different voltage problems that make the insides of your computer chips look like Swiss cheese.

ups_normal1ups_power_surge_s Surge or slow spike  is the greatest element to shorten the life of the components of your computer, it would be best described as similar to giving high blood pressure to your computer.


ups_normal1spikeSpike. Everytime an electrical appliance that uses high current (refrigerator, air conditioner, copier, laser printer) is turned off the draw of the current of electricity continues to flow and swamps the circuit your computer is connected to in a sudden burst. This would be like a heart attack to your computer. 

This is not caused by your computer smoking but smoking may be the result of the spike 🙂

ups_normal1under_voltageTransient Spikes. These are fast and deadly spikes and are found when there is building construction within a city block of your computer. Most of the time they are caused by an arch welder or when massive electronic machinery are being used. Or a lightning strike.

They travel through circuits in billionths of a second and are as high as 20,000 volts.

Does the image of being hit by a 50 caliber round help illustrate this?

ups_normal1ups_power_failure_sPower Failure. This is bad news and usually happens in a thousanths of a second. The one thing that suffers the most is the data on the hard drive.  The magnitude of just killing the power to the computer is like if the earth which rotates on its axis at a speed of a just over 1000 mile per hour were to suddenly stop what would happen? Mountains and oceans and buildings would continue to travel at approximately 1000 miles per hour!

Does the data going on and off the hard drive travel at 1000 miles per hour? No, 700 miles per hour !


Brown outs or undervoltage. This is when your power hungry items on the same circuit as your computer get turned on and suck up all the immediate voltage on the line. What items? Vacuum cleaners, photocopiers, airconditioners and large laser printers. Undervoltage really sucks!  Hmmm, what is it like? Picture in your mind driving 75 miles per hour then down shifting into first gear!  You would hear sounds you never heard before! The same thing in your computer all the motors become damaged. Which ones? CD and DVD ROM,  floppy drive, and the most important of all the hard drive! Will you hear anything? No. But you will NOT see any data on them either, if they are operating when this occurs.

 ups_normal1 noise

  Noise. This one is the spooky one. This is the cause of strange characters showing up on your documents and your computer doing things when its not suppose to.  These are like little fire ants riding on the frequency of your power that sting and bite every component in your computer. They can also be induced into your computer through high wattage radio transmitions. Remember the movie Matrix or Small Soldiers or Oceans Eleven when they use the EMP device to destroy the robots or disrupt a city or causes global chaos by wiping out all the computers? Well this is that EMP pulse on a micro scale. These voltage ants can be as big as 3 volts! Imagine what these little suckers will do to to a nano circuit! What do they want? Just like real ants they are trying to get to ground. They can’t be stopped but they can be driven out of the circuit by good grounding of your computer.

ups_normal1frequency_variationFrequency variation.Remember in the last Die Hard movie when when all the traffic lights made the traffic go the wrong way? Well this problem will rerun that movie inside your computer. This makes gates open when they should be closed and closed when they should be open and reroutes the voltage and signals where they are not suppose to go!  It also makes your computer smell real bad!  🙂 The longer the duration of this condition the less likely that the components of your computer will survive unless your components name is John McClane.





 for your computers voltage! 🙂


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    Cool, I finally stumbled to a site about this! I was daydreaming about it this morning (well technically evening dreaming as it was evening time ) and now I discover this site. Coincidence alright. Might be checking back!

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