Getting your work done 1 to 3 hours sooner!

If  you find your self working 1 to 3 hours longer when everyone else goes home; then this article is for YOU!

To be able to go home when everybody else does and not fall behind in your work you need to increase your productivity 10% (gaining 48 minutes) to 40%  (gaining 3 hours)!

This increase is totally dependant on what type of work you do. If you are constantly changing Windows screens or maximizing and minimizing Windows screens or bouncing from one program to another or working on massive spreadsheets where you are constantly having to fiddle with the mouse to get to the cells of your spreadsheet, then this is where the 40% gain of 3 hours comes in.

But if all you are doing is writing or filling out forms there will be little to no gain in productivity.

What is this silver bullet that kills the beast that eats your productivity?

The silver bullet is using dual screens!

Dual monitors mounted

Dual monitors mounted

Here are four screens mounted but really there is little advantage over a dual screen unless you are playing games; stock day trading, advanced web design or computer designed graphic movies!


The documentation and research shows

( (

that over the last 5 years the demands on the computer have quadrupled, requiring not one to six programs to be in operation at one time but as many as thirty! requiring you, the computer operator, to go from one Windows screen to another every one to two minutes.  Do you do any cut and pasting? Not to mention the time it takes the computer to pull the program out of CPU and video memory and replace it with the other program and display image; sometimes the latency (the computer pause) can be 3 to 20 seconds! All this adds up at the end of the day to a total loss from 48 minutes to 3 hours!

 Imagine not having to miss your lunch or rush through it or have some one pick you up something so you can eat your lunch while you work. Imagine when you come home that the food is not cold from waiting for you and that you don’t have to eat alone.

When is the last time you could really take a relaxed lunch AND make it home for dinner with your loved ones?

Would even an extra 48 minutes make a difference?


After you start using dual monitors be sure to call home before you leave work to let them know you will be there or they may not have a place setting for you; old habits are hard to brake. 🙂


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