“Scratching the Record” Using the USB Drive

September 12, 2008
Records and USB drives ahve one thing in common

Records and USB drives have one thing in common

Remember being distracted while removing your vinyl record from the turntable and not seeing the arm of the needle swing back over the record as you were removing it?


Do you remember the colorful and emphatic verbs and nouns that were shouted from your mouth when you saw the gouge the needle left across on the tracks of the record ?

Ah but you say Frank those days are gone we use USB devices !

Well guess what? The problem of damaging the track or in this case the data of on USB  is is still there. Remembering all your vinyl records how many times did the incident happen or one like it to scratch your record? Basically 1 in 20 right? For every 20 records there was one scratched.  

Well every time you remove your USB device the chances are 1 in 20 that you will damage the data on the device! How is this possible you ask?

Because of the design of the USB memory or storage devices, every 1/20th of a second the data is being refreshed. IF you pull out during that refresh time “game over” your data is no longer !

Its time for the return of the colorful and emphatic nouns and verbs! Not to mention rapid and cogent arm movements!

By just pulling it out your chances of destroying your data is 1 out of 20 !

Is there another way that guarantees the safety of your data?  YES !

The Magic USB ICON in your Windows tray.

Every time you insert a USB device in its receptacle Windows plays two up scale musical notes and a small icon appears in the Windows tray at the bottom right hand of your screen( it looks like a miniature electric razor 🙂 ) and a modified windows explorer pops up asking what youwhat to do with the contents of the device. What you need to do so as not to scratch the data on the USB when you remove it is to left click on the icon then select ( by left mouse click on)“safely remove USB mass storage device”   You will hear the previous two notes in reverse then the message pops up “This device can safely be removed from the computer”

Now you can pull it out without any possible damage to the data!!

I have a philosophical question; Why is it only the best of your records and your most important data ever gets damaged, its never the dumb stuff that people give you like “Your So Vain” by the Bubble Heads or the photos your sister sent you of the proof that your nephew is now potty trained ?

I guess life is a enigma.

Want to buy a slightly gouged Simon and Garfunkel record? 🙂