Size Does Matter!

November 25, 2008
My Childhood Wonder!

My Childhood Wonder!


Ah the pride of every Boy Scout, the Swiss Army Knife!

 This is the little pocket treasure that would save the day and prove your resourcefulness. Yes I was a boy scout and yes I had a Swiss Army Knife (SAK) it was only 5 ounces and 4 ” long. It was a pocket knife that you could do everything with. 2.5″ Blade, 2.75″ Double-cut wood saw, Patented locking screwdriver, 2.4″ Springless scissors with serrated self-sharpening design, Cap lifter, Wire stripper, Can opener, Nail file and cleaner, Phillips® head screwdriver, Reamer, Awl, Toothpick, Tweezers, and a Key ring!

The most important part of all


That was what it was originally designed to do.

Giant Swiss Army Knife 2 pounds 11 ounces and 9 inches wide

Giant Swiss Army Knife 2 pounds 11 ounces and 9 inches wide

The new Giant Swiss Army Knife

weighing in at 2 pounds 11 ounces and around 9 inches wide with 85 tools and over 100 functions will

NOT fit into your pocket !

How could it be a Swiss Army Knife and not fit into your pocket?

Because the amount of tools became more important then its original purpose.

 Does this have something to do with Computers? Yes!

I can see !

I can see !

The computer receives information from the Internet through port 80 or in other computers port 8080. These ports are for HTML. Information coming in from port 80 or 8080 requires a web browser to receive it.

Just like you need to have binoculars to receive information to your brain’s visual ports (eyes) from far away , your computer needs a browser to receive to its port 80 or 8080 from HTML information.

What would happen if you added more functions to the binoculars and in doing so made it so big you couldn’t carry it and worse you couldn’t see through it?

Let me introduce to you the Internet browser.

The Internet browser is your Swiss Army Knife or your Binoculars for the Internet.


When you go onto the Internet with your browser is it excruciatingly slow but when you get your email it is fast? Use our old friend “tracert” (click on start, then run, then type cmd and hit enter, remember? 🙂  

Where did my email go?<- click here for a review)

 at the command prompt type “tracert” if you get rapid responses. then your brower is the problem.

bowser tools menu

bowser tools menu


At the tools menu click on ” manage add-ons”


Your next screen should look like this:

Menu of Add-ons

Menu of Add-ons


Notice I have 17 add-ons. But my computer is a dual core, if it was a single core (Pentium 4) I would only have 8.

If yours shows 63 add-ons its a wonder it even opened!

Highlight each one you do not use and click on “disable”. Try to get all so that you have only what you need or use.

When you are finished click on OK!

Close your browser. Then re-open it.

Notice the speed?

Notice the smile growing on your face?

What happened?

Your Giant Swiss Army Knife now fits into your 80 or 8080 pocket !

Do you see?

Enjoy 🙂

R. Frank Tulak



Heros Aren’t Born They Are Built

November 1, 2008
The Hero
The Hero

 The Hero of Iron Man is not the damaged man nor is it the powerful suit; it is the combining of the two.


A noble purpose to protect those whom he put in harms way inspired and drove the main character of the movie Iron Man


Tony Stark

Tony Stark

Damaged and always near death he is perpetually on life support.

His life of little to no value.

Once great  now not much  more than worthless.

In the suit

In the suit

But combine him with the state of the art suit you have a hero !

A tank is no-contest

A tank is no-contest

There is NO competition !!


Suit is better the jets!

Suit is better the jets!

There is no competition !


But you ask what does this have to do with computers?


With the last iteration of processor development (Pentium 3 and 4) we have had the greatest corresponding developments in communication, networking, video, computers and  robotics.

For the military

For the civilian community

The processors for these exoskeletons (and it takes a lot of them)are the size of a half dollar and cost $350 to $500 each and consume 60 to 80 watts !

Requiring a massive power supply!

Everything is going to change;

our cellphones, cars, appliances, computers, communication networks

but the most impressive is robotics!

Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce the processor that is about to change the world as we know it; THE ATOM PROSSESOR !

 Eleven of these (unpackaged) will fit on a penny !

Processor with a grain of rice !

Processor with a grain of rice !

They only consume .65 to 2 watts ! It will cost less than $75 !
What is this processor going to do for your cellphone?
Your computer? Your television sets? Your cars? All the communication networks?
Especially for this article, ROBOTICS ?

Does this mean the next Iron Man will be Bill Gates?

Not likely;

but what it does mean is that soon the word “handicapped” will not describe someone less capable but one “technically enhanced” !


Enjoy the future !

Its coming to a persons life near to you! 🙂