Catching Shadows on the Internet

Shadow of a small tree

Shadow of a small tree

We  have all been there….. As we are surfing the internet  we find that rare picture of the Abominable Snow Man or the most perfect picture of the  actress that we adored in our high school years or the photo of a firery Ferrari Testirosa doing hairpin turns or maybe its the abominable Snow Man with your adolescent idol driving a Ferrari 🙂 ; but try as you may you can’t copy it or print it out or even save it! Aghh frustration sets in, then later as you go back to look at the image, it or the website is GONE and you are never to to see that image again!!!!  

If Google can’t find it …it no longer exists! 

Is there a way to to have that image to keep?

Well the answer is no; but would you be happy with a computer reproduction of it? A reproduction that matches the image you saw down to the last pixel?

What you see on the computer is not what you are looking at!

What we are seeing is not the photo or image, for that resides on some server far far away; what we are seeing is best described as a shadow of the image created by the code sent by the server. Then your computer reproduces the shadow on the wall of your video card. 

What you and I have to do is to do the process again, by making another reproduction of the shadow on the wall of your video card and save it into a file or past it into a document.

How do we do this?

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you the keys “Alt + Prtscn”  ( Alt is located on the left side of space bar and Prtscn the next key after F12)

When you press Alt+Prtscn the whole Window that contains your image ( a graphic shadow) is reproduced onto a program called clipboard (same process when you click copy for a block of text). Then you can put your cursor on a document in word, email or any other program and click paste and “Où va lait goes to that document! Make sure that you make the window that has your image as small as possible other wise it will be hideously gargantuan when it is pasted to your document! 

How do you only get the the image’s shadow only and not the whole Microsoft window?

Well the supporting actor for the star of this article is the program called Paint ( it comes standard with Microsoft Windows) you will find it by going to programs then accessories.

After you bring up the program Paint, click on the word  Image on the top menu then click on attributes then a strange window appears with the word width and height. Type in for Width the number 2 and for Height .5 then OK.

Now we are going to reproduce the shadow of the image that is in the Clipboard and and put it into paint. Go to the top of Paint to the menu and click on the word Edit then click on Paste. Presto, there it is.

Now  on the left side of Paint there is a icon menu (tools), at the top there is a dot line square, click on it.

Now form a square or frame with the tool around your image by clicking and then dragging the mouse from corner to corner of where you want the frame to be. When you have the image framed the way you want then go to the top and click on edit then copy. Now you have the shadow only of the image you want and not the other stuff. Go to the top again and click new then when it asks if you want to save click no.

Here is the Pies de Resistance go to the top of Paint now and click on Edit then Paste!

There is the shadow of your image in all its beauty and detail.

Now go to file and save as and save it as a Jpeg , bmp, pcx or what ever you like.

Who says you can’t catch shadows? 🙂


Many thanks to

Janine at Riopelle Development, for the sugestion of the article.


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