A Little Star Trek Magic

Enterprise D


Remember on a Star Trek TNG episode, to prevent a warp core breech, Data reconfigures his tri-corder and scans a Romulan quantum singularity and instantly they go 15 minutes back in time and prevent the core breech!

Did you know your computer is equipped with the same thing?
Well not really  🙂

But you can go back in time in your computer to undo your last action.
Does this sound familiar?
You spend 30 minutes typing up and email message, get ready
to hit send, your hand slips, and the message disappears.
You feel a rush of anger, fear and sadness in your gut, take
a deep breath, and start typing again.
Do this instead:
Next time something like that happens, just hit the “Ctrl+Z”
keys and it should undo the last action you took in a web
browser, form, word processor, spreadsheet or virtually any
other Windows application.
I can’t tell you how many times “Ctrl+Z” has pulled my bacon
out of the superheated plasma fire when I accidentally hit the wrong button or key.

Here is another…
Captain Picard is not answering his hale. Commander Ryker summons the shipboard computer to locate the Captain, to which the computer responds that “the captain is in his quarters”.

Did you know your computer is equipped with the same thing?
Well not really. 🙂
Does this sound familiar?
The more you use your computer, the more files you seem to
create and collect.
Often, finding files you already created rates harder than
just creating a new one, especially after any significant
length of time passes.
Two shortcuts can help you quickly find the files you need
with just a few keystrokes.

(windows logo key)+F for FIND

This combination of the Windows logo key (the key with the picture of the Mirosoft flag  at the bottom of your keyboard left side) and the F key at the same time launches the Windows Search
This enables you to search for files based on partial
filename (because if you could remember the entire filename,
you would have found it already), file type (all your MP3
files), contents of the file (I know the spreadsheet
contains these words), creation date (I created this file
last month), and more. (try it now!)

(windows logo key)+E for EXPLORE

(windows logo key)+E – This allows you to open up the Windows
explorer feature in Windows to explore your hard drives,
memory sticks, CD and DVD drives.
Windows Explore makes it very easy to get your hands on a
file if you know where it is (or, at least where it should
be the last time you used it). (try it now!)

Here is another…
LT. Cdr. Warf at the bridge console informs the Captain that sensors are picking up a unidentified contact at bearing 45 mark 70. The Captain orders it to be placed on the viewer. It is too small to be visual on the screen. The Captain then gives the order to Magnify and the contact is totally visible, filling the screen with its detail.
Did you know your computer is equipped with the same thing?
Well not really. 🙂
Does this sound familiar?
Your looking at a spreadsheet or on the internet and you just can’t make out what is written or what the image is.

(COTROL KEY)+Mouse Wheel

You can solve this problem with (CONTROL KEY)+Mouse Wheel.
Just hold the key down and roll your mouse wheel up
and down to adjust the zoom.
This little shortcut works in many applications, including
Word, Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Excel. (try it now!)

Here is another…
While about to beam an “away team” back to the Starship Enterprise an approaching alien ship triggers an automatic response to “Red Alert” bring up all shields and arm the Photon torpedoes and phasars; cutting off the beam-up of the “away team”.
The Captain immediately orders cancel “Red Alert” and then gives the order “DROP SHEILDS” and the beam up is resumed.
Did you know your computer is equipped with the same thing?
Well not really. 🙂
Does this sound familiar?
Ever look down at your task bar and see 20 open windows and
realize you need to make your way to the desktop in a hurry?

(WINDOWS LOGO KEY)+D for DROP shields oops I mean windows
(WINDOWS LOGO KEY)+D will minimize all open windows on your computer
giving you direct access to the surface of the planet , uh, your desktop.
Hit the keys again and your open windows spring back to life
and allow you to continue working. (try it now!)

Here is another…
Remember how many times Commander Ryker heard the words “You are now promoted to the rank of Captain”. Then before the episode is over he is returned to Commander.
Did you know your computer is equipped with the same thing?
Well not really. 🙂
But like the imaginary Commander/Captain/Commander Ryker your text can with a simple command convert text to all CAPS, or change to Title Case, or convert to all lower case?
(SHIFT KEY)+(F3 KEY) for Promote or Demote
Simply highlight the text in your word processor and hit
(SHIFT KEY)+(F3 KEY) to cycle between all caps, lowercase and title
This shortcut rates very handy when you don’t want to retype
blocks of text.

Did you know that Commander Data uses these commands on his computer while in his quarters?

Well not really. 🙂

R. Frank Tulak

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