Grown too big!

Remember this scene, Alice has just fallen down the rabbit hole in pursuit of the white rabbit. She tries to go through a small door to chase after him, but she’s too big. Alice drinks a shrinking potion (to get through the door), but when she’s shrunk, she realizes that she’s forgotten the key on the table, so she finds a piece of cake, takes a bite and gets bigger again. She grows way too big to get through the door and begins to cry.

Do you remember this scene about three years ago when you fell in the financial hole to purchase a computer in pursuit of digital productivity and wound up in Internet wonderland? You realized how small your knowledge was and had to have another bite of your wallet in purchasing anti-virus; setting your windows to auto update; then anti-spam software; then Internet messaging; then photo printing with all its software that came with the scanner and printer! As you did each of these there was a sllooowinnng down of your computer and now it takes almost 30 minutes to bring up your computer and it takes forever for it to do anything! Sometimes just starting a word document locks up your computer. In frustration you begin to cry!

What is going on?

Well when you bought your computer it came installed with 128 or 256 Meg of RAM (CPU MEMORY) now when we build a computer it requires 2 to 4 Gigabyte of memory !
Why 4 gigabytes you ask?
Because the software that you use nearly doubles in size each year!
Windows XP with all the updates and service packs is almost 4 times its size than when it first came out. ( we aren’t even going to mention the memory requirement s for Vista!) Norton anti virus is Gargantuan in its growth in comparison to XP which now includes anti spy-ware and network security which is loaded into memory with your windows on boot-up(when you turn it on).
Your new camera and photo-quality printer adds almost 250 megabyte of memory just to operate.

Have you ever poured a quart of liquid into a 8 ounce glass? What happens?

 Do these images help?


 So you think I’m saying you need to buy a new cart with donkey or a new car? 🙂
No, this is just for images to communicate; all you have to do is add another gigabyte of ram or two.
Now memory is the lowest  price it has ever been !
So now its time to take a very small byte of your wallet and you won’t be swimming in a pool of tears but writing and printing and chatting and cruising the Internet wonderland with a Cheshire cat smile





One Response to Grown too big!

  1. Andy Brown says:

    I have been trying to tell people for years that adding memory is the best way to speed up a machine.

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